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21 July 2005

attacked for being innocent

today was a rather eventful day. started out with PE. played rounders. was rather frustrated cos we kept losing. anyway a funny thing happened. not funny harhar. but funny so weird. didnt know that there are people would take such things personally. i'm sorry okay. =) it was just a joke..

bio was torture. i was trying my utmost best to not fall asleep. but all efforts were in vain. knocked off a couple of times. mrs chiaw is nice, i agree. buttt....

she's a sore bore that her lessons are such a chore!! hehe..

had jogging next. actually, more like strolling. haha. for some strange reason, 3c was given the opportunity to either jog as usual, or brisk walk. of course the latter won. hands down man. maybe it was cos we had pe earlier. but this nvr happened to us before! anyway, it was a nice change. ironically, when we're jogging, we jog silently, being no cheering just yakking, but when we strolled just now, we cheered like mad! hahah.. so then we were on our second round of strolling ard the sch, diana (main culprit) and some cuckoo heads shrieked like mad after our cheer. further up, when we were approaching the basketball court, our class got stopped by ms leong.

she asked who was screaming. diana immediately raised up her hand and admitted. exchanged a few words. some funny ones too. and ms leong, who was initially pretty pissed, was suddenly not so anymore. =) let's call it the diana charm. okay. tt's bad. shd never praise her.

next was recess of cos. the norm la. buy food and bring it up to class. heh. no prefects reading ya. i hope.


sth oh-so-entertaining-i-cant-bear-to-take-my-eyes-off-it happened.. lmfao just thinking abt it!

it was the period of time in between recess and the next period. actually, it was alr the next period. but. you know. so then i just happened to be looking across. and. saw mr sng standing outside 3N!!! whose classroom's doors and windows are snapped shut!!

which cld only mean one thing! they were all inside changing! tt's not even the funny part. you see he was waiting outside. and since it was change of periods time, there were a LOT of teachers that passed him to get to the other classes! includes mr clarence lim and lotsa others. quite a number of male tchers. they'd exchange a few words. and that other tcher wld give a knowing look/smile and they'd laugh.

and there 3c was. some still in a mess of tangled yellow and blue. staring opposite. watching the whole thing, all glued and interested as to what wld happen next. as though were watching a short movie or sth! only the popcorn was missing!! x) we'd laugh like possesed hyenas whenever a tcher passes by and acknowledges him, as though saying "been in your position before. tt's just the way it is here". esp the male tchers! they were hilarious!

and because off that movie, we ended up being SUPER late for physics!!! had to go to the lab. which is abt a classrm away frm our class. which of course made the situation worse cos then we had no excuse as to why we're late. poor mr ronnie goh!! =( first time i ever saw him quite that pissed till he burst. i mean, yeah, saw him get ticked off by our class before. but nvr did he flare. and you know what. even when he did flare, he still tried to control his emotions. so sweet. he's a great tcher. so patient and rocking!

had mt last period. omf did that suck. (hey! it rhymes!)

the cikgus were showing us this sajak written by isa kamari (dhuha's daddy!). it was sth abt adam and hawa. after playing tt, maria was asked "what did she think the sajak was abt". (in malay of cos). maria (like many others; self included) were kindda lost cos we cldnt really catch what the guy was singing/talking/whatever-ing. then i commented "you cant really hear the guy right? his mallay accent's too thick." get that. accent.ladies and gents, i said ACCENT.

so then cikgu nurhani exploded. it was freakeh at first. but pure irritating not to mention pissing as her talk progresess. she started on abt what it,or rather we, mean by being very "malay-ish". ok. now. i didnt even say "malay-ish"!!! she started on abt how the cikgus always hear comments abt soandso being very "malay-ish" and she wanted to know whether we're ashamed of being malays. omf. i cld have smacked her!! she was eyeing me half the time. esp cikgu mahani! *rolls eyes* seriously man. oh and she mentioned tt when cikgu mahani first came to cedar (2003, sec 1 then), she wanted to transfer out after only 3 days. (not that we really care)

then she asked those girls who arent 100% melayu to go outside the library for a while. cos she wanted to talk to the "real" malays. so out went abt a third of the class. those with indian/pakistan/chinese/english/arab blood was shooed out. she said sth like all the boyanese and javanese (me) ppl dun have to leave cos it's almost malay. or sth like that.

so fine. when the "impure" malays were out, she started a full crash course on why we should be proud of our race and language, et cetera. but cikgu nurhani later did say that she wasnt just talking abt me. she was talking abt the whole malay student body in cedar. and then she said that "we label malay-speaking ppl as minahs". which we dont. she doesnt even fully comprehend the whole minah concept. they're just like the malay version of ah lians. tt's all! nth else! jeez. she made it sound as if we're like that grp of blacks
in detroit (i think) who murder other blacks in the same neighbourhood cos they're of different gangs 5 or so yrs ago.

uh hello?? abit extreme duncha think? *sigh* she didnt even giave me the benefit of a doubt. that maybe i did not say "malay-ish" and that she heard wrongly. i tried to ell her what i said was malay accent not malay-ish. argh! that was so fucking frustrating.

she mentioned sth about how the french speak only french and no other language. an how the germans only speak german, and nth else. amira pointed out sth darn well valid. those languages are national languages. malay is just a state language! oh for god's sake, only ppl in m'sia and s'pore speak the language. indo's bahasa indonesia. whatever man. at least now i know how nuzie and irah feel like when they get atacked by cikgu.

on a lighter note, chatted with josh and mar just now. it's great talking to old friends!! CARMEN CHAN'S COMING BACK!!!! we're all really excited cos she left for new jersey in p6 after PSLE.. =( she was so much fun man. she loves science to bits! always so enthu abt all the science projects ms tong/mdm norah wld throw us. although she's just visiting s'pore, not be a PR again. she's frm hong kong to s'pore to us. i was in the same grp as her in the later half of p6. THE MOUNTBATTENS rule!! =) so do the aethelreads actually..

wanted to blog abt my building excellence results. but yeah. maybe tmr. o.e's class of '02 rocks my smelly socks! x)

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