Red Hot Passion
31 May 2006

I'm not one to stand here, cross my arms and judge

This is so depressing. I was just about to click "Publish post" when the IE Error report thing appeared. (I only use IE to blog so I can use the keyboard shortcuts) Second time I'm using this expression, this time with the additional 3 syllables, to show my utmost displeasure!


Am I overdramatic? Not really right. Well, I've certainly been underdramatic with reference to several things I've come to know about. I'm not sure how to react sometimes. It's just hard. To manage.

So today, it was a nice time spent with J after Emath (which I came 3omins late and that was when I cabbed halfway). Pored over a couple of issues over peanut dumplings! At the tau huey shop near our school. Wow. It fuggin' rocks btw. And hey! There's air con to boot! Can't help but to reminisce about all the Crazy times! <3

This silly girl here, has been keeping me in suspense since last last night! Why is everyone torturing me this way! Is it that amusing to watch me suffer! It's one helluva habit, that all you folks have to dump. It's bad for the health. Really. Hello, I'm dying here, can't you see?!

It was fab combination of good talk&laughter&squeals&gushings&mad fun. The air was buzzing with so much excitement, I half thought I was gonna pull a TomCruiseonOprah! No, of cos I didn't, what you insane!?

Girlfriends rock! <3

Sorry for those who have to suck in all my girls-rock-boys-suck comments. It's just a phase. Let's hope so. I don't wanna be a 90 year old virgin! Omg, hell no! I'd just die! Ugh. Just the thought of it. Appalling, I'll tell you that! Ew. Yuck. Gross. Noooooooooooooo!

It's nice to feel 100% girl. It's these simple things (like feeling so girly/bimbo) that make you smile the rest of the day. Not that I've ever felt like a guy before. Or maybe I have. With the guys where they'd forget for a moment that oh you know. I'm a girl. And start with their guy talk which can get rude and offensive sometimes! Like the dum-dum-dum thing! But no lah. I still love you guys anyway.

I'm currently listening to "I live my life for you" by Firehouse. I asked Mud to send me. While listening to this song, a kaleidoscope of memories flashes by. (Shez was so fond of using that word in her famous flashback compos back in primary school!) Slow rock's good. No doubt the lyrics can get a bit too cheesy/corny. But hey, when you're in "the mood", it's precisely these cheesy/corny stuff that will suffice!

Oh yes. I'm beginning to think that the way you blog is so.. Well, it makes you sound arrogant. Like as if you're so full of yourself and the whole world's below you. You're not that great, omg please. I don't know. It's just. Perplexing. (Wah, big word! Lol.)

And you! Whoa. Now that's a really sticky situation. I'm at a loss what to do. I think I should just wait it out and let things unfold itself? I'm not one to fight and compete when it's about.. I'd prefer to just hide back behind the shadows and wait out till it's my turn. I guess I'm giving/gutless in that sense.

About my being overdramatic? Apparently, the camera caught me donning on a perfect eyebrows up, eyes wide, mouth a perfect "O" expression.

The soya bean spilled lah! Compare my reaction to J's! Lol. Okay. So I am a tad dramatic. No biggie, there. (:


I... still feel kind of disappointed that you can't bring yourself to tell me. I'm not gonna judge you. I won't. Why should I!? I'm not that narrowed. Do open up. Please?

To borrow a few lines from Sugababes' "Follow me home". Sometimes life it drags you down and plays you like a fool. Makes you feel so empty sometimes It can be so cruel.

12:02 AM


29 May 2006

Disturbing suggestions!

Malay O's today was... better than expected, I shall say. Let's leave it at that okay? Cos I totally do not want to think about it. Say retake baybeh! REEEEEEEETAAAAAAKE.

Siti has this weird obsession with yellow vehicles! How strange is that! Bizzareness. She'd suddenly go "Omg see! Another yellow car! And another one! OMG!" while walking out to the bus stop. The weird friends I have.

Oh. Was told something really rather disturbing today. ): Not sure I'm too keen on the idea. You really shouldn't have told me! It's bothersome. It's been on my mind since y'know! Oh thanks woman. :/

Anyway, had to blow off going to town with Siti and J just now cos of my all-of-a-sudden-out-of-no-fuckin'-where stomach ache. Pisser, you darn tummy. Why so weird one!

AND! For those of you speculating your friggin' mind away, the 27th May post? I was talking about a girl friend of mine. Sheesh. So I sounded affectionate. Well, I miss her a lot okay?

Oh, and correction. The previous post? I was talking about Talan! Not Dieter! (<- he's the nice one) Aye, one confused chick here. They look kinda similar right! More Laguna news! Did you know Alex M's releasing an album soon! Like whoa. See what a reality series can do! Heard two of her songs on her MySpace account. They seem pretty radio-friendly to me.

Never really liked her in the series though. An easy-to-dislike character, well at least the way they portray her in LB. Plus she's always been such a biatch to poor Jessica! Stupitch. (Oh btw, this word was created by complete accident! How cool's that!)

On to the more important stuff now! Like photos! Of the HOT Stephen Coletti!

*sucks in air* Oh wow. God sent. Seriously. With that, I bid cha goodbye. Tee vee time! Yay. Ciao babes.

9:03 PM


28 May 2006

Faizah rocks like no other rocker! :D


All this would not have been possible without dearest Faizah! I love you girl! Whee! It's one something and I'm doing this. Can I get any more retarded! (No, don't answer, please.) Anyway, Faizah=Love. Really! She's been doing this for me since last year July! Lol. Tolerating my fussiness and all that. Yay. I lup you, you lup me, kiter semue kering! (Courtesy of Shez!)

So I've been asking around, asking people to describe me, since I'm gonna change the self intro part too. Quite "hmmm" inducing! Haha.

Anyways, today has been an alright day. Reasonably good, considering all I did was pretty much rot like a dead being right here at home. Which is surprisingly, a nice change! Lol. I should heed Adib's advice man. My "abg besar" (big brother) even though he's only in Sec 3! How ironic is that!

(Realise there's been lots of Malay usage! See! I'm totally working on it. :x)

Najib! I'm so happy for you! Don't think about that and convert all those thoughts to that okay! Good on ya! I can totally predict the future! You rock man. Seriously. :D

Anyway, guys really. I've had enough of you people poking fun at my school! Okay, so my school's a tree and our houses are named after flowers. That is rather funny. But it like, does not make us Cedarians twigs or whatever okay! Enough of the wood school jokes! HUH! You're a lighthouse, cos you're not bright enough naturally! Take that! :D

Have I declared my love for Faizah? Yes? Well it's okay. Once more won't hurt! Here's a hug so tight it just squashed you cos I love you too much. Lol. Loves!

Watched Laguna Beach re-runs on MTV just now. And I swear, what Dieter said to Taylor was so fuckin' sweet. It sounded really sincere and honest.

A tiny extract:
I'd compare you to the other girls, *pause, look away *trying* hard to look unsure and "unsettled" cos it's too "raw", right from the heart* and I... can't. It's like. *appropriate long dramatic pause, stares deep into her eyes* There's no comparison... *flicks eyes away. suddenly "shy"*

And trust me, if he were to say that to any other girl the exact same way, they'd totally fall for it. Like *snaps fingers* that. Including me. Really.

Only a minute later, he's all over Kristin, all thoughts of Taylor gone with the wind. Wtf. Boys. *shakes head in disapproval* He was just *that* convincing! What can I say. They sure do know how to put on a good show!


If I take any more of this, it's highly likely I'll balloon up, float away to far away land then explode to a gross million pieces! Horrid thought? Yes, sadly. ): Taking it easy really helps. Having awesome friends do too! Yay. I can so go through this. Little by little. Bit by bit. Here's to all the awesometastic little people in my life, I call friends who brighten up each day with the smallest, stupidest, weirdest gestures!

Friendship is like the pee in your pants, everybody can see it but only you can feel how warm it is

1:19 AM


27 May 2006

Chocolate fetish, Ronin being a riot, X Men III sucking so bad and Delphinus fun!

Wow. It's been hard trying to blog for the past few hours. Too many distractions. Too many conversations online, for instance. Then the sudden idea sparking off a whole chain of events. Plus the urgent need to talk to you on the phone cos I've missed you a whole lot! We must meet soon okay! Never knew you knew me that well! Brings "inside out" to a whole new meaning, really. And hey, remember our "project"! Chocolate fetish! Loves!

So yes. I stopped blogging halfway last night... because... And I stopped blogging halfway a couple of hours ago because I just had to tell you... and also because there were too many transferring of things online with various people making things very difficult for me to blog! So here I am now. Finally.

Anyway, yesterday was loads of fun! School rocked. Cos Ronin came to Cedar! Like how fuggin' cool is that. Not that I'm a huge fan or anything. But still. The fact that they even came, or rather the fact that our teachers allowed for it to happen! Now that is really something.

It was loads of fun. The whole thing. They, or rather Sean and Levan were sharing their story, in a fun and rather personal sense. Which is good. And hey, the music kicked ass! Woot! I think the second song they sang acoustic was really really nice. (Oh you know I just got distracted again. Sigh. If i even get to the end of this post, it'd be real amazing.)

They flamed the IJ girls!! How cool is that! Also said Cedar was the best sister school. Simply said, we were the best. But you know how bands are. They say the same thing to every audience. :/

The last part was especially rocking. 4c rocks too much! The whole bunch of us definitely had fun. (: Dirah tried recording the songs when everyone was standing up ala a proper gig. And you know, all that was audible was our screaming/shrieking and laughter not forgetting the occasional gushings (some call it mad blabber) that only happens when you're high. Lol. Was having crazy fun going a tad wild. It wasn't much different from the RJ one! (They performed there too.) Diana and Sheena let down their hair and were swinging it all over the place! Haha.

Sometime halfway, a couple of Cedarians took off their tie and started swinging it around. Was tempted to do so. But well, Szeling was in front of me, she gave me that look when I told her and so yeah... So the swinging of tie is fine. But someone actually flung it to the stage! And I think the other guitarist caught it with his guitar or something. HAHA. That was cool.

That Sean guy plays the guitar so amazingly well. I'll repeat what I said in the middle of the madness. "It's the hotness of how he plays the guitar that makes him hot". (I know it sounds quite funny but it's not like I could think all proper.) And Shara, whom I didn't even know was in front of me, turned around and went "Ya!! Ya ya ya!". Lol.

After that was the kind of rush you get after seeing a gig/concert. Haha. Siti, Dirah and I (I don't know about Shez, etc) managed to get Sean to sign our tie! I'm not washing it. :x

Got back our report book and talked to Mrs Chew. She's really the rocking-est form teacher ever. Her sincerity, and warmth and faith coupled with her humorous mannerisms, makes her undoubtedly the most awesome form teacher. 4c Hearts Mrs Chew!

After school was X Men III with the four Immature Prats at Cathay. Siti and Lyon were nice enough to walk me there. Sorry for being the ever-present third-wheeler! Really. Coincidentally, it happened to be the same theatre we caught MI:3 the other day. I thought the movie kinda sucked. I dozed off a couple of times. And would've probably been in a nice slumber if not for the nudges!

Do you know the El Jay's around there is so... NOT El Jay's! I suppose they thought they needed to revamp the deco to suit the "hip atmosphere". What utter rubbish! It's not nice. The guy looks like an ape.

Rushed back to PP Macs to meet Delphinus! And the four idiots there were playing at the web thingy! Camwhoring all the friggin' way! Took a few videos which are so incredibly stupid. Walking back, we stopped at the bus stop, saw the ad and our coolness (or rather retardedness) stepped in.

Rachel looks terrible. The fakes. Storm aka Fiona, Wolverine aka Rach, Angel Guy aka ME (although he was so hot in the movie, I've no idea what's his name! Check out his hot bod above! Are you sweating yet! The abs! Those veins!!! *swoons*)

Anyway, reached school and changed into our cool jerseys! Did random stuff while waiting for it to start. This includes us belting out to lots of BSB songs!!! Joy. We had an indoor campfire cos the weather was being such a pussy. ): The lightnings were pretty scary you know! The campfire was nice though I think we all got tired real quick singing the campfire songs with actions. Wah. Damn tiring. Lol. All was good. Our HOT looked stupid dancing! HAHA. It's okay, that's normal. (;

Anyway, here are a few shots. (:

That's my jersey! (: And Fiona's fingers. :/

438! HAHA. Bee-im-bos! :D l-r: Sophia, Clara, Fiona

Fantastic Four! l-r: Rach, Sulaiha, Sumi, Dina

Clara and I! So much for a nice picture of the 2 of us huh.

Ya I know. Quite the "ew" right.

Crae and Zee! Woot!

Okay then. That's about it. Ciao babes.

PS: I think I'll start doing the colour/bolding thing. Cos it's fun! (:

3:47 PM


25 May 2006


Yesterday was a very mind-wandering one. More on that later, yes? Anyway, so it started out with me taking a very late 8 to school. I was the only one inside, or at least I didn't see any other Cedarian. Then Fairuz boarded too and I'm like okay thank god. phew!. Mt O's briefing than it was MT in Com Lab3.

Hurh. That. Followed by a Part II later that day. My take on it? It's really hilarious and oh-so-pathetic lah please. SHEESH. Walking out of school with the girls later was especially tickling. It's just. Funny. Really.

So after recess was the viewing of some Korean show in the hall. I think it's supposed to be some kinda sweet touching movie. But it's just too bad 3/4 of the time I was sleeping. 4c and 4z were totally all over the floor sleeping away. Which was quite a nice soothing sight, if you get what I mean. It was pretty comfortable with the lights off and the air-con on.


During lunch, talked about relationships and stuff. And realised that it's true you know. It's always the girl who's on the losing end. I mean think about it. We're the ones who feel the pain when we have sex. (Only the first time or not, how would I know.) Plus, if we're sexually active (which is ultimately the girl's choice, yeah I know), it would be the girl who has to carry the baby for 9 moths and go through labour pain. Unless you decide on a C section, which is a another story for another day. Like practically everything, boils down to the girl not having the upper hand. Most of the time anyway.

I mean. Sigh. Okay, my thoughts are going a bit too fast for me to type it down in a manner that's organized and coherent. So pardon the messiness of everything. I just feel this itching need to get it all down. So yep.

So where were we? Right. The upper hand in a relationship. Do you realise that for a relationship to actually last long, it's always got to be the guy liking the girl more than the girl liking the guy. Cos only then will the guy "treasure" the girl in such a loving, thoughtful way. I mean if it's the girl liking the guy more than the guy liking the girl, the guy will take advantage of the girl right? It's like an almost duh thing considering all they need to do is give a teeny weeny push and besides, why not if the situation presented itself? Getting my drift?

For example, in a guy's teens, all that's in his mind is to get some. But at the end of the day, all guys want a pure girl. Like how fucking unfair is that! It's not like us girls can tell whether a guy's a virgin or not! Or can we? No, we can't. :/ $#@!&!!

Argh. My brother's friend just called and it's so annoying. It's annoying cos
#1 I'm in the middle of writing a post and getting everything out of me, hello! and
#2 I hate to admit the fact that my brother gets more phone calls than me which is so totally sucky. Not to mention lame. ):

But seriously. I don't know. Murny got all sad and emo when we were talking about all this. She said "it's just real sad that we're always on the losing end". Which I suppose is just a fact of life and so we'll just have to get over it. Which is really rather sad. ):

Went home and I couldn't get the whole thing out of my mind. So I went into the kitchen and sat on the stool without a word. My mom stared at me, expectantly. All it took was a second of eye contact with my mom and my mouth just went rattling off. Talked about it, a far more detailed one, and ended up covering a million and one topics. By the end of the conversation, I was feeling damn "anti-boys". Lol. Like wtf right. Huda a femminist huh. Interesting. Hmm..

Later on that night and my mind still isn't off the whole issue. So you on the other line had to suffer. Haha.

(ARGH. Another one of his friends just called. *rolls eyes*)

I'm told that it's all up to the girl whether she's gonna give in or not. I.. don't quite think so? I mean. It's not like the guy won't keep pressing it or something right. Oh I don't know.

Yesterday was certainly an interesting one. Considering all the "sharing" and "discussing" done. I love opinions, don't you just? Perhaps my trail of thoughts are generalising guys in such an outrageous manner. Well that's just too bad. Cos right now, I'm totally visualising all guys as buayas, egoistic pigs. And jerks just wanting their fair share. Which of cos isn't. Fair that is.

Sigh. This is all so depressing. A girl would have sex because she loves the boy and the boy would say "I love you" just to have sex with the girl.

Call me naive, or deluded or whatever. But I still do believe in fairy tales. I'm quite positive all girls do deep down.

And it was yesterday that I realised precisely how fortunate I am to have such a rocking mother. When you think about it, it all pretty much boils down to that. Your relationship with your parent(s).

Okay, abrupt or not, I'll end here.

Aye, you two are really like kids you know. Lol.

1:55 PM


23 May 2006

This is as weird as it gets

Today, despite all the bleh moments because of stupid trivial things, has turned out to be a pretty dang good one! A weird confidante, I tell you. Things can flip 180 in no time without any rhyme or reason. Which is quite cool actually. Lol. Okay. Malay, here I come.

9:24 PM


I quit

First half of the day was spent in the library, watching Helen Keller which was just so "aww" inducing, made us tear! After the movie, it was at the back of the library in between shelves time. Fatmah! Don't be sad okay. Things happen. Wait it out and clarify! You know I love you! (:

Second half of the day was spent in TheMeetingPlace=3 hours of Amaths. Surprisingly, those 3 hours were really very bearable. Sat in between Nuzie and Shez. Shez and Murny were totally talking throughout! Nuzie and I were in the mellow mood, just talking and doing Amaths which was all good. She's so patient it's amazing! It wouldn't kill to hang around her often if I'll be more patient.

After school took 135 with Huiyun, Nuzie and Clara. El Jay's with Clara and Huiyun where we met Murny with ....! Heh.

Clara left first, tution. Huiyun and I had this rather interesting conversation. And when I asked for her lip balm earlier in the bus, she was all "bitchy mouths should never be nourished". I was like what $@#!^& before I realised how cute that statement is. Haha.

I should totally just stop it. Really man. It's so hilarious, this whole situation that if it wasn't actually me going through it, I'd laugh aloud long ago, ever since it all started. Aye how. This sucks you know. :/ I don't suppose I can help it? No, what rubbish. I can and I will. This has got to stop. It's getting far too retarded and uncomfortable and bothersome for my liking. Say out of focus. Say this job is over and done with. I'll give it my best shot at least. Oh have I mentioned this sucks?

5:23 PM


22 May 2006

The stupid scare

Okay, so I'll try to make this a quick one. Let's see. Today was the start of Best Practice Day, which is Cedar's very first. It will be over 3 days, this Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. All the various CCAs will "teach" others about their CCA, a glimpse of what it's like and all that. Mrs Ouyang hit the gong during morning assembly to officially open the BPD! That was quite cool, I must say. Me? I really love this idea. Cos it's you know. Relaxing to say the least. Heh.

Clara and I, being the sports that we are, wore our full u for abt one and a half hours. For nothing. Lol. Damn photographer! So anyway, changed back into our school uniform and headed for where half the school was. The library! The hot favourite spot!

Patch Adams was playing today. The 2 of us borrowed books and I stopped to chat with Murny and Shez for a while in the library too. We ended up in really random "secret" places to read our books!

Had recess with Clara too. We were talking about interesting stuff, which has been constantly at the back of my mind lately. Comfort cushions! Ew yuck. :/

It was during Bio period for the rest (which equates to us 4 being thrown out. Gladly, I must add. Except today it was the 3 of us cos Fairuz here decided to absent herself!). Cynnthia went over to 4N and never came back! Left me and Lilin. And then things got freaky.

You know you made me so scared! I was really really damn scared! Thought it was some sick joke at first. Then that stupid voice at the back of my mind started questioning. Then you didn't reply! I was like clueless what to do! Went to the toilet and started going at it like nobody's business. Everybody refused to reply me/answer my calls. Then I started thinking, maybe you know, maybe it's some dumb conspiracy against me or something! And then a light of hope! Mud replies! *wipes sweat* Like thank god. Finally! A reply from outer space! *rolls eyes*

And then realised that the other 4 got the exact same message. And I was going nuts inside that damn cubicle with the lovely Lilin who kept me company throughout the whole ordeal.

When I found out all was fine, I was really really relieved. Ohmygod. You better keep your promise and not do such a stupid thing again. Ever!

Crossed paths with Shez and Nuzie soon after, chatted for a while, found out some interesting info, clarified stuff and made our after school plans.

After school. The 2 of us made our way asap to Siglap. Then she abandoned me at Starbucks after lunch at KFC. Tution. Argh eww. Spent like a friggin' hour reading 12th Night. How odd's that! Mariam came soon after and we were playing with the present her Phy teacher gave her! Which is so freakin' cute. It's this thing where you can put candies inside and twist the um thing so the candy'll come out! Like the kind where you place a dollar coin, turn the dial and poof! Some stupid thingy whose parts come off like *snaps fingers* that. Oh how cool.

We were also going from A-Z the bad words we knew. As in if we were to curse someone? LOL. That was funny. We ended up inserting totally random words like 'elephant' and I can't remember them. But the whole thing was seriously funny.

Mud and Najib arrived at KFC. The boys ate and it appeared to me, that they're really very hungry. But they always eat like that! Gobble gobble gobble. Not a hint of appreciation of taste or slowing down so oh you know. They won't choke on their food, maybe!

Oh! We also did the 5 animals thing.

If you were stranded on an island with these five animals, a tiger, an elephant, a monkey, a peacock and a dog, rank in order the ones you'd ditch along the way. Like if you had to get rid of these animals, the order. More on this the next post.

Mud and I ended up with the exact same results! Don't think it has anything to do with us being born a day apart maybe? Man, I'm such a bitch. =x

Zai finally arrived! Crazy boy, really. Cleared up stuff. A bit? We started playing with this dumb coin thing that's the apparent BVSS craze, or something. That's lame man. Can't believe we did that. Shez dropped by to join us later on. Najib left. Then the two Ms got movin' while the 3 of us stayed a while longer. Finally, come around 7.30, we headed for the bus stop.

Home, more housework done (I'm like the greatest daughter I tell you) while replying the sudden attack of smses. Aren't I cool? (Rheotorical question here.)

And then a phone call. Was told something extremely disturbing. And then the heavy mood which was surrounding numerous people around me today rubbed off on me. No doubt hours later. But you know what I mean right! When I'm like that, everybody else is happy and all YIPEE-YAY! When I'm feeling pretty darn good, they're all depressed. It's nobody's fault, yes I've acknowledged that already. But... Well forget it.

So there I was mopping the floor with the radio blasting so loud some asshole upstaris shouted something but I couldn't here anything. Power 98 just had to have their Total Recall then. Songs from the 80s and 90s. And all their songs just had to be soft rock and when you're feeling all... , the music totally gets to you. Then it's full blast emo-ing. SUCKER HUDA. ):

I am so lame, yeah I know. But no, you don't know. To borrow a line from 12th Night, nothing that is so, is so. So quit judging already. I really feel like breaking out into a confession. But I know the relief will only be temporary. Besides, it's not like pouring my heart out will be of any real help anyway. I've long realised that. I can't believe I've still not passed the "acceptance" stage. Or maybe I have? Lingering somewhere in between the acceptance/anger stage. I'll repeat it again. God, I'm lame.

Sigh okay. Happyfying music not working now. How. This has got to stop. And so much for a "quick" one. Bye.

10:54 PM


21 May 2006

Forgotten highlights. And I'd love to be that girl. Sigh.

Hey! Second time yet again. Boo. Anyway, just recalled a few hilarious moments that day at the beach. See, when I blog, it's like I'm half drunk or sleeping or something. I can't seem to remember all the highlights!

At Mac Ritchie, Fatmah, Murny and I got chased by monkeys! Really. What else. We exfoliated our skin using grains of sand! We sang A LOT of songs. When we tried to sing Beep by PCD, it was such a failure! The starting, "ha-ha" part, was already bad. My god, hilarious stuff. We teased this girl emoing by the rocks. And then stopped cos we realised what if she's really considering crazy stuff like jumping or something! Lol. Okay, no. Sorry. Not a funny matter. But it was then!

Oh! There was this once. We were just sitting in the waters, it was really shallow near the shore, the 4 of us Shez, Fatmah, Siti and I. And this long black thing suddenly materialised! It went through my legs for god's sake! Shez screamed like crazy cos she saw it first then us 3 screamed too and ran out like some freak show who just saw a shark.

That's exactly what Shez and Fatmah claimed it was. A baby shark. They mentioned fins. Hmm. From what I know, these two are jokers. Siti and I stand firm that it was just a freakin' fish. And not a baby shark! Omg. You know we made such a HUGE fuss about it people started staring. Well, we didn't quite realise we were that loud. You know me especially. Half the time when I talk people will claim that I'm talking way too loudly. I can't help it now can I! I'm born like that.

So anyway. Yep. That's about it. Okay, here's something I ripped off someone's private blog. It's really very cute!

If I could be anything,
I'd be the purse hanging on your side,
cause all day I'd get to be with you,
plus it's a free ride,
I wouldn't have to walk with you,
cause you'd just carry me,
being your purse and hanging with you would make me happy,
but fashions change constantly,"I have to look my best" they say,
and I know eventually you'd get tired of me,
and just throw me away,
so never mind about being your Purse...

If I could be anything,
I'd be the sheets on your bed,why?
because I heard that you sleep naked..
joking.(but that would be nice)
because I'd get to be with you when you sleep at night,
and I'm there to keep you warm,
until the morning light,
but then again,
so many of your friends have also said,
that when you have a nightmare,
you wet the bed,
so never mind about being your Sheets...

If I could be anything,
I'd be the lipstick sitting on your dresser,
cause everyday I could wake up and get to say,
"Yes, I'm about to kiss her"
I'll be there to make you feel pretty,
which you already are,
but then we'd get outside and you'd just throw me in the car,
and by the time you remembered you had thrown me in the back,
you would already go to the store and buy another pack,
so never mind about being your Lipstick...

After thinking of what I could be,
I realize one thing is true,
any girls possessions always have hell to go through,
which is why if you were me,
you would pick this too,
I'd rather by myself and just be with you...

Won't I melt if this was written for me! Gosh, if only a guy likes me this much! Okay. Stop dreaming Huda. Now then, till next time. (Hopefully I won't get another "calling" to write another post today!) See ya.

[edit] I'm allergic to some seafood thing. Cos later that night, my lips started to swell a bit. Don't I welcome fugdom with open arms or what! How. I'm not supposed to be allergic to anything! @#!%&$ Okay bye.

7:59 PM


Great times, pre stupid mood ytd

Woke up today flipped on the TV and Shrek 2 was on! Happy bananas I tell you. I've still not bathed yet you know! Still in my shorts and tshirt! My mum bought me that old skool colourful bread with kaya/peanut butter/chocolate/strawberry spread! OH YAY.

As you can see, I'm in a better mood. I don't know. I hate being a girl sometimes. Those ew moments. Actually no. I doubt it's a girl thing. Was proven wrong only just now and boy am I glad I'm not the only one who's... because... Oh don't you just love the mystery! Heh.

So, I shall blog about yesterday's greatness before the "episode". Us girls were suppose to meet at 12. I only went out of the house at 12. Surprise surprise, Siti's gna be as late as me. Inside 291 was seriously freaking hot! Not that it's bad enough I'm a millon shades darker. I just had to experience what it's like to be inside a pressure cooker. Thanks man.

Met Siti outside Starbucks at PS, decided we were hungry and lunched at El Jay's! Murny came then Shez. Didn't end up playing pool. #1, no time. #2, no mood. And #3, save money.

We took neoprints you know! The last time I took was last year I think. Sports Day with the Bogainvillea girls. I know it's so ... to be taking neoprints now. But hey, it was fun! I looked like crap. Lack experience. =/

Cabbed to the place which was quite in the middle of nowhere. Had to call Najib for directions several times. The driver was so &^%@! I tell you! I think my sense of directions is like better than his!

Anyway, the 12th Night seminar! We seriously thought we were gna be late. Pictured several "omg-no!" shit embarrassing moments. Like what if everyone was in school u! Or they closed the doors already! Stupid driver. He was being such a dick. Saw familiar faces! Najib was in the 3rd row. And the 3 whole rows where we were sitting were strictly all Cedarians which was coolioness. (*gasp* Did I just say that!) The rest were distributed to god knew where. Saw more Cedarians after the thing.

It was alright. Although we could tell that 3/4 of the audience.... If I mention it I'll probably be labelled an arrogant schmuck so I'll shut it. (: The lecturer was quite cool actually. I'm really quite happy that most of us knew what the dude was saying before the lecture. So I suppose we can all say our 12th Night lessons have been pretty not bad right! Okay biasness. Sorry.

So after that walked out with all the intention to cab to a familiar place ie Orchard Road where we'll all split and go our ways. We walked and jaywalked (!) and walked and walked. The cabs just REFUSE to stop for us. Whatever. Ended up crossing the road (using the overhead bridge). We went mad after a while. Started doing cheers! And singing nursery rhymes and.. being stupid basically. We waved to strangers in cars! How cool are we man! :D Ended up taking 190 to Tangs where we saw this cute angmoh. Happiness!

Splitted up at the bus stop where I went on to meet Mud and Zai who were seated at the steps outside Orchard Mrt like the Mats that they are. Mar and Najib came soon after. Finally decided to dine at Seoul Garden.

While walking to Taka met Siti and the Lion. ROAR. Haha. They were all embarrased. Aw. Cute lovebirds. Second time eh!

So we had Mar's Sweet 16th birthday dinner which went well! Took more band shots in the lift. We went all the way up to th 26th floor which was really quite spooky. My imagination took off like the wind for a fraction of a second. So the 5 of us were happily snapping away going up and down up and down Taka. Lol. Yeah. The lift belongs to our great grandfathers. (:

Mud totally rockin' it with the beanie! Lol. This photo=love! Finally a complete band!

Told you I was barbecued. =/ Anyway, gave Mariam her presents at the Ngee Ann City steps behind the fountain. She squealed and was obviously pleased with the gifts! Spongebob boxers (she wanted them) and it's totally Zai's fault cos it's oversized. He was the one that brought us to the shop at Bugis! Who's the dodo now HUH! Also a yellow Topshop tee with the words "I'm a geek. I love Adam Brody. :/" printed in front and "Marr the so-called Great" at the back. AND a thong from Topshop too! Haha. Hey Mar, we've got matching ones! (;

Proceeded to Mar's house after that. My bladder really is going conky you know. Madness. I pee like a fountain. Chilled in her room reading a 5 month old (!) issue of Female. Haha. Mud strummed a few mellow songs. There were all too many brokebacking mometns. Man. Guys seriously! Too close for comfort! Lol. All was good.

Can you see the fugly plaster on my foot! Youch man. Heels for the whole day is bad. Anyway, so then took 28 with the 2 boys who stopped at the hill for some guy2guy talk ie more brokeback action. Lol. Not gna mention again the bus ordeal. Stopped by 7-11 for some caffeine and chocolate.

So yeah! That was about it. Oh and Dina! The song's great! I love you! Repeat mode now. (: Aye, my little brother's feeling sick. Poor thing. I know he can be such a prat sometimes, I'd fantasize about being brother-less (yes that bad) but I still love him lah. He was supposed to go to the hot air balloon ride that Mud Zai and I saw the other time. He's miserable man. I'll be a real nice sister today! (:

Anyway, here are the pics for that night Mud's sister's boyfriend's birthday where he sang in front of a live audience! And the band with that singer with the hot voice? (Man this sounds insulting. Like only his voice is hot. Lol) Their band's called Cats in the Cradle. How cute is that! And the dude's name is Jeff.

Mud, Zai and I at Aquadisiac. Mud and Najib are being asses on MSN man. Like seriously... Lol. Yay. More cool songs recommended by the Muddos!! Haha. Okay folks. That's about it for now. Ciao babes.

3:04 PM


Just not feeling right

Okay. Actually didn't want to blog at first. Cos today's post is supposed to be a HAPPY one. What with ytd's funness still in the system and the 12th night thing and hanging out with 3 guys and a girl dadidada... Maybe the next post along with pictures.

BUT. Right now? I feel like shite. Fucking emotions getting all tangled and I can't think straight. I need chocolate. And coffee. And some friggin' happyfying music. I shall make a happyfying music list to boost my mood whenever the "feeling" kicks in out of nowhere.

Top on the list would definitely be Third Eye Blind's 'Wake for young souls' and Click Five's 'Good Day' and Blink 182's 'All the small things'.

I HATE FEELING THIS WAY. It's not proper! It's just unecessary. I can't help it. I'm oversensitive, I suppose. Triggered by the slightest things. Which is really horrible and pathetic, yes I know. But hey. That's just me. I've tried to surpress it. No help. I've tried ignoring it. No help either.

It's like in the bus, these thoughts suddenly invade my mind and start to attack every bit of me. Till I lose this stupid war. Gave in to it. It's getting out of control. I need to resolve this.

The worst part is knowing nothing will help me settle these issues.

12:23 AM


20 May 2006

Beach+Good company =The life

I woke up at 8.30 today to wash my hair. =x I can't help it. Even after washing it once last night I still think it feels all stringy and ew. Salt water = Bad for the hair. Anyway! Yesterday was so awesome! Now THAT is really hot. :D

Cedar had it's cross country yesterday at MacRitchie. I had to do marshalling duty which got quite boring. But hey, it beats running 3.2k anytime man. I was stationed along the road, near to a lamp post. I had a sick desire to watch someone runnning smack directly into it. I don't know man. Not really a desire... More like expecting it to happen? Yep. Cos it's a slope and people are likely to go faster so if perhaps they'd wanna overtake, then it could really happen! BANG!

AFTER cross country was when things became so great. 6 of us cabbed to East Coast. Lunched at Macs first then yeah baby! The beach! HAHA. The water was gross no doubt but well, make do lah huh. For the locals, it's crap but for the tourists! ECP VS Sentosa. As a consolation, the weather was perfect and the sand was really soft and nice to step on. Plus the company! Joyohjoy.

Nuzie and I were all "we're not going into the water". Then the other 4 ran in like it was so damn fun.... All too tempting. The water's bad state was all forgotten when we soaked in the cool feeling and then things just got crazy! I still so cannot believe we did what we did! Omfg. I was like the second last one to do it which means I'm so damn good. You could also take it as I'm the chickenest. But no lah where got. I'm so damn good.HAHA. Oh man yesterday was really really great. Note the repetition which means emphasis! (:

Basically, to sum it all up, we had a really great time. It's the kind of you gotta be there to believe it thing. We screamed our lungs out several times and man, the feeling's just great. We did the Macarena in the water! HAHA. That was like totally at the spur of the moment thing which got hooked and we pretty much did all four directions!

We climbed the breakwater too! Which was crazy cos we got scared after a minute up there. Hey, the waters suddenly looked possesed and out of control okay. But damn! It was all too good to be true. Really.

And then I realised I had several cuts. My right toe-next-to-the-big-toe, my left fourth finger and my left leg. It's like Nature Attacks Huda Day or something. *makes a face*

We had to shift our spot cos the water was getting really really bad. OHYOUKNOWWHAT! The four of us, Siti, Fatmah, Shez and I were walking past this guy. And he was practically nude man. This freak was wearing like a guy thong or something. The material was so obviously thin and it was skin colour. And he was lying back on his shoulders when we walked in front of him, he like opened his legs and looked at us THROUGH his legs. What a fucker. Please lah. Small balls, Dickhead. *rolls eyes*

We saw gay banglas too!!! Omg. That was simply hilarious man. And someone showed us card tricks which were pretty damn cool, I must say! Murny and Nuzie left first. So after hours of fun in the sun, us remaining four showered and the open-bathroom concept is really rather cool, I must say! Somebody's body's damn hot ah.. (; HAHA.

The five of us went to Macs for dinner then Siti and Fatmah went home while the 3 of us bowled! I can't believe I suck so bad at bowling. ): I'm such a loser man. ): And Shez, I swear you're just so damn lucky lah. Not to mention hilarious. You dropped the ball TWICE for god's sake! *shakes head* Silly poot.

Didn't apply enough sunblock. Shucks. Yesterday I was lobster ugly with my nose a darker shade then my entire face. But since my face had tinges of red, it was still quite cute lah. (Self flattery, ya I know) BUT TODAY! It's just black. Period. Which means now it's plain fugly! ARGH!

Okay gotta meet them for lunch+pool. Ciao babes!

Before I forget! Watch this videos! They are fucking funny I couldnt stop lauging. And laughing to yourself in front of a computer? Bad. But it also means the thing's really funny. Yes, so they make fun of the Backstreet Boys but hey, all in the name of fun. And you know, they say imitation's the best form of flattery. Have fun pissing yourself laughing. :D

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18 May 2006

All in one. (Me lam tu =Semua dalam satu) HAHA.

My body's aching. I'm tired. But you know me. The stupid things I do. (Right now, that'd be blogging even though I'm so shagged.)

Too much of something is never good. Too much of something good? I don't know. I could get used to it. The chain's bound to break soon though.

Oh, my dad locked me out yesterday. Not the WHOLE night, of course. Extremely long story, won't bother. I can't believe him. I mean, yeah I know he leans more to the "less talk more action" basis. But COME ON! Not only that, my brother's being such an idiot. I swear sometimes, I really kick myself for asking my parents for a sibling. And to think I did consider apologising to my brother about my um "repulsive behaviour" last night. *rolls eyes*

It's just too bad I'm so restricted here on this page. I'd love to disclose details. But it's fun though. This hide-and-seek thing. Blogging with restrictions. Gives you the sense of reality. Okay nevermind.

Anyway. Did any of you catch the goings-on of the sky last night? It was effing gorgeous. The clouds were playing around with the moon. It started out a complete blur, the moon, with only streaks of red. I thought it was Mars for a moment. Haha, really. A beauty of a blur! Gosh it was so pretty. The sky was just beautiful last night. I'd turn one angle and I'd see tinges of red amidst a blanket of midnight blue. Turn the other way and it's pitch black with lighted ships in view. Turn again and it'd be this cool blend of colours with tints of red.

Fine. I'll confess. I did like it. Enjoyed it quite a bit actually. HAHA. The breeze, the sights, the sounds... The cats! Okay so I lied. Shoot me. But you know. When someone's a bore they ARE a bore. LOL. You wouldn't believe how much I've been jaywalking of late. It's really quite amazing I'm still standing here. And no, it's not paranoia shoving it's butt-ugly face up my ass here.

The one thing I most definitely hate is being broke. You'd be blown away by my sufferings I tell you. Speaking of blowing away. Did you just fart? Cos you blew me away! I love Delphinus. Corny pickup lines are all the rage! :D Also, Su and I were shortforming Malay slang Mat/Minah style the whole afternoon yesterday. My sides hurt like fuck laughing. "Mat lam doh" (Selamat malam bodoh) FUNNY SHIT.

Finally watched "Take the Lead". Wasn't all that great. The ending was so "Huh! Like that only!".

That aside, sometime ago, reflected that I'm so lame to be stuck in a rut. For an awe-fucking-some 3 years over now. Oh man, I'm retarded. ): Perking things up a bit, Faizah's gna do over my blog! Again! Haha. I can't help it if I'm paralysed in that way is it!

Okay. I'm done here. Ciao babes.

PS: I think this post has a bit too much swearings. So yeah. My bad. In the heat of the moment la.

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16 May 2006

Picture overload. Oh yeah!

Picture time! Lots of random pictures. Taken from various sources. I love 4c. The best class ever I swear. We're too funky for your goose! Okay, I can't exactly remember that cheer. Plus a few pics from Dirah's 16th outing! Date movie's way cool. Slapstick stupid. I like. Followed by Najib's 16th at Breeks with one missing member! He's wearing the Topman polo tee Mar and I bought for him! And the last one was CNY Eve at Suntec's Pizza Hut.

Koko fell inside the pail of water in the toilet. Soaked through and through! Hilarious. Gotta love my kittens! Anyway, got back the remaining papers today. L1R5 6. HAHA. Rightt, I wish. Nah, not gna disclose it. But let's just say it's pretty darn bad!

Other than that, went shopping for toiletries and I bought this eye mask thing. It's supposed to do wonders at the first try. Apparently not. Hmm. Hate ads and their stupid promises. Let's hope it'll work to a certain extent. At least worthy of 20 bucks!

Oh yes. Before I forget, all Muslims out there using Dove, shampoo or soap, throw it in the trash can now. There's some pig thing. So yup.

Caught part of TRL just now. TOM CRUISE and the entire Mission Impossible 3 cast. Watched MI3 last Sat at the new Cathay building place which is just oh-so-HOT. Great service, by a cute guy what more! The movie's pretty good to me. I mean come on. Sitting there watching Tom Cruise?! My pleasure. Okay, that's about it for today. Ciao babes!

Cedar Sports Day '06. Bogainvillea love! 4c's the best class ever, I swear.

Right after our fucked up buzz @ canteen performance! Gosh we totally rocked the house. RIGHTT.

To quote Dirah, "Girls just wanna have fun!" l-r: Dirah, Me, J, Naz

Hot babes. Which reminds me of the Mosaic festival. (the backdrop) AND I DIDN'T CATCH JASON MRAZ. Argh.
Stuck to the wall. We were full of stupid poses. Was that day fun or what!

l-r: Najib, Me, Mud, Mar Inside the lift at Taka. I love this photo, I don't know why. The band shot...

Mud shiok sendiri, what to do. BOYS. *snorts* (: I recall us pressing a lot of numbers just so we could take more photos inside the lift!

Mary had a little lamb! Little bo peep!

Us five! Bad lighting yuck!

Candid? In a daze, evidently.

Zai and Mud grinning really widely. Hmm. The End!

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Everything will be wonderful

Oh no. My entire post just vanished. Cos I clicked the cross on the page by accident! Silly me. I have to get used to Opera! ARGH. Anyway, a really summarised one coming right up!

Got back 5 papers today. Quite satisfied for Amaths. The prehistoric equation, effort=results actually proved right today! Wow. Amazed, that I am. Disappointed for English though. Sigh. Really expected more. As for the rest of the papers, hmm. But hey, it's true, I guess. Better to be disappointed now than later right. (:

Lunched with the girls then headed to Siglap for a meet up with 3 guys and a girl. Najib "enlightened" me. Was pretty bugged about it initially, so I apologise, yet again for the many punches thrown at you on impulse! Blame it on the reflex action and um, my compulsiveness? Yes, totally not MY fault. It's all cool, yes? Don't sweat it okay! Really.

Then came Zai in his fugly holey shoes, then Mud and lastly, Mariam. I think it's safe to say that I'm not the always-late person anymore! I was 45 minutes early, take that! Plonked downn at Macs, plugged in my MP3 with my hand feeding my mouth McFlurry at intervals. Ah, the peace.

Talked, a bit overload on guy-talk at one point, but I'm getting accustomed to that already. Sigh. It was rather funny though that episode. RATHER.

Jib left first while the rest of us cabbed to Kem courtesy of Mariam! Stupid someone couldn't beat 28! HAHA. Silly boy. So, had a conference just now and at least some stuff's done planning!

Finally decided to heed Shaggy's advice, deleted and redownloaded MSN. And VOILA! It worked! Went online the first time in a gazillion years. WHEE.

Got Mud to recommend me some songs. And right now, Everclear's Wonderful is on repeat mode! It's really nice. Go download it or something! And with that, I bid you farewell. Oh fuck. I'm getting scared for Lit tmr! Okay, like Fatmah says, "Chilleks!". Breathe in, out. In and out...

Ciao babes.

Everclear - Wonderful

I close my eyes when I get too sad
I think thoughts that I know are bad
Close my eyes and I count to ten
Hope it’s over when I open them

I want the things that I had before
Like a star wars poster on my bedroom door
I wish I could count to ten
Make everything be wonderful again

Hope my mom and I hope my dad
Will figure out why they get so mad
Hear them scream, I hear them fight
They say bad words that make me wanna cry

Close my eyes when I go to bed
And I dream of angels who make me smile
I feel better when I hear them say
Everything will be wonderful someday

Promises mean everything when you’re little
And the world’s so big
I just don’t understand how
You can smile with all those tears in your eyes
Tell me everything is wonderful now

Please don’t tell me everything is wonderful now

I go to school and I run and play
I tell the kids that it’s all okay
I laugh aloud so my friends won’t know
When the bell rings I just don’t wanna go home

Go to my room and I close my eyes
I make believe that I have a new life
I don’t believe you when you say
Everything will be wonderful someday

Promises mean everything when you’re little
And the world is so big
I just don’t understand how
You can smile with all those tears in your eyes
When you tell me everything is wonderful now

No, I don’t wanna hear you tell me everything is wonderful now
No, I don’t wanna hear you tell me everything is wonderful now

I don’t wanna hear you say
That I will understand someday
No, no, no, no
I don’t wanna hear you say
You both have grown in a different way
No, no, no, no
I don’t wanna meet your friends
And I don’t wanna start over again
I just want my life to be the same
Just like it used to be
Some days I hate everything
I hate everything
Everyone and everything

Please don’t tell me everything is wonderful now...

I don’t wanna hear you tell me everything is wonderful now


I do kinda think everything is wonderful now. Regardless of everything else.

12:48 AM


14 May 2006

Yuck. Blogbingeing. ):

HOH.MY.GOD. I am so lame. I cannot believe this will be my second post in a day! This cannot be happening. Ah, whatever.

So, recall my plan to chill the rest of the day? Nah. Did not happen. I ended up vacuuming and mopping the whole house. Whoa. Domestic or what! Well, the extra cash yesterday comes with a price tag ya know.

Not only that! My kittens, Kiki and Koko decided that the hall shall be their new pee-poop place. Thanks ah guys. Ever since they started playing all around the house, they're suddenly too lazy to make their way to their kitty litterbox in the kitchen! WAHLAU. Now I have to clean up after them. =/

But I still love them. God, they're cute! Adorable kitties. They have a mean appetite though. It's so huge, it's terrible! Michelle Branch's on Power98! I've not heard her in ages.

I love Nickleback. Random, sorry.

You know, MSN is fucking around with this computer. Ever since we shifted it to my bro's room when the new com came in. And I just managed to activate the Windows XP for the new com by calling up Windows and the guy's voice on the other line was... Well, let's just say if he were to lose his day job taking down activation codes and giving new ones, he'll be able to make it in the um. Other industry. Where he can use his voice as a tool to... Okay never mind. ;)

Okay, I don't like how using Opera instead of IE, I can't do the ctrl I to make the word itallic! Boo.

So after doing my share of housework, plopped down to watch Oprah. Sometimes, I think she sucks up too much. But other than that, she's alright. I mean, hello, what can you expect, she's a freaking host of a talk show! Diplomatic she must be. Which equates to sucking up like a kid gulping down Slurpee. Which is a lot a lot.

Anyways, Pink was the guest. Talking about stupid girls, how her video got people talking about the whole "stupid girls" issue. It was interesting. What I like about Oprah, is how she collaborates all the different point of views. Pink's too cool. HAHA. Hey, her husband's not bad okay. Not that that's suppose to mean anything or anything. (:

Right. Stupid girls. They were talking about the now generation. How easy it is to manipulate teenage girls. Where ethics sail out the window easily. How the youths are easily influenced. How we're under the control of bigger "machines" who shape what we think is cool and what's not. How easy it is to get girls to flash their breasts and stuff, especially on Springbreak in America. How we're all drowning in consumerism. How celeb-obsessed we are. How certain books which are hot on the shelves, are actually bad for teens as they talk about the life of an A-lister and how they're actually porn material, "very graphic", where sex is just sex.... dadidada...

It opens the mind. I suppose you call it that. It was a good episode, to me. I mean come on. It's getting more and more rare for Oprah to have these kind of "real issues" episodes. Oh and the book's the Gossip Girl series you know! How. I read it too. Not an obsessed fan, but I've read a couple of their books. How! No no, I'm no stupid girl. (:

Oh oh oh! I caught "Perfect Strangers" sometime this week on HBO.(or was it Star Movies?) And it's such a nice movie! Corny, perhaps, yes, but it's really sweet! To me at least. Rob Lowe's a looker. Can't deny that. Yums. Haha. The Brit girl's pretty too and her character is so funky! Go rent their DVD or something, go! Especially if you're a sucker for chick flicks like me. Proud of it babe. :D

Oh and Mud, if you happen to be reading this, quick send me the pics your sister took! Many thanks.

Since it's Mothers' Day...
I love my mother though I know full well I take advantage of her sometimes. But I couldn't have a better mom. I know everybody says this, but I really mean it. Not that it means when others say it they don't mean it, but I mean it even more! (: My mother's my inspiration. She's so amazing and so selfless, it scares me cos I may not be able to be as great a mom one day, as she is to me. I know I'm my mom's bright ray of hope, as she is to me. Not an ego thing, more like an understanding that's left unspoken, which goes both ways. My mother's strength, should you be able to even get the slightest glimpse of it, will leave you speechless. She's gone through a lot, and for that I really do respect her. Though I don't necessarily display that respect all the time, which is wrong of me yes I know. But I'm still just 15plus though it's not an excuse but ya. I love you ma. Though chances of you reading this is minute, but I love you. <3 You look 40+ even though you'll be 50 this year! How hot's that! :D

*deep breath* That took quite a lot of me, actually. Okay, goodnight guys. Spread the <3! :)

10:35 PM


A nice day, yesterday

My sleeping habits are going haywire. This is not good. So anyway, yesterday was nice. (hence the title, duh) He should have just proposed man! That would just be the lovely cherry topping. Which reminds me, I have to buy cherries to practise! Or get myself a FWB. HAHA. I'm gna apologise way before hand here. From now on, I'll blog as detail-less as I wish okay? I'm sorry! (: Wait what am I doing?! Explaining myself!? *shakes head*

So there I was thinking it was gna be my FIRST! Got all jumpy and excited for nothing! ): Well, not nothing nothing precisely. It was really nice just sitting there, soaking up the ambiance and the really hot music sipping a $5.50 fruit punch which we initially thought was 10 bucks!

The singer was so HOT. Ok, so it wasn't really the singer, more like his voice! It's a perfect cross of the Eagles lead, and Jon Bon Jovi, and Nickleback's lead. This equates to the sexiest voice. Everr!

We HAVE to hang out there sometime soon!

Starbucks was smoky and smoky and SMOKY! I don't know how I managed to survive 15 years and counting with a smoker dad. It was because of the Venti Iced Vanilla Latte that caused me a near heart attack later that night!

Esplanade was quite... too many "Eww"-inducing people. For one, we've got all the "concepts" making known what their "concept" is. *rolls eyes* They can't possibly be any lamer. Eww people aside, Singapore has to light up the whole CBD!! It'd be real pretty!

It was really stupid that we missed the last train and had to walk till god knew where. A stop away form Bugis Junction actually. Like so wtf right! From City Hall! Man!

I still can't believe the whole taxi-driver ordeal. Hey, midnight surcharge is really no joke okay! I was panicking like some drunk cow who just realised she lost her car! Too bad he's low on patience. His loss. *shrugs*

Overall, it was a nice day. Bought a few stuff from Topshop. One of which was quite inappropriate to me cos of the shopping-buddies for the day. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. NO KICK!

It was pretty manic, rushing home to bathe change, go swindle some cash from mother dearest, wipe off my face only to! Oh it was nuts. Plain nuts. HAHA. Adrenaline rush though. I know I know, cheap thrill. I'm a cheap thrill-aholic...? Whatever.

I am going to spend what's left of the day chilling. AHH. The post-exam life. Gotta love it. Ciao babes!

6:22 PM


12 May 2006

A creeping need to mention this

I hate the way the internet fools everyone sometimes. It's mindboggling how it's all so bloody hypocritical and full of lies. It leaves me stumped sometimes. Oh I don't know. As in if you were to take everything on the internet wholesale, you'd probably have gathered a few things like that person's a bimbo or she's really an angry person or something. But then, if you look back to the real preson, it's all a complete mess! Gosh how gross!

I hate how things get misinterpreted left right up down. I hate it. I so so hate it very much. I hate the way you lie through your teeth. It's too good, it gives me goosebumps. God, you liar. Denial. Argh, whatever. I hate the internet so bad sometimes I feel like going on a strike against it. Know that it'll never happen. It's just the intensity of the moment. Sigh. Bye.

3:09 PM


Mix and match and this and that

So the past few days have been pretty dang awesome, I must say. Nadia's third birthday party (my bad) was cute. She was all dolled up in her fairy dress along with the magic wand and tiara too! SO ADORABLE. But uh. I kinda thought it was a bit too much halfway through. Not them being too much, but other stuff. HAHA. Speaking in mysteries yet again! Gosh guys I'm sorry! (:

Just this morning, when a few of us went down to the pool, there was this uber hot guy! Haha. Shit. I hate gushing but I can't help myself. So the Caucasion guy was having a tan. The few of us (cousins) were playing basketball (there is a net, we're not that retarded) in the pool, then it kinda splashed on him. His reaction was *swoons* hot. I don't know how or why, I can't remember precisely, but HOTNESS baby. Hotness. (HAHA. Siti: The hotness is damn bad lah!) Insides, sorry.

I'm supposed to be at home now, but no. Still at Cik Na's. Quite lazy to move my butt.

Oh you know, I realise that sometimes, it really does suck to realise things about yourself. Suppose, one day you wake up and sudenly go "Oh my god no. I'm stupid! AH! I'm really stupid!". How hilarious would that be right. Sucks man. It's argh gross and stupid and dumb and stupid and dumb and yeah, I've got to shut up.

Oh fuck. I'm so supposed to be home. Aniszah's on her way already. Darn. Gonna have to leave as soon as I'm done blogging. My Malay O's are just around the corner. Whoop dee doo. Let's celebrate. *rolls eyes* How. I'm definitely not prepared. Will so have to take again at the end of the year.

Friends. It's so ARGH sometimes. I hate to be a disappointment. But I so totally hate to be disppointed. Whatever.

I cannot believe Chris Daughtry's out! Last night I was betitng on Katherine. I mean, yeah so she can sing and is really pretty, sex symbol, the works. But hey! Chris had been performing a gazillion times better than her throughout the whole competition please. Chris is wow. Katherine screwed up on Elvis night. Speaking of the King of Rock and Roll, did you see Lisa Marie Presley?! I swear each time I see her she looks different! With her kind of money, can you just imagine?! "Um Mom, I think I need a tummy tuck. Oh and a new haircut while you're at it." And ta-da! Brand new L.M.P! (her initials btw)

Sigh. The things money can do.

Okay. I need shoes. And tops! Oh, you know, I just knew, sometime last week, that Parkway now has a "middle-high end" section! I'm amazed. Now all it needs is an MRT station, and a movie theatre. Come on, Parkway! You can do it!

I blab and blab and blab. But don't you just love me? (Redundant, but who cares.) See ya around everybody! Ciao babes.

2:26 PM


09 May 2006


Hey all. Actually, no. WHAT great comeback! Maybe I'm still gonna blog this rarely. Maybe not, I don't know! I know it's been months. But the feeling comes and goes as it wishes. Haha. Midyears flew away! To be gone forever! My god, the relief, I swear was so extremely temporary. Dammit.

Last paper today, Literature. I had a pretty nice time doing the papers actually. Not that that'd determine anything. I think Lit, Physics and P&C are alike. You can interpret it anyway you want and it'll seem perfectly logical and full of sense to you. But the next thing you know, it's not. Non. Nonsense. Sigh.

It feels pretty odd not hanging out at the usual place for my regular fix of caffeine and oh you know. All that last minute cramming and a nice healthy dose of good talk with nice people, namely Fatmah and Siti and a few silly boys here and there. Lol.

I don't get it. I never ever ever ever learn my lesson. Sigh. The things I do sometimes leave me really puzzled. And this, my friends, is referring to a whole load of shit that's been going on of late. Four words. Just four fucking words. I DON'T GET IT. And once more, that refers to more than just one thing.

You know, I love blaming my horoscope. I love blaming it for all the faults in the world. Haha. It's like, when I'm PMS-y, it's the hormones or to be more specific, the crying hormones. Ahh! I swear, I really do think I'm from outer space sometimes. Like Tom Welling. Sigh. It's been ages since I last saw a really really hot guy. Some eye candy please? Anyway, sorry. Derailed. I blame my sign for being this way and that. I blame it for every thing! Haha. But its quite comforting to know that there's a fixed reason it happened that way. Although deep down you know half of it's complete bull. *shrugs*

This past year, or rather within the months that I did not blog, I can safely say that I've experienced weird things. Weird weird weird. Like last night? I had a dream of Mud, Najib, Zai and Mar. Siti and Shez. Coupled with the 4c people. And the other primary school people. And Orsino and Olivia and Viola and Krishna and Susila. And teachers. And Starbucks. And me falling. Then drowning. And god knows what. Oh. I remeber a certain Mischa Barton. Must be that time we were at Siglap and that hot girl with longs legs was at the traffic light, who resembles her.

Who the hell dreams a dream with that many characters! But it was actually the first time I had a sound sleep in a pretty long time. I'm starting to become an extremely light sleeper. And that sucks so bad you can't imagine. ):

NOT ONLY THAT. I've been doing weird stuff. Like pondering weird subjects and totally out of the blue! Doing Lit over the weekend made my mind wonder even more! Like how true Narayan is. Or how cool Shakespeare is for actually being able to come up with such a smart play! Man I love that guy. Six feet under no doubt. But still brilliant all the same.

I have mood swings that swing so far out, it scares the shit out of me. Take last Friday for instance. That was crazy! In the friggin' library for god's sake Huda! Jeez. *rolls eyes* Okay, that was really pathetic. I have no idea why even! It's the kind of thing that just... happens. No warning, no nothing.

A smile from a stranger can really make your day. I promise. Especially when you're feeling the shits of all shits.

After the quick meet up/study a bit a bit at Siglap, went over to my Aunt's.


I'm a size 9 you know. Fugly feet, yes I know. But I'm sometimes a 7, other times an 8 and yeah a 9 too, apparently.

OMF. She wore it only once, then realised that oh you know "being married with a kid, I'm not so used to wearing heels that high anymore". Just the pair of shoes for that night! HAHA. I feel so lame getting all jumpy and giddy with excitement. I mean, a first's still a first okay! :D WHEE.

Which reminds me. I think I'll have to blow off the girsl cos it's Nadia's 4th this thursday! And Cik Na did ask me to help her out. The heels baby. So yeah I'll help her! (: She was ordering Nadia's cake online yesterday. It's so pretty it's a real pity that it's gonna be eaten up just like *snaps* that. Damn! It's this barbie cake. Can you imagine a roomful of 8 4yearolds in the whole princess outfit! OH. SO. CUTE.

I'm at Siti's now and I just tried an eyelash curler for the first friggin time! HAHA. The result was sooooooo orgasmic man. Lol. Actually, no lah. it's just that rush of trying something out. Or something like that.

I'm gonna go off for now. Leave ya with a quote I kinda like from The English Teacher which when I read it was pretty timely for various reasons and the lyrics to this song that's currently playing. See you around!

"The twists and turns of fate would cease to shock if we knew, and expected nothing more than, the barest truths and facts of life" -Krishna

You're A God - Vertical Horizon

I've got to be honest
I think you know
We're covered in lies and that's OK
There's somewhere beyond this I know
But I hope I can find the words to say
Never again no
No never again


'Cause you're a god
And I am not
And I just thought
That you would know
You're a god
And I am not
And I just thought
I'd let you go

But I've been unable
To put you down
I'm still learning things I ought to know by now
It's under the table so
I need something more to show somehow
Never again no
No never again


I've got to be honest
I think you know
We're covered in lies and that's OK
There's somewhere beyond this I know
But I hope I can find the words to say
Never again no
No never again

3:26 PM


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