Red Hot Passion
28 June 2006

Short one, every three days

Hey you! School has been.. pretty alright. (: Missed the whole school environment quite abit, actually.

Intending on making this real quick! It has been effing hot these days, I wonder how it'd be like in hell. Lol. Walking out from school is a huge pain in the ass. *rolls eyes*

Life As We Know It is hilarious. Jon Foster! But the other guy's cuter. The guy who's mom was having an affair with his coach? Yeah, that one. I have a thing for Jocks even tho, they're supposedly jerks, if we're talking sterotype here.

Been thinking. It's strange. Whatever. Ignorance is key. Although, in this case that'd be extremely ironic, considering.. Sigh.

Oh, and Four C! If you're reading this, bring the world cup cuttings and stuff tmr k! At least put something on the notice boards! Lol. And towel too! For the first session on Body Balance! (Eh, actually, I'm rather excited about it! Heh.)

Okay, see yah in about 3 days time. Bye guys.

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25 June 2006

Ladies' Night!

School's starting tmr! ohmygod. *groans

Anw, ytd night was amazing! Siti! It's so totally your loss lah! We had so much fun.

Half mrt-ed half cabbed there. Went into the wrong room at first! Lol. But then saw Hala Nur so yup. Dinner was good. Since it was Bollywood/Arabian Night, the food was mainly Indian food. I love that dessert; those balls are so darn good. Lol. I can't rmb what it's called.

The show was good too. It was outrageous lah! My god, Aaliyah can really shake it. Shakira's rival. And she's gorgeous and her figure! Man. Last night started off pretty traumatizing at first. I mean, hello. I was surrounded by beautiful people, it nearly killed me. I'm surprised I'm still straight after last night! But after a while, the "tolerance" level went up, so it became fine. I hate Arabs. Life is so unfair. *pouts

Met Faeqah and Fatin! Omg. The last time I saw them was years ago when I went to M'sia with Fatmah the other time. It took me a gazillion years to realise it was them. Like after half an hour (?) at the dancefloor, and get this, WITH them. And suddenly I shouted. "EH! You're Fatin? The one that time we went to your house?" *Nods "OH!! So that means... YOU are Faeqah!!!" *laughs. "Yup" "Eh. You're so tall now!" I'm so freaking slow, I should just die.

Her cousins are fun lah. They're all mad. And I thought Farah was the craziest. Nur is terrible. So's her sis. And then we've got.. I could go on forever.

Oh! See, there was this song game thing. They played like 5 sec of the song and you're supposed to guess the title of the song. Let me see ya soul sister.. HAHA. Farah and I said "LADY MARMALADE!" at the same time. But you have to go up to the stage. And since Farah's under "The Organizers", they pushed me to go. And guess what. I received a 50dollar voucher for this optical shop. Yay to my future shades. :D

So during the Grand Finale, people started coming up to the front to dance. Someone (I think Fatin) pulled Fatmah, who pulled me, who pulled Farah who pulled.. You get the idea. Haha. They kept on playing Hips Don't Lie! Like four times. Some songs were just so -. Like Siti Nurhalizah. Hello! Everyone started boo-ing. Lol. I don't know how. But somehow, we ended up on stage. Hahah.

I got irritated with my handbag and my sweatshirt. Stuffed it under some random table. *shrugs* Fatmah's idea. After a while, got irritated with my heels and chucked it somewhere on the stage. Lol.

Took a few breaks here and there..

After the whole thing, which was about 1.30? Everyone was slacking around, talking and doing stupid stuff. Like playing with the water hose thingy outside the room, the "bartender" place. HAHA. Shahirah sprayed Pepsi into Amnah's empty Pepsi bottle. And it was caught on someone's video cam. Lol.

Nur was mad cos she started doing some ballet thingy when the hotel people came in to clean up the room. They were all going a bit nuts lah.

We went up to the room, ate. Yah, ate. Lots of leftovers. Aunty Sukma suggested I sleepover their place, since it was already nearing 3.

Got to her NEW place! First time, yo! Hahah. It's very pretty and cozy! Nice!

Took a shower, changed and we spent some time in front of the TV (it was practically mute!) in our kaftans, talking over yougart drinks.(: It was really nice. All the talking and stuff.

Initially wanted to catch some show on Star Movies which starts at 4.50, cos the title was very sexy and it sounded hot. But we were too pooped anyways.

We set the alarm for 8.30. I first woke up about 9? She was still sleeping, so I thought oh wth so slept again. Next time I woke up it was 1145!! Hahah.

Forced her to get up. She refused so I watched Travel and Living constantly looking over to see if she's awake already.

When she was finally awake, made coffee (she doesnt know how to make coffee. shoot her, quick.) and ate brunch which consisted of egg sandwiches.

Ami Jaafar came and brought along Hannah and Ali! AHHHHHHHH. They are so cute. Ali was in a good mood. So he didnt look like The Omen boy like the other time at East Coast. Hahah. He's really sweet! And I've never heard Hannah talk so much before. We only gave her a few sips of coffee. You'd have thought we forced down a gallon of caffeine, the way she was so hyper!

Ali is so cute. I wanna marry that three year old. His floppy brown hair! And those mesmerizing eyes! Why can't he be 15 years older?! He's gna be a hearbreaker. Cos he'd be too much of a hearthrob! Confirm!

Watched a couple of shows on Nickelodean, then bathed and yup. Fatmah sent me to the bus stop and here I am!

I'm so excited! High School Musical at 7.30! YAY. But till then, I'll try to do some work. Really.

Jessica Simpson's new song sucks, big time. GROSS LAH.

OH! And OHMYGOD. Have you heard!!! Kevin's leaving Backstreet Boys! But it's okay. I respect his decision. It's been 13 amazing years, so it's fine. We'll miss you Kevin, the BIG BROTHA. You've always been the tall, dark and handsome one.(: All I can say is thank *god* I managed to witness a glimpse of their last tour before he left. Very sad moment here, okay! ): And then there were four.. *sigh

We'll miss the chiseled one terribly..

It'll never be the same again.. )':

I.. am so.. I don't know. I can't place it! Annoyed? Angry? Sad? Probably a good mix of all three. Ah. Whatever.

I'm compelled to say "No", these days. I'm sorry.

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24 June 2006

Wild wild wet!

So yesterday. Youth Gone Wild. I thought it kicked ass!

Was an hour late meeting the girls at Braddel. (at least they claim that!) But hey, I thought it was like 5 mins away from Yishun, so I took 969! I shd've taken the mrt man. And hey, J! I do wear tshirts what. :/

It was boring at the start. Cos, I don't know. The mood hasnt sunk in yet, I guess. Besides, the crowd was OMG! disgusting then. After a while, the mood picked up, so all was cool. For the most part, the whole bunch of us, Fatmah, Farah, Siti, Lyon, 2 of his friends, Murny, Sadiq, Fakhruddin (Murny's cousin) and I, were on the left side of the stage, quite front.

Fatmah and Farah disappeared for a while, for dinner. And instead of making their way to the Macs or KFC there, like many other sane people did, they travelled all the way to Boat Quay's Macs! Nuts, those idiots.

It was kinda nice to have guys around so you can take advantage of the situation and bully them. (They got us drinks and snacks while we stayed on) (:

My head started to hurt for some time. Blood rush, or something. Told Fatmah, and she was yelling "Yeah me too!" and continued on. Lol. The craziest, with the most energy has got to be Murny! HAHAH. She was crazy lah. We all were anyway. Really hyper. Energizer bunnies! :D

The bands were surprisingly pretty good! That band from Greenview? I thought the guy singer was good. Was truly impressed. Totally rocking the leather jacket man! West Grand Boulevard, where Lyon and his friends stopped us from having dinner cos they insisted they were good and they were coming out soon, weren't that great lah. Well maybe all was fine if only they changed the singer. HAHA. Sorry Daphne fans.

Met a couple of familiar faces!

Melissa! Melissa Tan! Melissa O.E! Haha. Good to see you after so long, babe.(: She was one of those blasting the supersoakers on stage along with Joycelyn and Fiona! Haha. About that. #1, thank *god* they decided against using milk! #2, they didn't hire the secret sniper in the end cos it was too expensive! Lol. Bluff us only sia.

Met Shengwei there too! Nyeh, that idiot. "Eh, you know I study with you all at Starbucks not bad sia. Got 5th in school you know!". Yah okay. Why can't things like that happen to me too!? *wails

OHOH. There was this girl, who happened to be in front of us, that one time. Alamak. Totally finding fault! Just cos her bf kena - by Sadiq. Hah! Take that, bitch! Anw, I was enjoying myself, didnt even realise she was shooting us those kinda looks till Murny told me. Eww. Whatever.

There was this once, when we were at the back earlier on, and the three of us did a superb combined shrill attack. Woohoo! The girls in front of us were so amused they asked us to tell them when we're gna scream so they'll scream along.(:

The competition for the Motorola L6 was interesting. Lo and behold. There was my class monitress faking orgasms on stage!!! Haha. The whole bunch of us scram (insides) so loudly okay! I tell you Lock, if the guy who could twist his arm 360 deg wasnt there, you'd get that phone!

Ronin finally came out. When he played the keyboard, it was so aww.. And man! The new song, Hollie Jean, is great! Hah. Later on after the whole thing, he showed us her picture. She's pretty lah. Hence the song written about her!

In the midst of Black Maria, (was it?), the three of them came out from backstage and started shooting water to the audience! Amazingly, my eyeshadow didnt run. A big HAH! to the rest! :D

The last band, Hypertheria (I think) from Whitley itself were actually pretty good. *giggle giggle* The guitarist wearing the brown "Metallica" tshirt is cute lah. Heh. When they sang "Bad Day", rocked it up a few notches and it was really nice!

It was fun, basically. And Cyanide didn't do too bad! So yay there.

After that, the 5 of us, Fatmah, Farah, Siti, J and I (The others went back already), went downstairs only to run into Levan. Talked a bit and took photos too. Aiyah. That guy. Lifted up his pinafore!! Wtvr for, no idea. Oh, actually I remember now. Farah told him he has nicer legs than hers. Lol.

Okay, so after that, went to Macs with our stomachs grumbling. World cup. Hence packed. Sigh. Ate and chatted. All was fine. Plenty of laughs too.

Aunty Sukma's there already and so she sent all of us home. Omg yes, Fatmah tripped. Okay, not exactly. See, she was on the phone with somone *wink nudge wink*, she lost her footing, I assume. Cos one second she's walking aimlessly about smiling and all happy. And the next, she was a heap on the floor. HAHAHA. That goon. Two not bad looking guys saw her fall. HAHAHA.

Aunty Nahida was inside the car too. Now she's another funny person. She started talking about how her kids smell, BO and stuff. You really have to be there. The way she describes it, her experessions... priceless!

Got back around, give or take one. From downstairs, I could see the lights of the kitchen, my bro's room and my parent's room on! One woul've thought it's only 8pm or something!

Going to Aunty Sukma's function later. No doubt it'll be at New Park Hotel which is right beside/in front if Mustaffa Centre.. :X But hey. Think it's gna be fun! 7pm to 1am baby! Yeah. I think Siti's gna bail. That idiot. She won't even pick up my calls lah! Stupid cow.

Here's wishing my dpt head, a Sweet Sixteenth!!!

Happy Birthday Suhaha!!! (:

Oh man. School's starting. Ugh. Horrid reminders. See you.

Cutting through the darkest night are my two headlights
keep it clear, but I'm losing it here
To the twilight
There's a
dead end
to my left
There's a burning bush to my right
You aren't in
You aren't in sight

Do you want me
Like I want you?
am I
standing still
Beneath the darkened sky
Or am I standing still
the scenery flying by
Or am I standing still
Out of the
corner of my eye
Was that you
Passing my by

Mother's on the
Boys in
souped up coupes
On this hot summer night
fight and flight
Is the blind man's sight
And a choice that's right
I roll the window
Feel like I'm
I'm gonna drown
In this
strange town
broken down
I feel broken down
Do you need me
Like I need you

Or am I standing still
Beneath the darkened sky
Or am I standing
With the scenery flying by
Or am I
standing still
Out of the
corner of my eye
Was that you
my by

A sweet sorrow is
The call tomorrow
A sweet sorrow is
The call tomorrow

Do you
love me
Like I love you?

am I standing still
Beneath the
darkened sky
Or am I standing still
With the scenery flying by
Or am
I standing still
Out of the
Of my eye
Was that you
Passing me by?

Are you passing
me by?
Passing me by
Do you
want me?
Passing me by

you need me
Like I need you too
And do you want me
Like I want you?
Passing me by

Are you
passing me by
Or am I standing

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23 June 2006

A quickie!

Okay, so a very VERY brief one here. (I'll try my darnest. Promise.)

Read PITNB, and guess what! Christina's vid is available again! Hahah. I think it's cos it has already debuted on TRL. CLICK

So, today, the bowling comptetion finals! (I just found out we got 4th for the prelims last night.)Hahah. And guess what! My team was the champion! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I know it sounds really ego, or whatever. But seriously.

I mean come on. When Geraldine asked me to join, I was all "Um. Okay lah. I mean, if you need one more person to complete a team, then I'll join. If not, then I don't k?".

Szeling, Shermaine and I make a not bad team! I mean, yeah, I'm the worst, but still! I've never bowled so well before. HAHAH. Really. All those who've bowled with me know how terrible I am.

It was all really unbelievable. And kudos to those who made it in the top ten individuals! Szeling, Jowlene, Sharron and of course, the Champion of the Girls Category, Joanna! Well done guys!

Hahah. This bowling thing, ended up being quite a big thing eh? Considering we sent many teams just for the fun of it! Lol.

Okay, gotta go get ready now for YGW. Since most who're going are probably out already, hence won't be reading this, I'll reveal something!

Here comes the HUGE cum shot!!! And the secret sniper! (: It's gna be packed, and sweaty and body-rubbing-ish. Which is why I decided it'll be really dumb of me to wear heels. Hope it'll kick ass, big time! (Eh, Cyanide! Don't malu us please ah. If you guys are great, I'll scream with pride. If not... :X)


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21 June 2006

Xtina lovin'

Ain't No Other Man by Christina Aguilera

Do your thang honey!

I could feel it from the start,
Couldn't stand to be apart.
Something 'bout you caught my eye,
Something moved me deep inside!
I don't know what you did boy but you had it
And i've been hooked ever since.
I told my mother, my brother, my sister and my friends
I told the others, my lovers, both past and present tense.
That everytime I see you everything starts making sense.

Do your thang honey!

Ain't no other man, can stand up next to you
Ain't no other man on the planet does what you do
(what you do).
You're the kinda guy, a girl finds in a blue moon.
You got soul, you got class.
You got style, you bad ass - oh yeah!
Ain't no other man its true - alright -
Ain't no other man but you.

Never thought I'd be alright. No, no, no!
Till you came and changed my life. Yeah, yeah, yeah!
What was cloudy now is clear! Yeah, yeah!
You're the light that I needed.
You got what I want boy, and I want it!
So keep on givin' it up!

Tell your mother, your brother, your sister, and your friends.
And the others, your lovers, better not be present tense.
Cause I want everyone to know that you are mine and no one else's!

Ain't no other man, can stand up next to you
Ain't no other man on the planet does what you do
(what you do).
You're the kinda guy, a girl finds in a blue moon.
You got soul, you got class.
You got style, you bad ass - oh yeah!
Ain't no other man it's true - alright -
Ain't no other man but you.

Break it down now!

Ain't no other, ain't, ain't no other! (other)
Ain't no other, ain't, ain't no other LOVER!
Ain't no other, I, I, I need no other!
Ain't no other man but you!


You are there when I'm a mess
Talk me down from every ledge
Give me strength, boy you're the best
You're the only one who's ever passed every test

Ain't no other man, can stand up next to you
Ain't no other man on the planet does what you do
(what you do).
You're the kinda guy, a girl finds in a blue moon.
You got soul, you got class.
You got style with ya bad ass - oh yeah!
Ain't no other man it's true - alright -
Ain't no other man but you.

And now I'm tellin you son, ain't no other man but you

Ain't no other man, can stand up next to you
Ain't no other man on the planet does what you do
(what you do).
You're the kinda guy, a girl finds in a blue moon. (baby, baby, baby)
You got soul, you got class.
You got style, ya bad ass - oh yeah!
Ain't no other man it's true - alright -
Ain't no other man but you.

(Love the lines in itallic! It's just really catchy and cool.)

Christina Aguilera's back with a big bang! Woohoo! She's a diva, she's smokin' hot and she knows it. She can belt out songs effortlessly, making it seem as though every other Tom, Dick and Harry can. And the sound of her voice.. Just amazing stuff.

The video, Ain't No Other Man is really really cool. 1920s-30s era. Pretty dang funkay, you bet! You know those red hot shoes! Those are the exact kind I'm lusting after. The peep-toe kind. And blood red, my god. *orgasmic* Also, for the fans of the 90s music's sake, decided to throw in the video of her first single, Genie in a Bottle, too. Enjoy!

Hahah. Realised that her new vid's taken out. Some copywright thing, I'm guessing cos ALL those who sent in her new vid took it out too. Lol. So, instead, I give you her MTV Movie Awards performance. (:

11:52 PM



and still able to have some great eye candy! Hehe. Yeah, as some of you would have noticed, ripped them off Pink is the New Blog which I visit on a daily basis. He's too gay and cute lah. (Trent. Not Christiano) Can't resist.

He (Christiano Ronaldo) reminds me of Sophia in Sec 2. I recall her going nuts over him.

Anyway, celeb blogs, eye candies aside, I'm so fuckin' annoyed. With lots of things. Just plain annoyed basically. Whatever. And my brother's friends are SO pesky. He's still sleeping lah, my god. And I think one of them thought it would be funny to go around prank calling people. I nearly cursed him. Nearly. What buggers. *rolls eyes*

The holidays are gna be over soon. How. I need more Junes. And hah. This is really fickle. But I'm not too sure what to do anymore. Do it? Don't? What?

Emma Watson has created some hype, I see.

Over her love for beer and "bad girl" 'tude. Well, it's legal in UK. See here and here for more pics. I say c'mon you guys, let her be. Let her do what she wants! Many speculate that her friends have been selling her out or sth, I don't know.

Oh. Check out the cutie in the first link, fourth photo. Some British lovin' baybeh.


There's this feeling like, it's about to erupt, but not quite? I don't know lah. It's just there. Feeling very "bitter bitch" right now. Mopey and shite. Taking it out on everybody around me. :/

FUCKK LAHH. This not good. Hope meeting you two will help, not worsen. *prays that I'll cool off and not lash out on them!*

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20 June 2006

Attack of the weird surveys!

(Taken from Lock's blog)

Unusual Survey #1

1. Does your first name contain the letter "X" in it? Nope
2. What about your last name? Nope
3. How about your dad's name? NO.
4. By the way, what is your name? Huda
5. Did you ever lick a public telephone? Uh, no? Gross.
6. Did you enjoy it? -
7. Did you ever have any sexual intercourses with a stuffed animal? That's retarded at least ask veg lah; it's more common.
8. Did you ever rip off a Barbie Doll head? Oh my god, yes! See, I was in the middle of a tantrum, my Mother refused to acknowledge me, I got pissed, tore off the head, threw it out of my room, then slammed the door. Yeah I know. What a brat.
9. Do you really think the purple tele-tubby is gay? Nah, but I used to hate Tinky Winky the most. Cos I thought he was ugly. At least the others were quite cute. Poh!!
10. Explain your answer... (above)
11. Would you ever consider naming your child Rupert? Nope. It sounds odd. Like the kinda name for I don't know, losers, science geeks who think Newton's God and go about life in a sad sad way.
12. Do you have an obawazoozle? Aye, what's that?
13. Do you think the Toros should have won the cheerleading championship in "Bring It On"? Hahah, NO. I've always thought Clovers were way way cooler. Especially when they bitch-fought back when Torrance first saw them and at that one game.. And oh! When Clovers Captain said "Hey, when you go out there? (sthsthsth) Bring it.". WAH. I was ten/eleven back then and thought she was DAMN cool.
14. If you were the old lady from Titanic, would you have dropped the Diamond in the water at the end of the movie because it's a piece of the Titanic's history, or would you have cashed it in for the millions of dollars it was worth? I'd break it in two, throw half back into the water for memories/history's sake and cash in the other half claiming "it must have broken into two amidst the whole thing!". It'd be quite dumb to not get something.
15. Do you burn your CD's or buy them? Now I just leech around by asking people to send me songs.
16. Have you ever stuck anything up your nose? I think there was this one time where I stuck a battery up my nose. Hey, I was four.
17. Did anyone in your family ever own a hamster? No.
18. Did you ever keep a goldfish alive for more than a month? Nope. Fighting fish. I remember Kieffy scaring the shit out of them. Cats rule.
19. What about a year? Dunch think so.
20. Do you even like goldfish? I think they look weird. Whenever I see one, I kinda want to squeeze it till it dies. Lol.
21. Do you waste all your money on the goldfish game at all the block parties? Huh, no.
22. Did you ever win that goldfish game at the block party? No lah. What block party.
23. Are you starting to wonder why the past few questions have been about goldfish? Uh huh.
24. Do you think Kansas really has munchkins and a yellow brick road? Nope.
25. What is the Capital of your state? Singapore
26. Do you prefer your spaghettios warm or straight from the can? Warm with Prego sauce!
27. Do you like Greenday's new album or do you think any music they made after the year 2000 sucks? Well, their songs are nice so I'd say the first one.
28. Do you think Simple Plan is a group of punk-wannabe's? Hmm. Maybe? Always thought the lead's voice is really high. I recall my Mum screaming "Off the radio with that stupid song" when "Welcome to my life" was playing.
29. Do you own more than 3 pairs of shoes? Yup.
30. Do you change your underwear daily? Yes! Those who don't are so eww.
31. Has you hair ever been any other color than its original? Nope. I'm so good lah please.
32. Did you ever shrink your favorite piece of clothing by accident in the wash? Well, I've bleached it and burnt it before.
33. Do you agree that the number 33 is the best? Hmm. No? But I think 3's a nice number.
34. Do you live a life of hate and misery? No. I'd like to think it's quite alright the way it is, thank you very much.
35. Is Michael Jackson innocent in your eyes? I'm a fan of a number of his songs, (Billie Jean, Dirty Diana, Beat it) but NO. I don't think he's innocent. Hello, the jury/judge would have to think of how his die hard fans would react. They may just be crazy enough to kill themselves (hahah. this would be funny in the news) or worse still. Emulate him.
36. What about Kobe? Hmm. This one I don't know. Maybe? Maybe not?
37. Do you think Bob Saget is gay? I'm sorry, who's he?
38. What's your best friend's, mom's maiden name? I don't know!
39. Do you think any of your teachers are hot? Yeahh.. Kinda.. (;
40. Do you have a purple-headed yogurt-slinger? Er, no?
41. Do you know what a purple-headed yogurt-slinger is, and if so, what is it? No idea.
42. Do you have smiley central? The MSN one.
43. Have you ever had surgery? Nope. Never been hospitalised before.
44. Do you enjoy taking surveys? Sort of.
45. Do you enjoy taking random question surveys? Yeah, it's okay.
46. Do you think this survey was very unusual and random? Uh huh.
47. Did you like it? Yeah.
48. Are you gay? Nope. Straight as a stick thank you.

Unusual Survey #2

1. Do you think Cambells Chunky soup is really chunkier than normal? Nah. They all lie.
2. Do you think "Chunky" makes it sound disgusting? Ya. Quite.
3. Did you ever eat this soup? Yes.
4. How come your name isn't Bob? I'm a girl.
5. Do you like Pina Coladas? Never drank it before.
6. What about getting caught in the rain? It can be therapeutic. Or simply gross especially if you've to endure an hour long bus ride home soaked.
7. How is your day so far? Okay. Woke up and it was raining. So slept again.
8. Were you born before 1990? 1990 itself.
9. Do you watch 7th Heaven? Used to. Jessica Biel's character has always been my fav.
10. Do you watch any gay shows like that? If 7th Heaven's gay, then yeah. I do.
11. Are you diabetic? I have a feeling I will be.
12. Do you know anyone that is diabetic? Yeah.
13. Is pizza your favorite food? No.
14. When you were younger, did you want to grow up and be a firefighter? Nah.
15. What about a teacher? Yup.
16. Do you often dream of world domination? Nope.
17. Do you agree with George Bush's plans in Iraq? No. It's been years. People are dying. Have you ever read accounts of the soldiers posted there? It's sad, really.
18. Explain your answer... (above)
19. Did you ever see the episode of Southpark where they try to build a ladder to heaven? No.
20. Would you ever try to build a ladder to heaven? No that's quite stupid (Lock's ans)
21. Do you think it's possible? NO!
22. Do you even believe in heaven? Yes.
23. What about hell? Yes.
24. Jimmy or Timmy(southpark)? Dont watch it. But the Orange one's quite cute.
25. Where were you on September 11, 2001? I remember I was watching some table tennis match with my father when suddenly the crawler appeared and my, he started getting all excited.
26. Muchacho? Huh?
27. Will Wiley Coyote ever catch Roadrunner? Never! Roadrunner all the way!
28. Did you ever try to climb your chimney? Flat.
29. Did you make it to the top? (above)
30. Does your house even have a chimney? No.
31. Did you ever smoke? No, hello. I'm damn good lah.
32. What is your last name spelled backwards? ?disaR
33. Did you ever look your name up in the phonebook? Yup.
34. Did you ever look at the last name "Smith" in the phonebook? No
35. Did you ever wonder why there are so many "Smith"s in the world? Yeah. Pocahontas' white guy! Okay, random.
36. Have you ever been to the zoo? Yeah
37. Have you ever sold a pair of used socks on E-bay? No.
38. Would your ever buy a pair of used socks on E-bay? That's dumb. But Beyonce's lock of hair and Britney's used gum's dumber.
39. Do you have a monster in your closet? See, I don't know! I've had my suspicions..
40. Are you sure? No!
41. Did you ever fart in an elevator when there were more than 3 strangers in it? Hah. Yah. Oops.
42. If you did, did they know it was you? I furrowed my eyebrows, rubbed my nose and stared accusingly at the guy next to me. Lol. I was good at being discreet.
43. Did it smell really badly? Quite. :X

11:00 AM


19 June 2006

Times where "The Sixth Tuesday" needs to be read over and over again to better the situation

The key is to ignore. I'll try to work on that. Ignore, ignore, ignore.

The past week, has been eventful. I'll try to be brief, but I usually fail at this.


Went to the Expo John Little Sale. Got a couple of stuff for myself. But it's mostly for the house. Like bedsheets, etc. Nothing interesting.


The bunch of us went to Sirius' Bbq at East Coast. Met Clara at Siglap first, we arrived an hour late, all ready to get down to some food action. But noooo.. Haha. A couple of Delphinus' lovelies were already in the water! So joined them we did! Played Twister too and that was fun. Gave up after some time and just plonked down on the mat itself.

Cycled too. And man, the distance we covered, was pretty amazing.(: My upper thighs started to hurt later that night. But hey it was fun cycling behind Clara and in front of Hilda.

The rest came soon after, and it was Titee time! Mucked about, doing dumb stuff and taking stupid videos and pictures!

Lots of fun, laughter and stupid Kodak moments caught! Paul Fourhill!(: Hanging out with you girls totally kick ass! :D

Truth or Dare, too, with everyone. Or at least for the most of us who weren't by the pit and everyone later at night. This game is so much fun. I mean, when you have people with ample creative jucies constantly on the flow; ie ME. Lol.

There were buttkisses, fake "angry-then-scold" skits which failed miserably, "How come there's no turtle food for Tom!?", confessions, and HOHO! This is ZEE coolest. (Okay. That reminds me of 4C! I miss my rocking class!) Clara poured a handful of sand down her bra! Well, she was wearing a sports bra so she pulled the bottom too so the sand was just going through, get it? Haha. I love Lee!

At night, it was the loveliest. Sitting at the breakwater, looking on to the sea, with the various tinges of colours fusing to produce amazing hues which just blows. you. away.. It was already so gorgeous at East Coast. I can only imagine what it'd all look like if we were at Changi!

And then the night sky came. Red moon, stars, clouds, wow. The moon was so red and so low! It was especially strange, cos I couldn't count all the stars using my hands! There's just this magical feeling about the night sky. Or maybe it's just what it all represented, it's significance, as I would soon come to know.

We sent lighted sparklers flying into the water! I know it's littering, but well.. ANYWAY, it was so pretty seeing it sail across the air like that! We also had a lightstick competition. We'd drop our lightsticks into the water and cheer it on; "Go Huda!" "Come on Clara!". I thought it was really cool watching it bob up and down. It's like your very own "tracing tab".

Basically, it was fun. Period.

CLICK for more pics!


It was the second day of the Lit seminar. All of us were at Somerset late!

Me: *after talking to Murny, realizes Sadiq's there* Eh? What are you doing here?!"
Sadiq: Ohhh.. Jumpe orang bukan nak cakap "Hi".

I thought that was just funny. I don't know. Haha. Don't put down my sense of humour please. It didn't do anything to you.

We came in late and ohgosh. Quite embarrassing. Cos the whole bunch of us streaming in late were Cedarians! Lol. Everyone was "lost". You can see the various groups from Cedar walking here and there around Somerset. Dumb. Lol. Nuzie got irritated so she asked some guy who works there and YAY! Haha.

Oh yeah. I left my wallet behind; inside the tent at East Coast. How I got home? Well, my ezlink card was slid conveniently into my back pocket. And the seminar tickets were inside! So you can imagine my horror right. I was all "Oh no. The seminar tickets." and then it was "Shit. MY IC!!!". Jumbled priorities.

Anyway, after the seminar, four of us, Siti, Nuzie, Ambrish and I ate at Cine's El Jay's. I thought that Douglas guy or whatever, Ambrish's friend, was hilarious. Haha. I'll bet he was scared of us. Heh.

So after that, a total spur of the moment thing, Siti and I ended up buying movie tickets to watch The Nun! She was whining, going all "Nonono!! I don't want lah. Eh, it's gna be scary you know". But powerful me managed to force convince her. It was the first time I caught a movie at Cine's 9th floor.

Five minutes into the movie and *suddenly* this couple walks in! Behold! Nuzie and Ambrish! Lol. They decided spontaneously to watch the movie too. Weirdos.

The movie was not bad actually. Better than The Omen, to me. We were freaking ourselves out. There was also this bunch of girls beside us who were freaking themselves out too. So it was funny. I mean, picture a whole row of girls all scared and ready to scream, making stupid faces anticipating the worst. Lol.

Let me tell you this. I can write movie scripts. All my predictions came true! How cool is that! :D

The twist at the end was good! And that funny guy, the Spanish girl's bf? He totally READ my mind. After the flashback, I was telling Siti, "Omg! It's like I Know What You Did Last Summer! Haha!". And then he said, "So what's this? Some kind of I Know What you Did 18 Summers Ago?!" His character is so adorable.

But one thing I don't get. How come all of it's got something to do with water? I mean. It can't be a coincidence that they all die when the water pipe/tap/shower starts going mad! I don't know. Some parts just doin't click nicely to me. Or perhaps it's just me?

I've discovered something. I love to scare the shit out of myself. I'm scared yes, but man! There's a weird kick to it! Lol.


I can't recall this day. How pathetic. I think it revolved around couch potatoe-ing around, magazines, attempts to study.. OH! Singapore Idol! Hady! Haha. I'm not nuts over him, like how I was over Taufik two years ago. (Man! It's been 2 YEARS!?) He's cute! I just wna pinch his cheeks and declare him mine forever so I can do whatever I like to/with him. Hello. Away with the sick thoughts please.

I called once for Hady and Jay. A buck gone. Mother doesn't know I called. Haha.

"Heaven" is one song I really really like. Nick sang that song before in some concert. I saw the video and thought he sang it so nicely! :D Oh Nick..


Sheer vegetation. The loser that I am. :/


The third and final day of the Lit seminar. It wasn't Sadiq this time, it was Ambrish. Lol. Didn't make the same mistake though so cheers for me!

The seminar was on The English Teacher. I think it's the most urgh one of all three. Cos unlike the 12th Night seminar, half of what that lady was talking about, we were hearing it for the first freaking time! That's not too good now is it! But when Nuzie's question was answered, "Oh my god.. *sighs*groans" For all we know it may not even be relevant to us! Sheesh. But it was useful I guess.

It was Fatmah's sweet sixteenth! So after the seminar, Nuzie went off with Ambrish while the three of us, Murny, Siti and I we went to Wisma's Topshop to get her gift. The sales people there seem to have not heard of their gift card or something. How odd. Purchased the $50 gift card and took a bus to Dhoby Gaut.

Brought her to Fish&Co Glasshouse to makan.

Fatmah was late, so the 3 of us were sitting down at Dhoby Gaut's control station waiting for the birthday girl. We looked like beggars! Murny suggested we place our hand cup-like. *rolls eyes*. We came across all sorts of people. Tourists/weirdos.. People who kept taking photos of the MRT station, cute amgmoh guy, etc.

It was quite an interesting view. Cos our eyelevel was pretty much at crotch level. So the glancing up of things was interesting. I mean you know. We had to look up to look at people. Lol.

Guess who we met there!!! Quick guess, quick!




Don't tell you! HAHA. Gosh, so irritating right! :D

Late lunch/ early dinner (Lunner? Linner? Dunch?) at Fish&Co was really fun. It was tons of fun and laughter. Mocktails, that Pink something that I drank ROCKED. We spent 2 hours there I think. Took our own sweet time eating, stuffing our faces! Cos ohmygod. A lot of food! Because I couldn't finish it, lost the "deal". Didn't get my ten bucks. ):

We were making the most noise there. Lol. The songs they play are really good. Covers a wide range, which is the cool thing. Oysters are sooo good! Haha.

We sang Happy Birthday to her! She taught us the Arab version. I can't remember it though. Lol. Since she was the birthday girl.. Poured ice water down her shirt or rather cleavage! HAHA. At least it's not something sticky!

Finally we paid the bill and cabbed to Orchard. Murny and Fatmah went off while the two of us went on to meet J! There was this big hoo-hah, some Gatsby promotion. Lots of tall ladies, models I presume, wearing miniskirts and tubes giving out balloons and tatoos and sample sets, I think.

The balloon was so YELLOW and CHEERY, I had to have it. So I asked for one. Yay. The balloon totally radiates childlike happiness, it's amazing. The only thing that spoiled it was the word "Gatsby" printed in black. But it wasn't very FWOAH significant, so it was okay. YELLOW BALLOONS! And it was with a string some more! Not the stick kind. I'll tell you it's sad tale later.

So met the very simmered J outside Tangs. Cos we said we'd meet her in 15 but only came much later. Eh, not our fault! The taxi queue at Park Mall was terrible.

Headed to Shaw where she gave the remaining tickets, the money and she got an early dinner treat. Her, not us. Those girls are.. my gosh. I don't know what to say man. Really. All I know is that somebody's lapping it all up. Taking everything shoved his way. Lol. Not much different from Taufik. Whoops. :x

There we were at the Starbucks tables area, I was talking along with the norm hand gesturing and suddenly the balloon started floating off! I cry. )':

After that, train-ed to Bedok and took a cab to East Coast! Fatmah's mum organized a Surprise Party for her. All her cousins, aunts, uncles, etc were there. Guess what. She wasn't the only one surprised that evening.

She still had no clue even when Farah and Aunty Aishah brought her to East Coast. She bought the whole story, can you believe it! And you know what. It's not the first time Aunty Sukma did this; the whole surprise party at East Coast thing was done before. Blur or what. That's Fatmah for yah.

So then got home around 11/12? I don't remember.


I can't recall that day. It was all too blur, really.

I do remember being such a cow to my mum in the morning, making such a big deal out of boiling water and making coffee, which I've been doing the past god knows how long. I banged, grumbled, cussed a lot while making coffee and toast till she finally went, "Ok, what's your problem Huda?"

I know. I'm such an idiot right? I wanted my mum to ask me. :x

And she's so cool lah. When I was about to relate the ordeal to her, she stared at my nails and went "Why do you bother painting your nails when you paint it Nude anyway?! *puzzled look*".

Sheesh. What timing. I love my mum. I love Mud and Najib and Aniszah too. I love them LOADS for everything. I was sung to on the phone! Like how sweet is that! (:

It was so ironic! There I was, a lovely evening by the beach with great company, and then it all exploded. Right at my face.

Man, never have I felt such a strong emotion. It's like the mother of all emotions. Cos all other emotions are rolled along with it. It's just that way.

This one powerful feeling, brings about a ton others. Like a ball of snow, an avalanche rolling down the slope, the more it rolls, the bigger it gets. It gets so big it's a hazard. Death can result from it, people get hurt, bruised, and scarred. From that mere ball of snow, that the kids thought would be fun to make, things went overboard, the ball starts rolling and suddenly people get hurt. It was harmless, wasn't it?

Or so you thought.

I've been reading up stuff to get a better perspective, you know, to gather your thoughts, feelings, the whole thing. It all just stuns me. Like whoa. The intensity of it all, the post-tell all, the significance.. Everything.

It sucks when you think you know someone, they do something and you're like, "Hold it there just one minute. I'm supposed to know you. It's not supposed to be this way". You know the whole, when-you-think-you-know-you-actually-don't, just for thinking it. It's okay if you don't get me. Cos I don't get me half the time either.

I try

I try not to be bitter.
I try to understand.
I try to be kind
But how then does it end?

I try to be forgiving,
I try to forget
I try to start anew
But I know that I'll just fret

I try not to be harsh
I try not to be critical
I try to be giving
But it just makes me more cynical

I try to relate
I try not to judge
I try to make some sense of it
That it's nothing but a smudge

I try to not get affected
I try to not get hurt
I try to be stronger
But the efforts turn to dirt

I try to get over it
I try to let it pass
The movie's playing over and over again
Till it's nothing but smashed glass

A glass of hope,
A glass of trust.
A glass of betrayal
To break it, I must.

So here I stand,
Confused and stumped.


Being trusting doesn't pay. Perhaps I should learn to be more careful, not be so open to people in general, and master the art of Deception and the world of Connivance.

They say you'll only be able to live comfortably when you learn to trust. Well, they're wrong. Either I’ve been a fuckin’ horrible person this lifetime or the previous and got it all wrong, or some people will have to learn the true meaning of trust and friendship.

I don't know what to think anymore.

The joke's on me isn' t it?

It's just funny that I didn't trust my gut feeling, cos oh you know it's called trust. Such trust that you refuse what your head is telling you cos your heart seems to think otherwise. Whatever.

Folks, if there's one thing I learned, your gut instinct should never be shoved aside.


Nothing interesting happened.

Today. Been thinking about it for some time now. Considering it carefully. That email did it. I'll do it. Oh my god. I'm so scared. But I know I have to do it.

9:44 PM


11 June 2006

Food for the eyes, much?

I cannot not put this up. (:

it's about understanding human concern] says:
you know
Huda just turn on the faucet already says:
it's about understanding human concern] says:
my dad has diabetes and it's hereditary
it's about understanding human concern] says:
Huda just turn on the faucet already says:
Huda just turn on the faucet already says:
whatever man

That's Mud btw. He and his commendable sense of humour. The guy's one funny idiot lah. Never fails to come up with something stupid and completely random at the weirdest moments.

12:33 AM


10 June 2006

Two whole days flew right by; craziness

EIGHT things you fail at.
1. Not reading too much into things
2. Sticking to self-made timetables
3. Not complicating matters
4. Controlling my crazy feelings sometimes
5. Coming home early when I go out (usually)
6. Restraining the urge to buy
7. Saving money
8. Remaining cool; I get panic attacks, and yes, I'm kinda paranoid

SEVEN songs you listened today.
1. Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone, Bob Marley
2. Move Along, All American Rejects
3. Somebody, Depeche Mode
4. All These Things That I've Done, The Killers
5. Walk Away, Kelly Clarkson
6. Losing A Whole Year, Third Eye Blind
7. Build Me Up Buttercup, Pearl Jam Salah band. I've no idea.

SIX things you desire, or need.
1. SHOES!!!
2. Discipline
3. Cash, baby!
4. A new phone
5. A new wardrobe
6. New Levi's

FIVE annoyances.
1. When you just don't get it
2. Idiots who don't know how to MOVE IN when the bus is so packed! Like hello! Big empty space there, asshole!
3. When I actually feel unsafe and weird when there's a whole bunch of mats and I'm all alone.
4. When I see something so pretty and gorgeous but don't have enough cash on me
5. When people go "Oh ya! You know. Aiyah never mind". If you wanna say, SAY. If you dont, just shut it lah and dont leave it hanging like that!

FOUR things you will never do.
1. Drink
2. Have the guts to -
3. Run away
4. Watch a scary movie alone (Ya okay, don't call me names)

THREE people to tag. (meaning do this)
1. Clara
2. Dina
3. Natasha (I doubt she'll do it)

TWO people you saw today.
1. J
2. Mud

Okay, on to stuff that's been happening the past two days!

Yesterday morning, headed over to Orchid Country Club for the bowling competition! It was rather fun. Saw Delphinus after like a million years so that was good! <3 Lunched at KFC at North Point (ulu neighbourhood shopping centre at Yishun). Headed home straight after. I declined an invitation to PS! How about that! Lol.

Slacked at home for a while, then rushed out to meet J in Town to... meet new people! :D We were being such idiots I tell you. Looked around at Far East, and you know! They have shoe shops there with AWESOME shoes! But they cost a bomb ($59.90) and what's the brand name? Mondo. Isn't that supposed to be the cheap shoe brand! But the shoes there... wow. Hot.

Met 4 new people, so that was cool. The whole bunch of us caught The Omen, at Lido. The movie was to me (recall the fact that I am a chicken) pretty spooky. I mean, it's not "OMG. Scarryyyy shit! I nearly pooped in my pants", but the suspense build-up, the sudden appearance of things, stupid dreams that seemed real, stuff like that made it creepy.

A couple of times I screamed, resulting in the scaring of Fiona (one of the just met people) and J who were beside me. Sorry lah. It was just. Freakyy. Haha. It felt like I was the only one who screamed in the entire theatre! How lame is that. No, not me screaming. Those other people who "act all brave" but we all know otherwise! (:

Did cha know that the toilet at Shaw, the one near Nike there, you actually have to pay 20cents to get in. They have aluminium doors, which is so dumb. You can see yourself pee/poop cos the door, ya, was like a friggin mirror. That's one of the dumbest thing everrr. Seriously. Is it that fascinating to see yourself do your business for 20cents! Stupiddd.

Macs at Shaw was the venue of our hang out after the movie. Just talked and stuff. Dinner was three large fries shared among the 5 of us. Lol. Saw his IC and omg. So different! Looked so goody back then! Wonder what happened along the way..

Learnt a couple of interesting stuff that's gna happen that day. One word: Nuts. And also about the girls of this particular school! One word: Tramps! :X

These just-met people are rather odd. One of them was busy dropping tiny little bubbles of Coke on the edge of the cup using a straw! Lol.

So we left about 1100 and! Impromptu sleepover! HAHA. I slept over J's yesterday without bringing a change of clothes or whatever. It was funny watching her get all sick with anxiety! And whoa! I can't believe you did that while walking to your house! Haha.

Everything turned out fine in the end. See? Girl, you should learn to chill. (HAHAHA. Look who's talking here.) Bathed, talked a bit while listening to Love Songs on Class95 and fell asleep soon after.

I realise another thing. I tend to be really really calm when I'm with another person who's going crazy with panic. To I don't know.. Strike the balance? Like in this sick way, seeing them panic seems to soothe me. Yes, I know. Darn weird. It's just me again, looking too much into things.

Sweet dreams, it was. (: Man, I love sweet dreams. They bring you to another place, another level of emotions all too real for it's own darn good. You get to live another life, so to speak. I love the fact that dreams take you to a whole new world. Sometimes, I kinda wonder if there's nothing more to it. I mean, yeah, I know that dreams are usually a form of interpretation of your sub conscious mind or I don't know, "predictions" even. But what if in another "parallel" universe, or something, they are actually happening!

Call me mad, but sometimes the dreams get too real, when I wake up, I'd feel as though I really was experiencing it. Like, I don't know. I was there, just not physically, you know? Okay, never mind. I'm satrting to sound a little delusional here. Lol.

So I woke up, not having a clue where I was. When I told J that, she laughed and went "Ya. I got you drunk, you passed out and I brought you to my home. *rolls eyes*"

Bathed, got dressed, ate breakfast and I'm off! 969 is an amazing bus! It's so fast it's really incredible. Got to Tampines from Yishun in record time.

Got home, got the dope from Mother Dearest and back out AGAIN within 10 minutes! Haha. Energizer bunny man! Train-ed to City Hall and met up with the rest!

All was good. After Esplanade, lunched at City Hall's Sakura where I ate the Pineapple Rice. It was yums. Good stuff! After that, it was back home! Can you believe it! I was back before 6! SIX. A feat, I tell ya.

Sorry guys for being so uncontactable! Haha. I know you all missed me lots. It's okay. (:

Alright then, seeyah! <3

PS : Today made me giddy with joy, it's sick. :D

8:46 PM


09 June 2006

Another meme!

I AM: a talker, loud and gullible ):
I WANT: world peace! make love not war!
I HATE: it when people say one thing and do another thing altogether
I LOVE: to have fun & delve in my mood like frickin' Orsino, unfortunately
I MISS: not caring & times where everything's clear cut
I FEAR: too much, it's so lame I tell you. I'm a chickenshit rmb?
I HEAR: 'The Sweetest Thing" & J thinking I'm gna be late later. Lol.
I WONDER: a lot about everything & anything
I REGRET: hurting people; not working harder in all aspects
I AM NOT: an artist. I can't draw for nuts.
I DANCE: like an idiot when no one's looking
I SING: also when no one's around cos I. Can. Not. Sing. Nuff said.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: honest when it comes to how I feel. Actually, I think I fool everyone sometimes.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: a good cup of coffee or milo, french toast and uh, do toast and egg count?
I WRITE: to express
I CONFUSE: people sometimes, I guess
I NEED: better time management, to set my priorities right, oodles of cash, love all around!
I SHOULD: start mugging my ass off and stop everything else that's a distraction. Sigh.
I START: full of enthusiasm which dies bit by bit. I should learn to stick to it!
I FINISH: and can't be happier, cos hey it's over and done with!

Okay, as you can see, I've become quite a fan of memes. Go do it, you guys! You must say you got it from me too kay! Whoa. Spice Girls on Class 95! How primary school! Anyhoo, I'm gna be late and J's gna kill me. Uh oh.

Ciao babes!

4:47 PM


08 June 2006

21 questions

  1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4. Write down what it says: anorexia n. loss of apetite. anorexia nervosa; anthracite n. form of coal burning
  2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What do you touch first? Football Yearbook 2004-5. My brother's.
  3. What is the last thing you watched on TV? I.. can't remember. Oh I do! MTV.
  4. WITHOUT LOOKING, guess what time it is: 2.17pm?
  5. Now look at the clock, what is the actual time? 1.41pm
  6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear? Scorpions' 'Still Loving You', thunder and the noise the fucker upstairs is making.
  7. When did you last step outside? what were you doing? About an hour ago. To throw the kittens' crap.
  8. Before you came to this website, what did you look at? My yahoo inbox.
  9. What are you wearing? Green shorts (don't wince) and some tshirt.
  10. Did you dream last night? Yes. I barely don't.
  11. When did you last laugh? Not too long ago when Koko did something stupid. He was attacking "the other cat" in the mirror, HIM, and fell of the bed, knocking head first into the mirror! LOL.
  12. What is on the walls of the room you are in? My brother's huge notice board with random stuff stuck on it like my Olevel Confirmation Slip (according to my mum, to remind me each time I'm at the com but I've learnt to not look up) and some Jackie Chan check list for his cards or sth.
  13. Seen anything weird lately? What isn't? I don't know. Oh wait. I know. But I can't say it. :X
  14. What do you think of this quiz? It's quite weird/dumb, which is all the more puzzling why the hell I'm doing it. :/
  15. What is the last film you saw? The Door in the Floor
  16. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy first? A beautiful house with an amazing view somewhere in Rome. Or Paris. Or Instant Happiness, if it happens to be on sale.
  17. Tell me something about you that I don't know: Every morning, now that it's the hols, I get up, brush my teeth, wash my face, go straight to the kitchen and make 2 cups of my very own homemade latte for my mum and myself.
  18. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do? Make the world a safer place.
  19. Do you like to dance? Yeah.
  20. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her? a boy? Leah..? Maybe Daniel, if it's a boy? Oh I don't know. HELLO. Only fifteen here.
  21. Would you ever consider living abroad? Hell yes.

The weather's pretty. It's cool, dark and windy. The kind you can't really classify as "bad" or "good". A little like what I'm feeling right now. Not knowing whether to float up or sink down. But you kinda know that it leans more to the sinking.

I can't stand this. Really. It's just. Ugh. Whatever.

Anw, came across this. Turns out, my Bloginality is ENTP. This is totally outdated, but go do it if you want.

Your Love Style is Storage
For you, love and friendship are almost the same thing. And your love tends to be the enduring, long lasting kind. (You've been known to still have connections with exes) But sometimes your love is not the most passionate. Leap before you look, and you'll find that fire you crave.

What's" Your Love Style?

Not a Jealous Bone in Your Body

You're secure, trusting, and giving with friends and lovers
And while you may have been hurt before, you've bounced back
You're generally happy with your life - and no one's grass is greener than yours
One word of caution: some may see your lack of jealousy as indifference!

You Are a Peacemaker Soul
You strive to please others and compromise anyway you can. War or conflict bothers you, and you would do anything to keep the peace. You are a good mediator and a true negotiator. Sometimes you do too much, trying so hard to make people happy. While you keep the peace, you tend to be secretly judgmental. You lose respect for people who don't like to both give and take. On the flip side, you've got a great sense of humor and wit. You're always diplomatic and able to give good advice.
Souls you are most compatible with: Warrior Soul, Hunter Soul and Visionary Soul

I think stuff like this *points up* are pretty scary when they are rather accurate. Oh well. It's mere coincidence (sort of) and it's fun to see how the quiz can gather such details about you after you've only answered a couple of questions.

Ohmygosh. I'm hooked. I can't stop doing this silly quizzes! Someone slap me, quick!

I feel like having Swenson's Chocolate Mint. :x

OHYES. Sry for being a day late, since ytd didn't count cos I just asked the two of them to pass the msg.


(Cos I know you like it red and hot! :D You lucky thing! A Guess wallet and a Zara top was it? Wah cow. I also want lah.)


1:35 PM


07 June 2006

Some quality sibling loving time

Wah fuck. The asshole upstairs is so annoying! Thumping, humping, drilling and screwing around. LOL. He's been at it since SIX this morning. Hello. Some people aka MOI would like to have some sleep please! (Even when I'm fuming mad, I'm still so courteous. Amazing or what!) The walls are vibrating. The floor is shaking as if there's an earthquake. What. An. Incredible. Idiot.

Anw, ytd, I was staying up with my brother. He was watching tv while playing his Gameboy XP and I was at the com doing god knew what. Suddenly, he came up to me.

(Purple's me, blue's him)

Kak, I'm gg down for a while.
For what! Hakiem, it's too late!
I'm very hungry lah and there's no food in the kitchen.
There's bread. And jam. And I could make you milo if you want.
I don't want bread. And jam. And milo.
Then what do you want?
I want filet-o-fish.
Sigh. Fine okay, I'll go with you.

So, at one something in the morning, I grabbed my hair tie, wallet and keys, and we headed down to Macdonald's. Sometimes, I wonder what we'd do when we can't sleep in the middle of the night, if we weren't living in such close proximity to all these "luxuries".

There were, not surprisingly, a number of Mats/Minahs/Bengs/Lians and a couple others who were working/studying at their laptop.

This is not the first time my brother's doing this. The other time, he dragged my dad down to Macs at 0430 in the AM to eat Hotcakes. Ya, hotcakes.

There was once, my Mum got all cranky, nagging at me about something when I swear I was minding my own business, not annoying her. She finished what she wanted to say and suddenly went, "Go buy me Tau Huey down stairs NOW."

And this other one time, where my dad was all "Huda, buy me banana now. Del monte ah. DONT GET THE WRONG ONE!" when we were all seated comfortably in front of the TV.

This is just to name a few instances. I guess it's evident here where the two of us kids get weird killer cravings out of no where huh. A double whammy what more.

When he was done, we made our way to 7-11 cos it was Cute Guy #1's shift. (There are 3 working, so you've gotta label them. LOL.) Bought the June issue of OK!. It's the only mag I buy these days. And sometimes Hot and Female and Girlfriend. :X

Both of us didnt feel like going back up. So we took a nice two hour-long walk around the neighbourhood. We stopped by the playground and wow. It's been a pretty long time since I last felt so giddy with childishness! Played at the swing. I love swings. They are simple things and yet so extremely enjoyable.

We also did lots of climbing around. We climbed the up the slides and stuff and slid down the side of the wall and WHOA. What a thrill! Haha. Cos we have to actually climb up the slide (which was very slippery cos it's not the new kind of playground where everything's plastic), then make our way, placing our foot carefully on the sides and then slide down! It's slippery cos it's the small square tiles so you slide down nicely and fast!

My heart would thump like mad and I could feel the adrenaline rush when I climb up. Cos it's quite high, and you know me. The chickenshit that I am. My brother says I look like a little girl when I slide cos I'd squeal with stupid joy and when I land, I'd skip-tip-toe around and go "omg. that was sooo fun!" Haha.

All that, unexpectedly, brought back nostalgic childhood memories. They flooded back all at once. A full blow.

I remember back when I was 4, the four of us (my two elder bros and my sis, Hakiem wasn't born yet) we'd play at the playground at our old house in Hougang. As well as how Papa would bring us to this place where you can immerse yourself in a pool of plastic balls! All the numerous playgrounds we frequent. Cos the three of them live in Yishun, as well as the ones at our Grandmother's/Aunt's/Uncles..

Man, reminscing.. Makes you smile yet it leaves a pang of sadness behind too. What I wouldnt give to go back to those times. Those great times.

Anw, we walked on to the park and just hung out. There was this once, this two guys were speeding past us on their bikes. The "passenger" turned around and waved at us. We were quite high last night. Which was the reasaon why the two of us waved back enthusiastically, immediately! HAHA.

We just talked while I flipped through the magazine absent mindedly. We got back around 0300, just in time for one of his shows; he loves to watch the same episode over and over again. Don't look at me.

Well, it was nice spending time with my little baby, bratty brother. He's pretty mature for his age. He's quite perceptive actually. Even for a mere 10 year old. I'm proud of him lah. He's smart, nice, and so far, his primary school life seems far more successful than mine! (Prefect, topped the level several times, a million friends from each level, tchers adore him, girls love him, et cetera)

Whoa ho! Another long one. Haha. Okay, see yah.

"One of the great mysteries to me is the fact that a woman could pour hot wax on her legs, rip the hair out by the roots, and still be afraid of a spider."(Jerry Seinfeld)

2:47 PM


06 June 2006

A sweet rendezvous!

I'll warn you guys first. This is gna be an extremely long post. Stick around if you can endure! But I know you will lah! (:

I've been having too much fun, it's scaring me! I'm so delving in hedonism man. Deados. To think that I mentioned about it in the MYE Lit Essay. Bah. Whatever. I will break this cycle okay! I will, I will I will! REALLY LAH, HOW COULD EVER YOU DOUBT ME!

So, as I was saying. Aniszah slept over yesterday! Gosh, I missed her so incredibly much! It was great seeing her after soooooo lonnnngggg! Fetched her from the bus stop and we greeted each other with a huge ear-to-ear smile and a warm loving hug! Ahh. Sweet, ol' mushy stuffs. <3

The initial plan was to head on over to Esplanade to study and catch a movie in one of the living rooms. But all was still great fun!

We lunched at KFC first, feasting greedily like the hungry carnivores that we are, on the 9.95 meal. The chickens were humongous, but we polished it up anyways. Lol. Hey, we were very hungry! It was nice catching up and all that. <3

Headed on to my place after lunch. She helped me change my bedsheet, but we didnt even end up sleeping in my room! Haha. We basically just hung out. Lots of talking. And ohmygosh. We are such silly idiots I tell you. We were all ranting and whining about how much it sucks to... First it was her with me going "Oh stop it Niz!". And then suddenly, the tables turned. It was me full on and her going all "Enough already lah.". HAHA.

I can't believe she made me wait till ytd to tell me about it! Seriously, you all have got to stop all this nonsense! Suspense, what suspense! Keeping me in the dark=UNCOOL!

We were totally all over the computer, reading up on our horoscopes (I see I'm rather influnetial eh?) as well as do other er, stuff. In a nutshell, we were just chilling, taking turns reading a book, surfing the net and playing with my cats.

You know sometimes, you don't have to anything in particular at all. It is such downright simple activities that make the most impact, to me. A true judge of understanding of another person, I'd say would probably have to be the silences. No, not the occasional lapse in conversations, per se. It's about how comfortable the silence is. I think that speaks a lot. I believe we have tons more fun just chilling out at each other's place as compared to the whole lunch-movie-shop-dinner routine. We do, don't we? (:

(Bryan Adams is plain terrible! His songs can make you sad and go all gooey even in the midst of recalling such a great time! Sheesh. Since we're flaming artists who suck up all the joy, throw in Air Supply into that list as well. *makes a face*)

Since the computer's in my brother's room, that was mainly where we were the entire time. She knocked off ard 2 while I only hit the bed (my brother's bed) about 4. Half the time we were conversing, it'd be about.. LOL. Glad to note that I'm not the only one this situation! But at least her's is clear cut. Mine's.. Well. It's complicated.

Anyway, I woke her up when I accidentally blasted Billie Myers about 3+. We decided not to use the air con, so I opened the windows. Lying in bed, with the windows opened, the view was surprisingly very pretty! I could see the night sky! As well as part of my flat, the kind of view you'd see if you were standing at the foot of a building, looking up. It was pretty cool.

(Purple's me. Blue's Niz.)

Hey! I see a star! There *points* see! One poor lone
Oh ya! I see it too!
Starlight, starbright, first star I see tonight
I wish I may,
I wish I might
Have this wish I wish tonight
I just realised

I could've have just wished upon a satelite.

Stupid right. Singapore's too bright for it's own darn good. It sucks that beautiful night skies are rare here. Unless you live in Siglap, that is. Eh Najib! Not fair man. Not like you'd know how to appreciate it right! Haha.

Oh, if it blinks, it's a star? Or is it if it blinks, it's a satelite? *confused*

It was good talk for a while in the dark, staring up at the night sky. Thinking&Wishing.

We only got up abt 12! That also, I was still all groggy and "omg. I wna sleep some more." But that girl! She insists on getting up. So yeah. Bathed and I made French toast for breafast! :D

Whee, I rock as a host man! A random one here. But why's it called French toast? They invented it is it? Like French fries? Did they even invent fries in the first place! They're that cool meh. Everything also name after them! French loaf, French kiss. Then there's also French words generally accepted. Like creme of the crop, esprit de corp, fiance, a la, etc.

Well, maybe it's french kiss, cos the French are supposedly the ones who have the most sex in the world. But I don't know lah. What's the link? They're the most sexually active people so we've got to name a kind of kiss after them!? HUH.

Anyway, after breakfast, hung out for a while, and I sent her off at the bus stop. It was really awesome fun, having her over. Our sleepovers are always fun anyway.

I love you loads and loads and loads Niz! <3

Talked on the phone with J just now. And wow wow wow! Things have been happening, eh? Haha. I predict that day's gna be a really fun one! Yay, the three of us again after such a long hiatus!

Natasha has become quite the regular person I chat with/to on MSN. With her "healthy" dosage of Mat/Minah slang just cos of...! Haha. You're fun to talk to online lah. Heh. And no, I'll never be able to summon that much courage! NEVERRR EVERRR...

That aside, I caught these two movies a couple of days ago. I don't know the name of the first one though. I just typed and deleted abt 5 paragraphs trying to summarise the first namesless movie that Eva Longoria acted in too, but plays a small role.

Anyway, the second movie I caught right after that on Ch 60 is called The Door In the Floor, based on John Irving's novel, A Widow for One Year. Click here and here for reviews!

If you've got HBO, you better go catch it. It's an interesting, and I suppose you could say different movie. And Jon Foster! (I've never heard of him before watching the movie, where I waited for the credits to roll to get his name!) He's cute in the schoolboy-boyish kinda way. :D

After watching the movie, I have to admit, that Kim Basinger is an amazing actress. She's the one that acted as Eminem's Mum on 8 Mile. I think she can play the role of the "helpless" and "sorrowful" really well. Take her performance in Cellular too. Wow. I really admire her talent. That lady can act pretty dang well!

Oh wow. Long huh, this post? Well, I felt like writing an extremely detailed one, so there you have it. Don't say I didn't warn ya!

Last but not least,

Happy Sweet Sixteenth Clara! <3

(Big not! Heh.) Okay then, goodnight everyone!

And what would you say if I called on you now and said that I can't hold on?

10:36 PM


05 June 2006

I swear I didnt cheat!

Can you name 21 people you can think of right off the top of your head?
Dont read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 21 people.

Ready, Start!
01. Aniszah
02. Siti
03. Lyon
04. Shez
05. Fatmah
06. Clare Lee
07. Rachel See
08. Dirah
09. Naz
10. J
11. Fairuz
12. Clara Lock
13. Shara
14. Murny
15. Nuzie
16. Mariam
17. Najib
18. Zai
19. Mud
20. Almaas
21. Nick Carter :D


1. How did you meet 14? Sec 1 Malay Class

2. What would you do if you never met 6? NP life wouldnt be the same! And who am I suppoed to talk abt... with!

3. What would you do if 20 and 9 date? Oooh. Hot les couple. Omg funny.HAHAH.

4. Did you ever like 5? Hah. No. She's taken. ):

5.Would 3 and 12 make a good couple? HAHAHA. NO. He's got my great gf to take care of!

6. Describe 8: Calm, attractive, patient, sweet, fab class partner!

7.Do you think 13 is attractive? YES! She's gorgeous please.

8.Tell me something about 17: A fantastic friend. Reliable, loyal. Someone I can call regardless of the time. (:

9. Do you know any of 4's family members? Yeah. Even her cousins, aunts, uncles.. Haha.

10. What's 21's favorite color? Dark green! Nick loves green. (:

11. What would you do if 18 just confessed he/she liked you? Er. I don't know? Haha. Skip. Next question please!

12. What language does 20 speak? English&Malay

13. Who is 9 going out with? No one. She's independent man!

14. What grade is 16 in? Sec four.

15. When's the last time you talked to 13? The day of the Malay O's.

16. What perfume does number 2 uses? Hmm. I dont know actually. Eh, do you even wear a perfume?

17. Would you ever date 7? Rachel? Of course lah. We'd be too hot though, no one will be able to tahan. :x

18. Would you ever date 1? She's my favourite-est girlfriend already.

19. Is 15 single? Nope! She's happily attached. (:

20. What is 19's last name? Ahmad Magad? (Hey, look coincidence! You're 19!)

21. Would you ever want to be in a serious relationship with 11? Hah. NO.

22. What school does 3 go to? Saint Andrew's.

23. Where does 10 live? Yishun. Like how far away is that! ):

24. What's your favorite thing about 10? She's great to have fun with. Love her!

25.Have you seen number 1 naked? HAHAHA. Maybe? :x

Got this off Novabelle's who got it off friendster. I'm too cool for friendster! I read the top part, quickly ctrl c, ctrl v onto blogger, did the thing THEN read Novabelle's one. REALLY.

1:04 PM


Sometimes it just strikes

When You Really Love Someone - Alicia Keys

I'm a woman
Lord knows it's hard
I need a real man to give me what I need
Sweet attention, love and tenderness
When it's real, its unconditional,
I'm telling ya’ll
Cause a man just ain't a man if he ain’t man enough

To love you when you're right
Love you when you're wrong
Love you when you're weak
Love you when you're strong
Take you higher when the world got you feeling low
He's giving you his last, cause he’s thinking of you first
Giving comfort when he's thinking that you're hurt
That's what's done when you really love someone
I'm telling ya’ll, I'm telling ya’ll

Cause you're a real man
And Lord knows it's hard
Sometimes you just need a woman's touch
Sweet affection, love and support
When it's real its unconditional
I'm telling ya’ll,
Cause a woman ain't a woman if she ain’t woman enough

To love you when you're right
Love you when you're wrong
Love you when you're weak
Love you when you're strong
Take you higher when the world got you feeling low
She's giving you her best, even when you’re at your worse
Giving comfort when she's thinking that you're hurt
That's what's done when you really love someone
I'm telling ya’ll, I'm telling ya’ll
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

Sometimes you're gonna argue,
Sometimes you're gonna fight
Sometimes it's gonna feel like it'll never be right
But something so strong keeps you hold’n on
It don't make sense but it makes a good song
Cause a man just ain't a man if he ain’t man enough

To love you when you're right
Love you when you're wrong
Love you when you're weak
Love you when you're strong
Take you high’a when the world got you feeling low
He's giving you his last,
Cause he’s thinking of you first
Giving comfort when he's thinking that you're hurt
That's what's done when you really love someone
I'm telling ya’ll, I'm telling ya’ll

I'm telling ya’ll
That a woman ain't a woman if she ain’t woman enough

Love you when you're right
Love you when you're wrong
Love you when you're weak
Love you when you're strong
Take you higher and higher
when the world got you feeling low
She's giving you her best, even when you’re at your worse
Giving comfort when she's thinking that you're hurt
That's what's done when you really love someone
I'm telling ya’ll, I'm telling ya’ll
Mm, mm, yeah (4x)

Sigh. Sorry lah. Mushmones (mushy hormones?) got in the way. The lyrics are so true. Listening to the song, it makes you feel all warm but at the same time, you feel hollow. Like something's amiss. Sometimes you just.. Nvm.

Out of all the five things ytd, I did three. Which is not that bad, yeah? Didnt bathe Kiki&Koko. Cos when I bathed Kieffy first, she was so persistent to not bathe, she kept on kicking viciously till the soap got into my eye. ): Eh, pain okay. But she looks so pretty today! Her fur's all fluffed up and she smells so good! So the scratches were worth it.

Gna meet my lovely Chocolate Accomplice later if all goes well. Truly Madly Deeply, here we come! Must. Bring. Tissue. Truckloads of it.

I'm so excited. I cannot wait! Seeyah.

PS: You can't contact me through my handphone. Long story. So if you wna contact me, try my house number. If I'm out, well you could always try the numbers of those whom I usually go out with. Yep.

[edit] Not gna go watch Truly Madly Deeply. How sad is that! But she's gna sleep over today. So yeah. :D

11:01 AM


04 June 2006

There are nice girls too you know

I can't believe I forgot to mention about this. This is something major and blog-worthy.

Not all girlfriends are freeloaders! It's not right to generalize things like that! I'm not gna be like that. :/ I guess it's just cos some girls think it's mandatory for the guy to pay when they go out. Blame it on tradition.

To me, yeah, it's nice if a guy pays for you once in a while. But hello, unless you're dating someone who's old enough to work/working part-time/RICH, then he's in the same position as you right? If he treats me something, then I'll treat him something another day or for another thing later the day, y'know? Or split even.

It will only suck if it's like Valentine's Day and you have to fork out for the entire dinner. But then again, you have to look at the circumstances what. It all depends. Girlfriends are not freeloaders okay. Not all at least. On the contrary, I'd say some guys are the ones freeloading!

A train of their thoughts-:

"Since she likes me alot, she'll treat me to dinner. I'd be able to
talk her into it. I'm smooth, suave, charming, so yeah of course I can handle
this tiny matter of not having enough money. Since I used all my cash to get the
(fill in toy for boy to impress girl). Gotta dress right. Got to keep up the

We all have allowances. We're all still schooling. Gotta understand that. Gosh, I'm so darn nice sometimes, doesnt it make you sick? (:

And hello. What's up with all guys thinking girlfriends are expensive?! Unless you go and get yourself a high maintainance one, and that's not my problem, now is it! LOL. But even so, unless she's some dumb dufus (then WHAT are you doing with her. Oh right. Physical needs.), it's gotta mean more than that to her too.

Relationshsips are not meant to be about whether you've got the dope to impress/jaga a girlfriend! Haiyoh. It's about the emotional support. It's about two people caring for each other. It's about a deeper level of understanding of the other person so you can help each other out in terms of what you need! It's about having a best friend you can rely on 24/7. It's about trust and understanding. Male and Female. Yin and Yang. The balance. Oh my god, it's about so many things on top of all that, I'll never be able to end!

Oh fuck. Too much Da Vinci already! HAHA. Sorry.

Okay, so shallow thinking about girls from you=shallow thinking about boys from me. Hah! Guys get into relationships in their teens just to fuck around right. Have fun flitting from one girl to the other.

I'll give you this example. Simon Webbe. He's not a teen, but nvm. I recall this particular interview. I think it's either from Top of the Pops or Smash Hits or something. Yeah, back in those days where I'd bust my school allowances on overseas magazines cos the local ones just werent stepping up to it.

So yes. I recall him saying something about how he'll "pick up a few birds" on the way to meet his date for dinner. So just in case the date turns out to suck, he'll just text the other chick.

How rude is that! My God. I think it's only fair if the girl's like that too. All non commital, then it's cool. Cos their both seeking a NSA relationship. (No Strings Attached, for the uninitiated. Lol.) In Laguna context, it'd be okay if Kristin were to date Jason cos they're both the same.

Okay no of course I didnt mean it. Not all guys are jerks, yes I know. It's just that the jerks are more prominent, yes? Yes. Good.


Kiki is so adorable. He just came in mewing to me, I said "What sayang?" and he continued to mew and jumped up onto my lap. Cute right! The cats in this house are so pampered! Lol. But it's okay. They're my darlings! :D

Let me tell you what I'm going to do today. I'm doing this so I'll definitely do it cos I do not want to appear pathetic by later claiming that I didnt do it. So all the more reason to do all that I'm supposed to! See. Queen of Blab. Yah, I know. :/

I am going to...

#1 Clean the house. My future husband will benefit from all this torture!
#2 Clear the humongous pile of junk on my bed consisting of clothes, books, magazines, and somewhere in there, I know I'll find my Strawberry Chapstick I love so much. (When I sleep, I sweep the whole pile onto the floor. The next morning, I'll sweep it right back onto my bed. Vicious cycle. I'm terrible, arent I?)
#3 Clear my table so it'll look so pretty I can't help but sit there and at least pretend to study
#4 Get started on some work and not pretend to be
#5 Bathe the Three Ks

Ok then, I'll check on you later to see if I really did those things!

"Men are like fine wine. They start out as grapes, and it's up to women to stomp the shit out of them until they turn into something acceptable to have dinner with"

3:19 PM


The loser Part II

I am so retarded. Been listening to stupid songs like BSB's "If I don't have you" and all the stupid slow rock songs. Class 95's fault. They've been playing heartsqueezing songs the whole day! Shit Huda. Emoing=Lame.

See, now when I need a lollipop, I don't have one! Omg. I want a lollipop now lah. Sigh. The loser, that I am. This is totally PMS full swing. WHY DOES IT HAVE TO COME FREE WITH BEING A GIRL! I didnt ask for it. :/ Ugh. I suck so bad, I tell you. Sigh. Stop being so lame, Huda!

Bye guys.

2:32 AM


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