Red Hot Passion
28 January 2007

As good as it gets babeh

So apparently, this blog has been more happening since I long (kinda) declared it DEAD. (check out the last post thank you!) Interesting, but anyway, right now, this blogger is residing HERE .

Still deciding whether to shift back to this white page or stick to the black one, cos I managed to get this account to work! Like finally. Friggin irritating man, this Gmail, google business. But hey, it's a-okay with me now. (:

Should I? But I kinda like my current blog. hahah. Weird ass. Getting so wind up bcos of a blog.

Anyhoo, see you people around, yes?

And um, in case of.. whatever really, you can always email me, (dont comment on the email add pls, lol)


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10 October 2006

My other predicament

Stupid stupid stupid.

Why do relationships have to be so hard?! Fuck you, I'm not talking about couple relationships. Although that probably has to be hard (more so). I here, am referring to simple (or not) people-people relationships.

What kills relationships? Inbalance. And crack-brained twits who dont know shit about the term "compromise". Ironic really cos crack-brained, they are not.

The reason is stupid. Although understandable. But it leaves you wondering, "Not worth it huh". And that is what I lack comprehension in. :/ Yeah, I am worth it, shoot me for saying that.

People come and people go. It just really isnt nice when you're the one being "freed" without really being freed. Go figure, cos honestly, I've yet to.

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08 October 2006

(still) Awaiting the funeral

So. It's been a while and will continue to be so till... The O'levels are officially six feet under.

D.O.D (Date of Death): 20th Nov 2006

I have been so obsessed about the Carters/BSB, all things Nick Carter related basically. Downloaded a whole load of stuff (radio interviews/photos) and watching youtube like crazy when I do go online. (Which is pretty rare actually. Okay so I sneak 5 minutes here and there to simply check my mail and friendster and this page. Heh.)

Watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (One "L"! Yes! I've noticed!). Finally. Cos I never got around to actually watching it. See, I've been recommended to watch it a couple of times. Unexpectedly, it's pretty good! I like the plot. I wna go to Greece! It's so pretty. Ha, the guys not bad too lah but well, I'd be there to sight-see! Really.

Bridgit is HAWT. Her legs omg her legs! Haha and she was so cool flirting with Eric the "forbidden guy". Her confidence was man.. Totally admirable.

Cried the most when Bailey said that the magic was the fact that the pants brought Tibby to her. God I'm such a sucker for stupid small tear-jerker scenes that arent even tear-jerkers really.


Nick went out with Ashlee Simpson to get back at Hilton for cheating on him with Chad freakin' Michael bloody Murray when he was still with Sophia Bush!!! Poor Nick and Sophia. I mean I do love him in One Tree Hill and all. BUT OMG ASSHOLE.

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Nick Nick Nick Nick Nick Nick Nick. <33>

So, I managed to catch the video of Paris Hilton's new single. And you know what. Even though she was such a cow to Nick, my poor poor Nick; hah ironic, I love it. The song's cute enough, better than Stars Are Blind. But the video was wow! Love it, love it, love it!

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Obviously, inspired by the movie Girl Next Door, the plot's the same, even shot exact scenes! And if my eyes didnt trick me, I thought I saw Elicia Cuthbert in the opening scene, where the seriously-Emile-lookalike got his head dunked in the toilet bowl.

The music vid for Nothing In This World is interesting and fun to watch to say the least. For me, vids with a storyline are the best! It's even quite inspiring, you know? Of course, with that said, you're probably wondering.. "Inspired? By Paris Hilton? Do you wna be the next riches-to-porn-to-stardom-forgiven-slut?!" And yeah, not like I'm Ivana Trump or smth to get all inspired to build an empire just cos Daddy has one so I can "make a name for myself"..

But the video's cute! Positive message and all; "Sometimes the loser wins." Being realistic, that has gone to trash. Put up four new ones to constantly remind me.

She's still a bitch to Nick but hey, she's Paris. And for the record (not that it'd really matter anyway) but I dont think Shanna hit her or whatever, and even if she did, Paris probably provoked her. Hello, she was married to Travis, they had a reality show together and I've always thought they were awfully sweet as a couple. (Travis and Shanna not Travis and Paris!)

And! Look! I came across this picture while searching under Lindsay Lohan!

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Ha! I totally bagged this copy lah when I first laid eyes on it at Borders back in 2003. Go me! The rest of the magazine was pretty much redundant apart from the alot-of-pages of the cover girls.

Why was I googling for Lindsay in the first place? Well, cause I kinda miss her cos she's been pretty quiet lately.

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She's not as hot as she was (as in hot, appearing on PITNB every 3 days, hello, have you not noticed? *points above* She's piping hot, people). Definitely not on the same par as Hilton/Richie/Brangelina gang anymore in Celeb News.

All she has to do is go get herself another 40 year old actor who's craving the limelight once more. Ya hear Bruce?

Books are driving me insane. Chemistry is really argh. Maths.. well, there's this sorta rhythm about this peculiar subject which I detest the Greeks for though I think it's cool that supposedly their language's the hardest to master, and their houses are arranged so similarly yet differently!

(offtracking, and I wonder why the marker commented that I went out of point in my essay)


Bathed Kieffy just now. You know, even my cats use (fur) conditioner! That's my girl! She was quite obedient today. Even though I shampoo, rinse, shampoo, rinse her using a shampoo meant for white coated persians, I still cant get rid of her yellow spots!

Should I try to do the Lit Unseen work Mrs Peh gave us? Hm. She has been nice.. So maybe one will do?

Okay, gotta go now. The laxatives I've taken in in the past 3 hours (read:tea, coffee, coke) are doing a fine job. Oh yeah! Hello Mrs Chew! Sorry for updating lah. Once in a while only! (; AMATHS=COOL. (suck up I know)

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03 October 2006

On the verge of losing it

So things (generally) haven't been all that fab. Am I gna address all that? No. Anyway, so my brother very enthusiastically got Koko a cat collar (not a dog one it's written on the package "cat collar").

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(the lamp looks freaky cool) And since then, she'll move about for no reason just to hear the bell jingle. (:

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02 October 2006

Obsession kicking in good

You've got to see this. I couldnt stop laughing. Major dorks, I swear. Just the way I like them. :D

On the set of "Drowning"

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01 October 2006

You become whoever raises you

A very Happy Childrens' Day to you guys. We're all still kids at heart. Kid kid. Childish and immature. Now where's that very big and very pink Barbie doll house my father bought me?!

Today, or rather night has been very eventful. A lot of words exchanged, a lot of drama, a lot of tears, a lot of shouting, a lot of rediscovering, a lot of love. Sometimes, I dont know what to make of my family. Crazy, perhaps.

So maybe I'm harsh sometimes. Tactless, even. But I dont get it! And for god's sake, it's funny how I have to be the one relenting and so not retaliating (at all; I stood there staring past/through you) and I'm 8 years younger than you. Hello. You seriously think I cant have a war of words with you and not have a fair (dare I say good) chance of winning?!

Class? None. I felt really really insulted outside that car building. (We were looking around for a new car after breaking fast at this Thai place) You did not have to come at me like that. I was pretty damn offended thank you. But still I held it together, sucked in my pride, put on that "mature face" and tried my darn best to look as nonchalant as I could. You dont deserve the satisfaction that you got me. And you got me good.

What's worse, my whole family witnessed it and none of my parents did anything about it! (or so I thought) I felt so abandoned! Like I wasnt worth defending or something.

On the way to the other car place at Bukit Timah, I got lectured by Mother. I suppose she is right. Not that I'm entirely wrong lah. I guess I still have to work on my mouth and its dangers.

You know, adults say they cant stand the "varnish" to quote Krishna. But when you state facts, they take it so fuckin' personally. I dont get it. They say honesty's the best policy. Darn right I am, for not believing that bull. Cos when I tried it, it blew up in my face.

Well, thank god for waterproof mascara.

There I was, sitting on the curb, with my brother, tears still rolling, at the petrol kiosk having drivers stare at me with pity (yuck, do not need pity thanks) when they drive pass, (while my parents have a private talk) when she smsed me. Was really surprised she initiated it.

After putting two and two together, realised that my dad did defend me. He defended me like crazy when he talked to her one on one. He defended me so much he ended up in a fight with her and it appears, from her messages that she doesnt ever want to see him again. Ever.

And you expect me to not feel guilty?! I'm bathing, drowning in guilt now. I want to play the peacemaker but um, not exactly easy seeing that I caused it you know?

My mom told me that he could not accept the way she talked to me (shouted/put down/insulted) and was merely waiting for me to be out of ear shot before he gives it to her good. Yes, I'm very touched but I'm also very sorry.

I mean, just when things were getting a-okay with her and Pa, this had to happen. And it's kinda my fault? But it's just as much hers. I'm sorry, I have to say that. Nobody knows of the little, "insignificant" passing remarks that are hell sarcastic and of no relevance to anything.

But she did have it hard, and I was harsh and pretty damn tactless (you want it "unvarnished", I'll give you unvarnished).

Well, we made up after exchanging several smses. We cool down as fast as we heat up.

I'm still rather miffed about it actually. Like the way she "bitch-talked" me wasnt justified somehow. I guess I just dont get over things quickly. Taking too long, even. Gosh, I'm lame like that, I know.

What was funny though, was the trip back home. We were at the highway when that board was flashing "Have a pleasant day!". I couldnt help laughing out loud in disgust. Man, the irony. My mum just turned around and gave me the "how exactly can you find humour in a situation like this!?" glare.

I love my dad. Pa, I love you. Even though my supposedly "bad traits" were handed down straight from him and how I promised myself a year ago that I wouldnt ever turn out like him.. Guess you cant hide from your genes. Instead, you gotta work with it. Work around it.

Suppose you could say I learnt more about myself after the whole episode. Thinking back, even though it was only a couple of hours ago, some things I said to my mum were so darn childish. Ew, I gross myself out.

Only losers go back to something that cannot be helped, to support their stand. For example, when this bitch says something hurtful yet witty and it is the truth, and it so happened you've got nothing to say cos she's does have it all, so you say something like "but well, your nose is incredibly fugly!".

That's unclassy to the max man. Well, I havent been very graceful of late. :X Gotta do something about that. Karma does bite you back in the ass. And it bites you hard. You do something of 2 on the "bad scale" and it comes around a 4 on you. Not very pleasant.

Okay, I totally embarrassed myself in front of so many people. The whole tear-stained-cheeks-red-eyed-accentuated-puffy-eyebags-rudolph-nose look is disgusting. Even that car dealer guy was going all "Jangan nangis eh, dik" (Dont cry okay, girl) and he doesnt even know me. Just show us the car dammit and get out of my face. He probably was just being nice.

It is true. You become versions of your parents whether you like it or not. God she was really like her mum when she spat at my face, as in shouted right at my face, not spit spit.

Think happy thoughts Huda..

Nick's booty! It's your duty duty to shake your booty booty! I'm trying to psycho my mum into getting the digital box so that I can get E! so I CAN WATCH HOC! <33

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Night all. Nick Carter lovin' forever! Yay.

PS: I need to put in some loud angry songs in my phone (Yup, Linkin Park would be great right Rachel?) cos it's hard to experience and "indulge" being pissed off when the "angriest songs" are from Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake. :/ And 75% of my songs are mellow which only calms you down which sometimes isnt what you want. *shrugs

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27 September 2006


Sometimes losing yourself completely seems like the perfect solution to everything. Let's play the ignorant card and pretend it's not happening and smile like you dont have a care in the world. What you dont know cant affect you. It is easier that way, there's no denying that.

But you become the reason suddenly. It is for me, but it's just as much for you too. I owe you at least that. (:

People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.

A certain Elizabeth Kubler Ross is very wise.

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Oh yeah, they're back alright!

The Idol Finals were a real treat. As in the last one till the O's die for good.

It was at the real last minute that we managed to nab 3 tickets. Cab fair wasnt good. Okay, it was terrible. ): Met a couple of Cedarians there!

We were seated at the Blue House! Wow. Prime seats, yo! :D There were funny, interesting incidents that occured involving the people in front and behind us. Shall spare J the embarrassment.

Speaking of which. Man. I'm on this clumsy streak that I cant seem to get rid off. I tripped over my pants rushing down the stairs down my block cos I was running late (or so I thought cos they were later!). But it was cool, since no one witnessed it. BUT. I tripped again outside the stadium. You'd think I'd get the hint and fold up my pants right, the first time round.

And it was really bad. As in I fell on my knees, scrapped my right knee a little, as well as my toenails! Ugh. Whatever. I need to thicken my skin. Could use good practice. So I got up and pretended nothing happened. It took a lot to not scream and go "OMGOMGOMGOMG. That was shit embarrassing." and go all red.

Maybe I did turn that shade? God I sure hope not.

SO ANYWAY. Yeah it kicked ass. The Top 12 girls did Buttons from PCD for the Preshow. They lipsynced the Medley! Hahah.

I thought Taufik looked real good that night! He's pretty damn hot lah.

Well, Gurmit didnt exactly hold the suspense well? But really. Who cares?! Hady won!!! Woohoo!!! Goooooooo Hady!

Read the papers? I dont much like what was written. It's really annoying and extremely unprofessional. But you know what, I vented enough last night to Dirah, then Niz. (: Girl talks are zeee best! Heh.

After the whole thing, the three of us (Dirah, me, J) met up with Siti, Fatmah, Murny and Sadiq. The two left while the five of us ended up sitting on the curb in the carpark waiting for Aunty Sukma to arrive.

So we were sitting there very unglamly, fanning ourselves cos it was frickin' hot and this huge truck drove by and they shouted "HADY!!!" and waved at us. Instantly, Dirah, Fatmah and I waved back with that goofy smile plastered on our faces. Hahah. Basic instinct maybe?

Fatmah's mum sent me home and I only stepped foot in the house about 11 I think. Sorry Ma.

It was late and the Sister happened to be over. She dragged me over to the study to watch some Norweigian (sp?) horror flick. It was sooo scray I nodded off in 10 minutes. Not unlike that one time at Naz place where Dirah, Naz and I were watching Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock for some English assignment and I kept nodding off.
It's not like it wasnt scary, it probably was. But I was just too tired lah.

PICTURES! Couldnt get any good shots of Hady cos we can only zoom so much.

The lights were pretty cool.

Doesnt Hady look a little like Taufik here?

When Hady was announced the next Singapore Idol. (:

Dirah, Me, J. <3>


That's all good. Great even. What isnt is the fact that we got back four papers today. I have one good news though. For the first time, in my entire four years in Cedar, I passed a Math paper on the freakin' dot. Hurry quick! Bow down! Now! (:

I'm happy. Obviously. Although some think it's pathetic? Or no big a deal since everyone else happened to do so darn well. With MSGs of 1.09 or smth. That's incredible lah. And then there 4c was, with 4.smth.

English was badbadbad. Really disappointed. But hey, better now than later right.

Ss/Geog was terrible. What isnt is the fact that Mrs Lim didnt call me out, or anyone else for that matter. Something about how she promised someone she wouldnt do that this time around.

Malay was funny. Not joke funny, but strange funny. Annoying, expected funny. At least there's still the Olevel results to fall back on.

WHY AM I BEING ALL POSITIVE AND BLIND!? Hello. O's are coming right at cha Huda. Your results were shite. You're not getting into JC with your prelim results.

Maybe it's because of my results that I feel the way I do about it right now, but I hate it. I cannot stand it. I mean, get out of my face, you know? Away. Be gone. Shoo.

Enough with the negativity.

I'll admit. I've been mood swinging about in the house the last couple of days. And the victims are usually my brother or Kieffy cos Koko just knows how to play the card right so she gets away with it.

And what do you know! Kieffy pee-ed on my slippers. My just bought slippers! Sheesh. I'd rather she just jump on my dressing table and mess it up like she usually does than to pee on my slippers! @%!#&^* I get the message cat.


I thought the JC and career talks held over the last two days were pretty good. So for the career talk yesterday, the first one, we had to choose between Medicine, Business or Law. No brainer there for me. (:

Since it was only a small group of us, about say 30, the session held at The Meeting Place went well! Questions were answered truthfully, doubts were cleared.. A great insight really. It was a pretty intimate session, since a lot of interaction was going on. Definitely worthwhile.

The Corporate Comm talk held at the theaterette was woohoo.. sleepy... It was interesting I suppose to a certain extent. But it got cold and comfy.. It was ironic. I mean, the speaker was.. boring! And her line of work.. doesnt really click. Okay shan't be mean. I'm fasting.

So on one of the toilet breaks today (the entire level was basically locked up in the hall checking paper after paper and I was freezing my butt off) bumped into Maziah. So thank you! Thank you! Thank you very much for telling me about it! (:

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"House of Carters"

All hail the Carter Siblings. L-R, BJ, Angel, Aaron, Leslie and Nick! Nick is love. Angel looks pretty different from the last time I saw her in a magazine doing a special interview with Aaron. And that was back in sec one when Jean and I would go crazy over the magazine Popstar. Angel's prettayye. She kinda reminds me of Donatella Versace's grandaughter I saw that one time in that magazine.

I cannot wait. They are so cute. I never knew they've been living separately for ten years already. So yay for Nick who wants to bring the Sibs back together again (and possibly earn some bucks cos both him and Aaron are the producers!).

So after watching their debut episode, I think they're an intense bunch. They all appear really appealing somehow. Leslie's my fav; right after Nick of course. She's really interesting. Like how the other two sisters are kinda against her? And she's a cat person! Which is my kinda person.

Angel and Nick are kind of protective of each other I think. I get that feeling anyway. Really cute.

The show's intense. The word's repeated because it really is! And real, I guess. Though they say it's all real all the time for every single reality show. (Like how the Laguna people only "work" Mon to Thurs) But there's a really real element in the show. Seriously. I'm not just saying that cos I love Nick (to death).

Aiyah and Aaron and that Playboy model, Carrie/Corrie smth decided to call it quits. The proposal was impromptu after all. Boys..

Okay. Enough. Enough about Singapore Idol and the controversies, enough about the prelims, enough about the Carters..

Now, I'm really hungry. It's rumbling like crazy. Like an earthquake's about to come. Lol. But what would I know right? Hahah.

Bye guys. Carter lovin' y'all. <3>

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24 September 2006

Post prelims:Movies+Rachel's 16th

It's been almost a week since I last updated! Wow. I guess alternating between the tv, the bed and reading materials (read: the 10bucks (!) Glamour my sister buys) are much easier options.

Anyway, the prelims are long gone. :D I really dont know why I'm celebrating the way I am. No no, scratch that. I think I know full well why. See, when I get the results, I'm gna be all mopey and all "I might as well just die since I'm sooooo stupid" so might as well be reckless, if you can call it that, and extreme cos the celebrations are short-lived anyway.

No, it's okay. Insecurities come and go. I mean I know I'm not stupid; just doubting myself a little here and there. Nothing severe. (:

So yup. Phy/Chem practical on Thursday was.. interesting to say the least. The paper was soooo draggy. I re-did one test thrice just to kill some time. Well, I sure felt like some silly goon. the teachers kept coming up to me!

Ms Sim came up to me the first time to tell me that a "hard glass tube" is actually just a test tube cos I mistook it for the boiling tube? LOL.

Then, she came up to me again to tell me that I shouldnt bring over the bottles on the side bench to my bench. I'm supposed to just add it there on the spot. Which of course I replied with "But Ms Sim! I bring it over for 10 seconds only! Why cant they wait for 10 seconds!?"

Then, Mr Chia came over to pass me another lighter that actually works after seeing me struggle for like a whole 5 minutes! I couldnt light it, so he came over -again- to help me light the fricking bunsen burner. Three times already!

There wasnt any heating to do next so I switched off the bunsen burner. BUT. There was more heating to be done later! Again I struggled and again he came over to help me light the thing. *sheepish smile* But he was nice about it. I struggled, saw him looking my way so I looked up and gave him a "Please help me" smile. And he laughed silently and came to my rescue. Phew.

Nope, not done yet. Ms Sim came over AGAIN to tell me that I should just leave the bunsen burner alone so I wont waste time lighting and relighting. "But Ms Sim! It's a waste of gas!"

So yeah. That was my practical for ya. A grand total of FIVE times. Man. Gotta be some kinda record.

The lock-in in the hall felt like forever. We were the first shift after all. Whiled away time playing scrabble! I miss this game. There was once, my family got obsessed over it and we'd play it up to three nights a week. Nuts I know.

Diana and I won Fairuz and Liane! Weehah! :D Somebody was being so bitchily mean to me! Like what'd I do!? Lol.

After they (not me) got bored of scrabble, a bunch of us went on to play that game.. what's it called? A member of the Crossword Puzzles family but you have to find the words hidden in that big box of alphabets. It got so crazy we'd make a LOT of noise screaming for light cos we were blocking each other's and "I cannot find any!"s while Gwen does it at the speed of light. She's amazing at it, it's really unbelievable.

Rachel and Jean trooped over. And you know what! I managed to beat Rachel even though Sheena Shitna and whoever else were helping her! Yay. Rachel you suck lah. Lousy!!! I beat Novabelle too! Hahah. But lost to Sheena and Gwen lah.

Killed time by lying about back stage (4c decided to dominate the stage area, before the invasion of that trip science class at least). Listened to music and flipped magazines and slept comfortably with Naz' jacket as a pillow.

After school!!! Dirah, Naz and I headed over to Naz' place. Talking about Jack&Rose in the hall spurred us to rent the DVD! But it was giving us problems with the computer so we ended up watching She's the Man which was not bad at all! I'm not a huge fan of Amanda Bynes really. No particular reason. Just the judgemental side at work here. The whole first-glance-no-chance-dont-like-her thing.

Olivia's really pretty. And whoa. Duke Orsino's body!!! Channing Tatum? Really weird name but really good package so who gives?!

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Moved on to Titanic since it can be played in the living room since it really was just the computer.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The trademark scene.

Ahhh. God I love this classic! It was really really nice. It's not cheesy okay! It has depth and character! Haha. It's been about eight years since that particular Friday during Violin Class when that P5 girl was telling me how she's watched Titanic five times in the theatre and still wants to watch it some more. Haha.

I'm proud of myself. I didnt cry okay. My eyes were only watery but no tears! It so happened that we rented the "Collector's Edition" so we got to view the deleted scenes too! They shouldn't have deleted some of them but the movie'd never end then right?

Left her place about 10. Had to drop off to take 969 and it so happened that the bus stop I'd have to get off is five minutes away from my sister's place. So I decided to pop by. Ended up staying the night since I was kinda lazy to make my way all the way to Tampines! Though the journey isn't very long.

Caught up a little here and there. Dinner was a small piece of frozen pizza and nougats (her mum just got back from Australia) and a cup of blackcurrent juice. As usual, I camped out in the room in front of the computer watching The OC Season 3 non-stop. Managed to watch till the 11th episode. I mean you know. I continued the next morning too. Not one entire stretch!

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Sho cute. Ben Mckenzie looks a little weird tho.

Lazed about some more then headed back home at about 12.

I've always been struck by the the stark differences in both our homes. Her's would be all cluttered and messy and mine would be the exact opposite. She would have random (read:spoilt) food in the fridge while mine's decently stocked. I'll always tiptoe when in her kitchen. Hahah. Because it's quite sticky! Like perpetually!

Her room would have this funny smell. A mixture of The Body Shop detangler, her current perfume some Estee Lauder thing, with the not so nice smells of hair products, dirty clothes strewn carelessly all over the floor, cat smell and that old book smell. Which is original I suppose but weird all the same. Lol.

She shoved a whole load of reading materials to me, a stack of overseas magazines (which I love a lot a lot but now I'd rather spend the money on clothes) and a couple of books she suggested I read.

That's the thing about my sister's place. It doesnt run out of things to read. Nice things. Even my brothers have a not bad collection. And also, it doesnt run out of things to watch! They download things by the season so that makes it really convenient for me!

Saturday! Met up with Clara (Lee) at City Hall to just hang out and get Rachel her present! We spent quite a lot of time in Diva looking at all the really pretty accesories! Got this really cool chunky ring from the discount rack. Bought Rach this really pretty necklace (there's only one of it left!) and a pair of gold-ish drop earrings.

Tell you something. I had half a mind to get those stuff for myself! But parted with temptation, I did. (:

Intended to catch a movie. I wanted to watch John Tucker Must Die but she watched it already. And she wanted to catch The Devil Wears Prada but I watched it already. Plus, both of us mind watching the same show again...

So with the Anderson cone of ice cream in hand, we walked about Marina. Somehow, we ended up in Zara. Browsed, tried, paid and headed for Lange Road! Actually no. We coulnt help going into Mango which was just opposite. They have nice shoes! Really nice shoes which cant fit me and cost 125 per pair which is just insane.

-distraction- "GIRL ON TV"!!! Super Primary 3/4! Jennifer Love Hewitt! I've always thought her smile is really nice. Um yeah. I prefer guys? Lol.

Something kinda embarrassing happened. Haha. So anyway, yeah. Got to her place, gave her the presents and made her wear the pretty elegant necklace with the polka dotted shorts Sheena gave her! Haha. *coughs* Her mother said the necklace I bought her "has taste". *waves hand* Sigh. What to do?

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Classy, no?

Watched Just Like Heaven while waiting for everyone else and the caterer to arrive. Jean, Sheena and Danielle planned games which were pretty good actually. Definitely had fun. The Pass the Ice cubes thing required skill and that stupid Clara kept on laughing! But we won anyway!

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Rachel turned out damn ugly!

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Lee and I! <3>


Everybody knows her name wanna take a picture and their glad she came
But I just want to be there when she's down down (Be there when she's down)
I don't want her autograph I just want to call her up and make her laugh
Never had to be on a movie screen to be the leading lady in all my dreams

Shooby doo-wap & Scooby snacks,
Met a fly girl and I can't relax,
the only problem is she's a movie star, Oh, oh,
My friends they won't believe me, If they could only see me
At the risk of sounding cheesy, think I fell for the girl on TV.


Happy Sweet Sixteenth Idiot!

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Crae+Zee, always. (:

PS: Do I have a lopsided smile? Cos Sophia keeps on saying so! Actually, looking at these pictures, I do! But it's a bit only what. She made it sound like I looked damn weird! Big mouths=Exaggerated info. :P Heh.

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18 September 2006

Leaving a part of your life behind

So all the major papers are over and done with. Only Lit and Phy/Chem Practical left. I will start browsing through the classified section for jobs. Cos Prelims is really a case of C.M.I. :/

On to happier things in life! Over the weekend, I was feeling all BURH and really, from MTV, I graduated (don't much like that word suddenly) on to the movie channels... And soon. I found myself glued stuck to the frickin' tv watching one show after the other.

Like today. Star Movies... HBO... LOVE.. Never Been Kissed on tonight! Woohoo! :D Drew Barrymore!!! She's a bit like Pink. Not very right. Hahah. Which makes them cool. Cool people like cool people. :P

I remember watching it in the movies years ago when I was only 8 or 9. (Told you I'm cool.) Caught it with my god sis, Kakak Lenny. And I was being such a kid. Lol. It was really right at the last part, in the football stadium, when she was about to kiss her teacher (No no, it's nothing immoral lah. Watch it.) and I really really had to pee.

Since she was pretty much responsible for me, she had to follow me to the toilet and we missed the ending. She was bummmmeddd outttt. Haha.

Anyway, what is it with people these days! I know exams are suddenly *the* most important thing EVERRRR while people are dying and starving out there.. But seriously?! Say obsessed, anyone? You, disgust me. Yay. I hate it when people do that. BECAUSE!! Firstly, hello, permission, you could try asking it, you know? Second, it's MINE! I did it! (Searched for it, whatever.) I'll pass it to whoever I want to! You dont just go "Oh, another two sets auntie".

*rolls eyes*

Okay. I have very little time on my hands. I need to use it well. I need to -for real this time- learn how to manage my time! IF NOT GO JC HOW!

Fairuz and Clara wrote about how we're gna graduate soon. ): Four years. Dont seem all that long. I mean, yeah. I do feel like it's about time to leave Cedar but I love it here! Backstabbing, politics, bitching and all! I do! (It isnt as bad as I make it out to be lah. Haha.) So I said I cant wait to get out of here. But well. I'll miss it. I dont want to stay here forever.

Though I want it to be like Cedar forever! It's my freakin' dream school lah. AND. We totally have the rocking-est uniform ever. In the whole of Singapore! WE DO. :D Although I dont look very nice in it like J and stuff. Haha. But still.

Enough, no more! 'Tis not so sweet now as it was before.

More graduation talk later lah huh. Too sad already already. ): Besides, I contradict myself like crap. No make sense.

Blue&Grey forever,

There are more than 100,000 child pornography sites on the internet [click]

6:43 PM


16 September 2006


I'm so not going into first 2/3 months. There, you happy now? Go ahead. Smirk, asshole. And hah, I'm way used to that smug look by now.

Am I sad? DUH, you think? Like what always-meet-you-in-the-bus person says, not having options suck. They suck real bad. I'm utterly disappointed. Though it's stupid to make such assumptions considering I'm not even done with Prelims, dont talk about not getting the papers yet.

I hate giving up. I hate losing faith. And I hate losing though I dont think many have seen me all competitive? Come on, who likes to lose? Are you stupid?

I'm in a really bitter mood now. And last night. So sorry you had to be on the other line!

LKC's gna embarrass me in front of the whole level. YAY.

On a brighter note, I had a nice little surprise sitting nicely in my inbox today! Hahah. Hello Aries. Emails are good. (:

I almost lost my one month old phone on Thursday.

See, was having breakfast after Phy Paper Two, with Huiyun at PL's Delifrance. Was waiting for 28 since the sucker decided to leave me and take 24 (I bet to mug like crazy haha). I was contemplating between listening to music, or reading Chemistry. Conscience shoved up it's ass. I was searching for my phone and it wasnt there! I emptied out my bag at the bus stop itself.

I was cursing and praying at the same time which now seems all too odd. Rushed back to Delifrance and it was right there. Under the table face down.

Thank god for God and thank god for my phone cover cos it's the Motorola one and it's thick and not some $6 one. So it was safe. And scratchless.

Oh and thank god it wasnt lunch hour! I bet those office people would snatch it in a second even though they can well afford things on their own but the boss was being such a bitch to them so they'd think it's fun to get back at some harmless girl by taking away her phone! ^%*&#@!

Some stupid working bugger who was having brunch with his other working friend gave me a weird look. Whatever. There's nothing wrong with kissing your (almost lost) phone in public. No tongues asshole. LOL.

This is my friend Aniszah. And this friend is going into first 3 months.

And this is a cool picture hanging on the walls while we had breakfast.

And no, I'm not off to study. I'm off to watch some teevee cos I need to be happy before I hit the books again. Hell, I even pushed tution to tomorrow. That's how much I dwell in self-pity, shut up. MTV's VMAs would be a great antidote too. YES, prelims are a form of poison. You mean you don't know that!?

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11 September 2006


Today. Had Emaths paper one and SS. If it was me before today, I'd bet a hundred bucks I'd find the Emaths paper a friggin killer and that SS was alright. Pigs are flying. Cos it went the other way round.

LKC is so gna call me out in front of the whole level in the hall. I think it'd be better if I go fess up to her and plead for her mercy or smth. I'm sry lah! It was the first question I did and it didnt hit me that it's a causal question which is just damn BODOH I know. Oh well.

Perpetually annoyed today. Ugh. Sometimes I wonder how you put up with it! LOL. I'm this close to bursting. Haha. But no! We cannot be mean! Right?

Studied with the guys today. Cant say it was very productive like the other time at Siglap. But it was alright. It was fun tho. Hahah. I guess why I'm this relaxed is cos (a) For once I may just - Emaths! Which is the ultimate miracle. Haha. I dont wna jinx it! and (b) unlike many, I only have Geog paper tmr! *sticks out tongue* I feel sorry for those taking Pure Bio. Bet they're all on the verge of going insane like how I always was a few days before the Bio paper last time. :D

I think it's true. Hahah. Two words. Shut up! (: I'm loving this! :D Get over it already. It's getting old. *yawns


I dont know why, but most of the time when I wake up, I'd turn to my left then slowly open my eyes in that position with thoughts on how the day'd turn out. Usually that would take up 5-10 minutes depending on my mood. Then I'd look up, I already know what I'm gna be looking at but each time I look at it, it feels like it's the first time I'm looking at it? Yup.

And then I'd get shit scared I really do not wna think about it so I get up as quickly as I can, pull down the towel from the hanger (the hanger must drop. It's this weird habit lah) and head for the toilet hoping my brother did not beat me to it.

When I'm out of the toilet, changed into my school u and all, I'd make my way to my desk and start packing my bag.

Then I'd look up from my desk and yes. Get extremely shit scared again, I'd hurry with the packing so I dont have to see it anymore, rush to the kitchen, grab my socks, gulp down my mandatory cup of (burning) coffee along with these vitamin tablets my mum makes me take, kiss my mum goodbye, oh wait get money from her first then kiss her goodbye and rush down to the bus stop praying I'm not gna miss the last bus.


It will not happen. Right? Omg what if it does! I'll never forgive myself! Never. Which is why times like this, I really am thankful for all the encouragement from my great friends. (:

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10 September 2006

Ageing population; Feline Frenzy

You know how sometimes you feel so OLD just cos you're so darn tired? Well I'm feeling just that right now. Nothing a couple of hours of sleep wont cure. But still. I cannot wait for the end of O's. It's still a long way. Kinda. So! I'll just have to suck it in! ):

Well, I better go bury my head in my SS book now. Merger and Separation. I know most people find it quite the grueling task. But I kinda like it? Hahah.

Here are pictures of my cats! Realised I've not put up any photos of them! Come let me show you the kids who make me clean up after them and how cute they are when they respond to me, how they greet me at the door and how I tell them all the things I dont feel like telling anybody else cos then I'd have to explain my reasons for doing/feeling/wanting so and so and please; sometimes I'm just not up for that long process when I just want to talk and be heard. So I turn to my cats!


Her usual way to get attention? Lying down on my work!

And this is Koko.

How they spend their day. Sleeping on their our beds.

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08 September 2006

The much needed tight smack

Just came across something. And it totally hit me. You're never gna change! No matter how much you think you have. Dammit, you're still the same person. Still that same asshole who's lost and forever will be. Look, it's nobody's fault you had a screwed childhood. But it's just not right when you fuck up others' lives! Yeah, I know the whole I-got-hurt-others-shoud-get-hurt-too shit all too well. But seriously? Just do your own thing, dont screw it up for others too!

Maybe I'm being too harsh. Too judgemental, assuming everything like I always do. But it just.. pains me sometimes, you know? I mean, people can say whatever they want, they'll always talk, that'll never change.

But at the end of the day, what happened, did happen. It's no Harry Potter movie where we can all go back to the past and change it.

This is hilarious. The wound was never covered? Well, not like there was anyone to nurse it properly.

Whatever. I'm so over this.

2:13 AM


07 September 2006

Here I go bingeing!

Hey all. Been too preoccupied of late to steal some time off my zZzZ hours. BUT. Decided to make some sacrifice today. *belts out Creed

Do you know how much I love one on one time with my friends? My great friends especially. It's been great you guys. (:

So on Tuesday, it was Waffles and Physics with Jib at Siglap. I felt so stupid. I mean cos like I've already added songs to my phone it's just that I had no idea where they were! I know. Go ahead. Roll your eyes. So thank you Najib! Hahah. Technology and me... tsk.. sadly it's pretty much up in smoke.

When Najib went to the toilet! I got a really lovely phone call. You'd never guess who. Renny! To tell me that she has extra tickets for Wednesday's Idol show and whether I'd wna go! Like hell I won't go. :D

Haha. So thanks to her, decided to pull Niz along. Not that she really needed all that assistance, she practically served herself on a silver tray, complete with garnish and all, to me! LOL.

So she came over the next afternoon. She lied and said morning so I got up early, bathed, tidied up whatever I could only to receive her sms abt 9 saying she'll be over in the afternoon. W. T. H. If knives could be transported through the phone, she'd be six feet under by now.

We only left the house about 5? Which of course meant that we had to rush like crazy since Renny called me and specifically told me that since it's the mosh pit, I'd have to get there early.

Trained to Toa Payoh, ordered BK meals to be packed; on the go, since well, we had to be on the go and really, we were famished to forgo dunch and didnt feel up for a really late dinner...

Cabbed there. How that place brought back those memories of going there every once in a while to go for auditions the likes. A really long story. To cut it short, I was supposed to be on that Who Wants To Be A Millionare kids version but since I wasnt in the country Shez took my place along side Fatmah. Sucks right. But whatever. I did have fun baking Hari Raya goodies with my Mum/cousins/aunts. ):

Anyway yes, after a long process of getting in, being shooed here there everywhere, queueing up for the longest time ever, with stupid shitheads in front of us who pulled in another gazillion others, their friends and really just cut the queue like that. Hah. Well, we had our way, eventually when we cleverly snuck in before that whole pack of elephants. *rolls eyes*

And it was super cool. Cos there were empty seats at the balcony, we were allowed to sit there! So yay. I love karma. Dont you? (Haha. This is quite funny. Cos since we cut the queue, we should be given shit seats right! But ah. Karma obeys no timing. And thank god for that.)

I really couldnt hear half of what the judges said cos the screaming was too WHOA. I had to ask the girl beside us what they were saying a couple fo times, cos she can filter out the screams yo! Haha.

To be honest? I think Jasmine and Jonathan did better than Hady last night. But come on. A supporter is still a supporter. Hady was sooooooooo cute when he did that hip swaying thing! Yeah Lock! You were spot on! Besides, his second song was pretty darn good, me says!

And wow. I got really good renditions of two songs I love! First was Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars! Which reminds me of that particular day Fatmah and I could absolutely not stop singing that song!

And the second song, my god, it was a real treat to me. Jewel's Foolish Games! MAN OH MAN. Do you have any idea how much I love that song!? I mean it's my second favourite song from her, right behind Standing Still! And really. Jasmine was great last night. Both songs were really wow. I mean, both of us were really captivated by her performance! Haha. I actually kept quiet you know.

It was a great show last night. The Idols were for the most part really good. So yup. My first ever Singapore Idol show and it was a great one too! Sigh. What can I say? I'm the good luck. Heh.

So yeah. And there was this cute guy in front of us. Well, actually there was two, but I completely striked Second off after eavesdropping(!) his conversation for ten minutes. He was a total stranger yes, but so annoying! You know the "I'm really cool. Really. I am. *nods head earnestly*" kinda guy who tries too hard? Haha. Yeah.

But the other's the quiet brooding kind, very like Ryan Atwood from The O.C/Jensen Ackles in Supernatural, which is really sexy. HAHA. Wait.. This is supposed to be about HADY! *smacks head

Hady was kinda disappointing? I dont know. Well, he still has my vote (or rather voteS if we take it literally).


Took like a couple of hours long break cos I was just too lazt to continue! Man that sucks. Haha. I dont even have it in me to write out an entire entry.

Okay whatever. So after the whole thing, took 93 or was it 94, to Eunos and 28-ed home. My place that is. Slacked a bit, and suddenly I found myself at 2+ in the morning, still not changed and face still not bare (!!!) sprawled in this weird position in front of the tv. *roars of applause

Washed up and totally hit my bed. I've no idea why I was so tired! Haha. Well. *shrugs

Woke up about 8 today morning, took a bath, straightened up the house a little here and there, made a good cup of coffee (if I make it, it's always good.), sat down and tried a hand at some Physics. Not long later, Nicole called me to tell me that she's outside already. Haha. A bit weird right, but I guess she just doesnt wna knock.

The entire time Nicole was there, Aniszah was held hostage in my room! Haha. She woke up not long after we started the session, and her coughs and whatever the hell she was doing could be heard from outside! Haha. Silly poot. And she played songs very loudly too! Had half a mind to go in to tell her to quieten it down! But I was kinda lazy (again, that word resurfaces) to do that.

So it was the whole "Um, sorry. That's my friend making all that noise." One thing led to another and before I knew it, I was gushing about Hady and criticising Joakim. HAHA.

But it was rather productive. I've been putting quite a bit of time on Physics, especially for 4c. Remember that deal Mr Yau made with us? Man, I wouldnt wna be the cause of one session! So yup. Sry Ms Begum. Chemistry just aint my thang yo.

Anyways, yeah. We hung out and we both left my house about 2+. Headed for Cik Ayu's for Maths and she went on to meet her friend.

random- At some angles, my nose looks shit crooked, it's worse than a witch's. And that is sad. ):

Okay yup. After Cik Ayu's, went on to have dinner with Mel. Was supposed to study. But ah. We just werent in the mood. So left straight after dinner.

And you! Thanks for calling me! You know, if you didnt, like I said, I'd be darn insulted and fuming man! What's worse is if you'd called that other person. Let's not even go there. But yup. Cool. Flattering right! Dont lie ah you!

Sigh. That was TIRING. Shit. How. My blog cannot die just like that! How! Nonono. I can do this still.

Mm yup.

Oh YEAH. How could I forget. I dont know how I left this out. But I'm saying it now, so shut up.

Last Thursday, Teachers' Day celebrations in school? There was quite a bit of drama early in the fuggin' morning. Read on..

See, it was raining really heavily. Fairuz happened to board the same bus as me, and we're both umbrella-less which is just perfect. We got offered, but ah, she refused to take up on it cos -. So we ended up staying put at the bus stop for a good long while. Turns out, J and Dirah were stuck at the opposite bus stop. (They're North people, Fairuz and I are Easties baybeh!)

Considered flagging a cab, then U-turning in to pick up J and Dirah, but, as always, when you need a cab, there isn't any. After contemplating (and have not yet decided what to do) Fairuz suddenly shouted "NOW! Huda now!" and we dashed acrossed the road; it was green. Both of us are totally against running/walking in the rain. Cos either way, it's still quite a walk to school and no way hosay are we gna get drenched!

So know what we did?

We took shelter at that bank/building thing with the Juice Station. We sat on this latch thingy staring at the rain. I called Mrs Chew telling her we'd be late and so would twenty other Cedarians cos we're all without umbrellas and stuck at the bus stops and there's no way we're gna get all soaked cos that's just disgusting. And she said "Okay". Mrs Chew is beyond amazing lah. She picked up by like the second ring! Love!

So we sat there and listened to her Ipod, still staring at rain. Then guess what. I got a call from Dirah to tell me - and I'm going "Great! Brilliant! More drama!". J and Dirah decided to run over to us. So then!

Ms Poon's car stopped beside the building/bank place and Fairuz' phone was buzzing (at first she was all - about it) cos Nada's calling cos she's inside the car with one other girl. So the four of us, squeezed in with that other Cedarian at the back seat. WOW. Haha.

I thought that was about it for the morning man. It's as eventful as events go about early in the morning on the way to school please. But nope. It doesnt end there.

We were talking lah, trying to be as considerate, and soft as possible, when suddenly! BANG! THUD. BANG. Whoa.

There was suddenly a black car in front of that narrow road, so Ms Poon braked, and there happened to be another black car behind us. So yeah. Ms Poon said - then went out to check the damage. We got quite freaked out cos you know, it's not just any teacher we all know - , so we got really quiet, with the occasional whispers of "ohmygod *eyes go wide".

She was really quite calm actually when she told us that her bumper's a gonner cos the person's front bumper's stronger than her back bumper, etc. Bump bump bump!

So yeah. That was Drama in the Morning, for ya. This is really quite the gross entry cos it's a hundred pages long! LOL. Congrats you're nearing the end! Yay for you!


It's official. I'm hooked to Polar's Frutee Cranberry drink. It's good man. $1.60 per pop. Well, it's cheaper than Sunraysia's! Though the latter's nicer, of course, duh.

I'm supposed to wake up really early tmr. I dont think I can man. Boo. Monday's Emaths and SS. Wow.

But really. I mean, I dont mind not going for the first three/two/wtvr months. I'm not saying that to "safe face" if I dont get in, so I can be all "But I never intended on going in the first place what.". I mean, I dont mind working, though according to my tution friend, she says it's tiring and not such a good idea, since she has to catch up on quite a bit of work when she does get into a JC. And what with that gap of a few months not studying..

We'll see how it goes? But I really am not ready for prelims. I'm being honest and perhaps cowardly in a way?

I need to sleep. NOWWW. So goodbye! My mulut is the masin-est mouth ever. It's great sometimes. (Mulut means mouth and masin means um. Salty? See you dont get it anyway.)

10:28 PM


04 September 2006

Dermot Mulroney has a fine ass (;

I've always been a dreamer
I've had my head among the clouds
Now that I'm coming down
Won't you be my solid ground?

Pertaining to the above, if only some people were more merciful and considerate. But I love this song still. There's this thing about me. I get obsessed about things pretty quick. But it goes as fast as it comes? Kinda. Now that's cool. That's like covering a million and one topics in that one sentence! Sigh. I amaze even myself sometimes.

Well I mean you know. Except for BSB and Nick Carter. True love... But I've toned down A LOT hokay!

Anw, shall mention abt last Thursday. Teachers' Day Celebrations in school was pretty great. Loved the slides made by the Monitress Council. Our teachers are really cool man. Those quotes. Haha.

When you cross the deadline, it means you're dead. I don't talk to dead people - Mrs Foo

I remember that!

So the walking in with HOD of English *points above name* was alright. Safe for that teeny weeny fact that I missed my cue. And like hello. I attended TWO rehearsals. LOL.

Waiting for YEARS outside the hall was actually fun. Enlightening even! The teachers were really cute. Cos they were all excited and stuff.

Huda sees a rather dead Mrs Foo, suddenly not as chatty
H : Mrs Foo! you must be more enthu like the other teachers!
MF: Hm? You want enthu? OKAY! *super big fake cheerleader-esque smile*

And you know what she did! She went on to do jumping jacks! OMG. HAHA. Mrs Foo's great lah.

Anw, the quiz segment where we'd have to guess the teacher according to the given clue was really funny! Who'd have thought Mr Suresh was cool enough to grow his hair till it's halfway down his back for the first two years of uni, then go bald the next two! Our acting VP's too funkay yo. But seriously. Dont think anyone guessed it as him! I thought the collective gasp of shock when the last clue was given (He's famous for his one minute breaks) was quite loud!

(Since I was at the back of the hall near the teachers, after walking down the red carpet with the teachers and leading them to their seats, overheard Mr Suresh saying "Tsk. Must be you know. A trend setter. Cos after I grew my hair others started doing the same thing..." when some teacher asked him why he went bald.)

AND OMG MR YAU! Damn cool lah! See, when he was in Sec 1, he "tutored" a Sec 4 girl Lit. And you know what. He didnt even take Literature. OMG I KNOW.

Anw, it was cool. Hope Mrs Foo likes the heels 4c got her and the lovely Mrs Chew, the pair of Crocs! HAHA. Some think it's ugly (ME) but I think it's cute too. You know, adorable but ugly? It'll look cute on young and *cough* not so young people. My grandparents sported them when they came over to Singapore not too long ago.

And of course! The HUGE photo collage we made for both of them! :D Oh yeah. And those quail eggs we gave Mrs Chew too! Lol. Odd choice for a gift? Well, she is out Mother Hen! (: Yay. Mrs Chew is the BEST form teacher I've had these four years. That's gotta mean something.

Anw, after that caught The Devil Wears Prada with Naz in town. The movie's pretty cool. I mean the plot isnt amazing great or whatever. But hey, the lead's gorgeous, the fashion's great what more do ya want, you know? Haha. Damn superficial but ah. You dont watch this kinda movie expecting it to be all "deep" and "meaningful" right!

It's your typical chick flick with cooler clothes. And a not so "aww" inducing one at that. I mean, if you're gna compare it to Perfect Strangers or Wedding Date..


How we all camped out at Sophia's for New Year's! And we had that 8 hour long (or more?) movie marathon (Of course I couldnt last!) and when we watched The Wedding Date, when it was the scene after Kat got all drunk, withdrew A LOT of money to sleep with guy-hooker Nick, that morning after, when the camera cleverly skimmed his ass in this very artistic way that we'd only realise it was his butt much later when they scrolled up and us being the girls that we are, loving hot butts on hot guys and all, pressed rewind then PAUSED!

Gosh, I miss you squadmates. Wherefore art thou?

Done sidetracking. I think Anne Hathaway (sp?) is really pretty! Maybe kinda the typical, supposedly, big eyed, long lovely hair, tall, lushious lips, never ending legs kind. HAHA. Omg do I not make sense or what!

OHOHOH. We bought the tickets, and got this scratch and win thing. AND WE GOT A FIVE DOLLAR VOUCHER FOR BEN AND JERRY'S! Uber cool. It's totally me lah. I bring the luck honey! (;

So went down to B & J's after the movie. And got ourselves some pretty dang good ice cream!

Okay. So yup. Evidently, I didn't go back to OEPS. The first time in four years! Cos Fatmah and Shez weren't interested to go back since last year's turn out sucked. And also cos the boys, Jib and Mud cant make it.. So I guess you could say it was peer pressure! Hahaha.

But I also did kinda wna be the first few to catch The Devil Wears Prada. You know, if that wasn't the title, and not fashion oriented, I wouldnt have been so interested. But whatever. You need a healthy does of chick flicks every once in a while.

Anw. Friday was boring shit while Saturday on the other hand was packed to the max! Nicole came over in the morning. Then it was off to Mr Alwi's for the sciences. Next was catching up time with Mudd at Siglap. And THEN, met up with Mel!

The tuition was both fine. The catching up with Mudd was much needed. Been too long, dude! Najib Idiot couldnt come. (HAHAHAHA. God. WHY am I so sick!?) Even though we were just 5 minutes away from his house!

Went on to meet mel at Tamp where we shifted (just click and drop it baby! HAHA. Shit. I'm high.) to the airport to study! Why hello, T1 BK! (: Stayed on till like 12+ then took 27.

I realised that hey! The green tea (Hm. Not my favourite drink) and chocolate wrapper was the same colour as her tee! Yellow! Wow! Great discovery I know! AND THEN! I also realised that the pen I was using, and my pencil box, and the other chocolate wrapper AND my left hand nails were the same colour too! Maroon! HAHAHA. That was shit funny.

Oh we busted ten bucks on Ritter Sport Chocs. :X Will you shut up already! Lol.

Okay yah. caught Godsend with Mother Dearest last night. Constantly gave me chills. That boy really looks evil man! Like that movie! Omg what is it called! The 666 one. Dammit I cant rmb.

I'd put up nice pictures of our teachers and stuff. But darn it! I'm just too lazy and SO not in the mood for my computer rejecting me (not that I'm ever in the mood for that but you get what I mean).

CLICK! Come on now! Click the second title. We're leading ya'll! Haha. You dont really expect graph papers to appear on the list do you? Heh. Sorry. Just had to say that.

Huda out! (Damn. It deosnt have that nice ring to it like Ryan's. Hrmph.)

7:42 PM


01 September 2006

Making up for all those Parent's Letter. :/

I am actually falling ill. For real. Last night was terrible. My nose was so fuckin' annoying. Think it was redder than Rudolph's. It itched like crazy I felt like ripping off my nose completely. It'd have stopped the itch and I'd get a new nose. All nice and sharp and narrow.

I wanted to blog about yesterday cos yesterday was really THE eventful man. I like. But I cant stand rubbing my nose every ten seconds for the next 30 minutes or smth. It's too much work. Typing and rubbing. (Btw that phrase sounds damn sick to me. Lol.)

We splurged about 30++ bucks on cat stuff just now! Kieffy and Koko dont much like catnip? For some really weird reason. Hmm.

Oh, and here's a Happy Teachers' Day to those who actually read this. Which I think is zero. How cool.

Okay. Till next time. I took less than 5 minutes to write this entry. That is so bloody amazing.

4:39 PM


27 August 2006

Geek is the new Jock

First heard/watched it on Black Jettas'. Then heard it again in the library ytd when the SMU people were showing their video of some trip to France or something. It's so frickin' cute!


Like how adorable is that. Wah cool man. I think the skinny guy in the black blazer is oozing with cutecums. HAHA. Whoops I meant cuteness. (;

Anyways, here are some of the pics taken on Friday.

Kay, that's all for now. Nice? I know! Aw come on now! There's that narcissistic devil inside everyone of us! It's true. :P

So last night, was on the phone with Niz. And the funniest thing happened. Mud! Remember your "power naps"? I kena also man. Shit. Haha. For like a few seconds too! HAHAHAHA.

Babe, I miz eu. (YUCK) Many love back at cha!

I think I better go off now. Yes. I better. Damn it I suck! I shouldnt even be on the computer! Gah.

Bye suckers. <3

2:51 PM


Tone deaf APE

Hello everyone. This has somehow ended up being my typical greeting huh.

Well, keeping it short here. Trying at least. Life hasnt been dull though it's supposed to considering how FAR away the Prelims are. (English paper's on Mon. WTFFF.)

My tutor's name is Nicole and she got 3As for A levels. *makes a face*

Anw, yesterday rocked balls. Hard. Hahah. Class attendance? 18. 4c's too cool sia. :D But it was a good day in school. We pigged out on chocs given by the Body Balance instructor. Like hell we were gna keep it for those who "self declared" Friday a holiday, in Mrs Foo's words.

Met Dirah and Naz at Pizza Hut (yeah they skipped. *rolls eyes*). And not long later, we started to get high. And our mood never went down till hours later! Shite.

So instead of lunch-study-study-study-yougettheidea, it ended up being lunch-getting high-browsing around-dressing room madness v3-shopping-"study". And camwhoring in between all that. Hahah.

I think we spent half an hour inside the cubicle! But this time all three of us bought stuff okay. So the sales people didnt like gave us problems or anything. Maybe they shot us looks but we're too busy being the narcisstic nutheads that we are to bother. :D

"Huda shut up! Dont say that out loud!"
"Huh? What? That your boobs are hanging out?"
"Booby booby booby booby!!!"

Dirah and I. Irony at play. SIGH. She tried on a bikini! And looked good. Why am I surprised! Lol. I think we made a lot of noise inside there. And we had to keep on making stupid random noises to cover up the sound of the CLICK the camera was making!

So yup. Man, I'm so lazy to blog already! This is ridiculous! Hahah. So then we purchased the flip flops, the purse, the bag and proceeded OUT! The Roxy bag they use as "plastic bags" are pretty nice.

Naz got this really cool plaid bag! ): OH YOU KNOW WHAT'S THE COOLEST PART. We had no idea there was a sale till we were informed of it at the counter! How cool is that! More of this kinda luck please. Thank you, God.


So today! Met up with Fatmah and Siti in town for a study date! Did 12th Night yo! Okay I'm really lazy to blog now. :/

OH YEAH. I busted 2o over bucks on stationery just now! I'm happy. I got pretty markers in pretty colours and this yummy mechanical pencil. I dont get the last adjective either. It's 1 plus. Shut up.

And met Carmen and her two friends at Orchard's Popular too! Yep.

The final two will be Hady and Jon. Preferably.

Hey Joakim! Go lock yourself in a toilet cubicle and hang yourself with your belt kay! Oh wait! Before that, cut yourself, use your blood to scribble "this is my sacrifice, Singapore" on the walls yeah? Cool.

Seriously. We must start some kinda campaign to make the couldnt-care-less adults vote for TALENT. Why cant he just withdraw? Gurmit, Daniel, and the judges are all saying all sorts of euphemisms which scream "DONT VOTE FOR JOAKIM" in bright, bold, red letters. Sheesh. Plus exclamation marks too. Three of them.

Stupid pre pubescent girls. Your boobs arent even growing right. Do something proper with your brains, please? At least something.

So it's a down right presumption. Quite annoying, even. BUT HE CANT SING.

Okay. Enough. I'm starting to sound too Singapore Idol-obsessed. Oh the Sec 2 days. 2004's SI memories are quite embarrassing for me! HAHAH. Whatevers.

I'm suddenly reminded of J's sms. "SINGAPOREANS ARE UGLY AND STUPID." When Joakim got through last week.


1:08 AM


21 August 2006

"Trashy" books teach too

Hey everyone.

You know what Nuzie, I should have done what you asked me to do a million years ago. Remember how you gave me the whole of June to get it over and done with? Well, did I listen? Hell no. But well. I'm much happier now. Hah. Even if you dont understand, it's okay. And if you do, keep it to yourself yeah? Thanks. (:

So I'm supposed to be studying my friggin' ass off. Right? Well, since I got back, All I've done is watch Totally Spies (OMG. My secret's out. I love Clover, btw. She's so cute.) and read a book, which isnt a lit text. WHICH REMINDS ME. Omg. Mrs Foo's gna give us that quiz thingy tmr. Gah.

-sidetrack- Daphne Loves Derby is pretty good. Hmm.

OMG. We did something incredibly stupid today. So it was during Malay that J came up with this brilliant idea.

The second the last bell rung, the three of us got up, salam-ed the Chicks, and ran for the school gates! We've not even worn our shoes properly! We were supppose to beat the frickin sec ones and be the FIRST ones out of school! Failed. ): But hey at least we were Top 5!

Nuts I tell you. But it was so fun. We kept on giggling the whole way out! Like stupid little tykes who stole something from their mums' drawer and put it inside the toybox instead. I dont get the link either but whatever. But I cant deny. It was crazy fun. Even for those couple of minutes. :D

ANYWAY. I got myself shit dorky glasses. Degreeless duh. Excuse me. Shall I remind you again? 06/06P, thank you. But I dont know. Wanted something different. And you know my hair. God knows if I meddle with it what'd happen. It could possibly turn out worse than a bird's nest so yes. I'm limited. *rolls eyes*

The longest I've worn it is twenty minutes. How do you people survive the whole day in them?! It's fucking annoying and it hurts the back of my ears. Oh how I pity those little myopic kids. BUT IT'S CHANGE. And I'm starting to like change a lot. I do actually. We'll see. (:

Here's a really advanced HUGE hello to 2007. :D

Read that no one can make you feel intimidated without your permission. I'm honoured then. Cos many have given me the consent. :D Haha. Cool.

Hold on. *takes off dorky image* Omg. I'll never manage in them at this rate. :/

Sometimes, I do wonder actually. And I quote Faking 19,
"Why the promises I make to other people always become more important than the ones I make to myself?"
*shrugs* I lost half of me when I started falling into this bottomless pit, Failure, and cant seem to slowly crawl out of that fucking hole I dug myself since. Pathetic huh.

I guess I just cant handle it when things spiral out of control. Not that I dont have any say in it. I do. It's just taking that big leap that's the problem, you know? Yeah, they say start with baby steps. But when you venture out with such small shy steps, it's just as easy to step back again. You never did got far anyway right?

But if you take that BIG jump, you cant turn back. You're too far off.

So come fly with me. (: You're soaring, flying.. there's not a star in heaven that you cant reach..

Hush, you. So I like Disney Channel. High School Musical is POWER okay. Zac Efron's not bad too. I know you secretly love it! You think I dont know is it!?

Okay, I need to go fuck some books. Sounds so wrong. So let's try it again. I need to get intimate with my books. There. Better.


6:37 PM


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