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30 January 2006

"This. Is. De ja vu."/ CNY Eve

I am one lucky girl! I lost my wallet in the bus on Friday. I was pissing and moaning to Clara about it while lunching at Rahimah's. (You know I always seem to be losing stuff when I'm with Lee. Perhaps she's like a bad luck charm for me or something! Joking Clara, joking!) But I was sort of comforted by the knowledge and hope that karma will prevail! Since that time we (being like 1/2 of Delph) found that guy's wallet walking back to Sophia's from Macs for breakfast.

And it did! This Pak Cik actually dropped by! But I was out on CNY Eve. My mum made me call him to thank him. Which of course I did, being such a good obedient daughter and all, and I got a nagging from a complete stranger! Like whoa man. But it's okay. He saved me.. let's see. 30+20+100=150 bucks. I am so not gonna carry my IC with me anymore. Here ma, you can have it till the day I'm deemed responsible enough by you!

I played the "cool card" by not telling my mum about it at all, after reporting it to the Information at Tamp Int and calling up SBS to report the loss. To no avail man. Haha. I really cannot keep anything from my mum. It's like. Refusing to give that lost kitten a saucer of milk, just cause you know it would hang around your house and ask for food time and time again for a minute, and then giving it after contemplating it for 2 full minutes. Okay. No link. Zero. None.


CNY was really fun. Had lunch with CRAZY at Rach's and let me tell you something. There are plenty of liars! (:

After that, met up with the O.E gang at City Hall where some shithead just happened to leave out the fact that we're suppose to stay inside the station, not go out to the control station, even though he was on the phone with me the whole time I was walking from the MRT!! @!$#%& Dumbness!

I cannot believe I had Pizza Hut TWICE in a day. But dinner was good with them. Mariam wore a skirt. I nearly died. I mean, yeah. I nearly died! We were walking aimlessly at Suntec. Us being our usual indecisive asses. (:

Najib and I were just hanging back watching the show unfold. Rather fun actually. And I am still kindda mad at you. Simply because. I mean, come on! You know better right! Besides, it's not worth it. It is not.

Then we hung ard at Siglap Macs to sit and chat with ice creams in hand. And then things got funny. All cleared up though. I hope.

Only got home ard 11.30. I was kindda pooped.


I am getting so boring and mundane in my posts! Sorry. Lost the touch. It'll be back soon though.

Oh yes! Before I forget, Happy Chinese New Year! And Selamat Tahun Baru for all Muslims! The year of the Dog and 1 Muharram 1427! A good year it'll be, I hope!

See ya around guys! Ciao babes!

[edit] I realise that I ended the posts rather abruptly yeah? Oh well.

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28 January 2006

Backstreet's back, alright!

It has been almost a month since I last blogged. Wow. That's hot. (Yeah, weird but yeah. I still like Paris. It's just this temporary celeb-obsessed phase I'm going through. BSB's not in this list though. That's true love. And true love lasts a lifetime. So says Love Actually. )

Now that I'm finally blogging, it feels odd. Weird. Funny. Like I kindda had it pictured that it'd be like catching up with an old friend, it being all comfortable, not weird. Nah, it'll wear off I'm sure.

This year. How exactly can I describe it? It's definitely a change. A welcomed change. I've learnt that it really is better to have someone yell at you for doing something wrong to piss them off then them to simply ignore you completely cos you're just not worth the effort. I'm saying that, not as the victim, but as the one doing it? Yes. When someone doesnt give a shit about you at all, you've done it. You screwed up.

You know, after four years, you'd think people would change already. But they don't. They get worse. God, now I'm full of sympathy for you. See, the thing is. It's really very hard to try to talk to you. You'll either deny it and walk away. Or you'll kick up a huge storm cos I dont know, maybe you're just not matured enough to realise that we are speaking the truth after all.

Oh who cares. Cos I definitely dont anymore.


School is... very busy. Time practically zooms right by. You come home super shacked. Or shagged, whatever it is. It's times like this you wish you have more than 24 hours to work with in a day.

OHOHOH. The Backstreet Boys concert! It felt surreal. It still does. It was breathtaking. Serious! Like at the start, when the lights dimmed, I didnt realise I was holding my breath till I took a sudden gulp of air when I saw them enter the stage!!!

It was amazing. I dont even know how to describe it proper! Brian, true to what's been said of him, is really very sweet. Howie too! AJ knows how to engage the audience. Kevin's just ok-ok. NICK! He didnt really know how to respond to the audience. Sadly. But it's okay!

They were truly entertaining, at least Straits Times got that right! They were entertaining from start to finish! The entire 2 hours! And I paid for a small area of the floor. Cos I was only in my seats for a pathetic half an hour waiting for them to appear! And teh rest of the time, I was at the barricade leading to the $160 seats, shrieking my head off.

I still cant believe I saw them in flesh! Too bad I didnt get to have any contact with them! Almost got to shake Howie though. But the throngs of girls.... Yeah, you get the idea.

They sang most of their hits! Too bad they didnt sing Anywhere For You and We've Got It Goin' On. But songs like I'll Never Break Your Heart, Quit Playing Games With My Heart, As Long As You Love Me, etc was! Oh my god. It was super amazing. Sigh. I miss them already. OH and btw! Today's Nick's 26th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICHOLAS (Nickolas) GENE CARTER!!

Man, how did he get so old?! But then again, it's only 10 years what! Look at Cameron and Demi!

Now, now Huda. Enough gushing! (:

What more do I wanna say? Hmm. Not entirely sure there. Hah. Ok then. This shall be all. Till next time. (Hopefully that's not in a month's time though!)


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