Red Hot Passion
25 July 2005

huda. is. pissed. very.

shit you blogger!! what happened to my entry?!? my omf-it's-so-long entry?! owells, currently suffering frm a string of bad luck.. =( how so freakingly unfortunate. sheesh. first it was last night. now this. argh. so damn sway man.

abt last night, suddenly rmb abt the eng product review ppt thingy abt 1+. so fine. it was my fault, so shall not let the grp suffer. *such a do-gooder* planned to just continue a bit more cos i alr did it halfway last thurs. but no. the diskette was crap. so fine. did it all over again. all 10 slides of it.

and then.

a horrifying thought struck my mind. what if my com goes cuckoo?! so, thinking i was smart for even thinking of it, i proceeded on with my quest. i was abt to save the ppt. just in case. the screen went black. just as i was about to click "save". shit man.

so screwed right?! couldnt believe my luck. so frustrating. and by then, it was probably ard 0230hrs. so yeah, had a nice 3hr slp. and i ponder the cause of my eye bags.

oh yes. dina!! dont be too upset okay? THK sucks. we all know tt. i bet even he knows tt!! he's unfair and biased. we just gotta live with it tho we dont like it. smile!!!!

anyways, thanks faizah!! (see, i am SO nice, i can't stand it.) for making my blog NICE!! yay. but. being, the hard-to-please-oh-so-fussy-unappreciative me, i asked her to do me another one. as in yeah. cos i dont quite like the pic. it's deep. but a bit freakeh for me. dont ask. thanks faizah! you rock!! x) so i planned the whole blog during mt just now. HOHO. first period of the day and i'm alr slacking. what's new. not that we ever do anything productive during mt anyways. BUT. i learnt sth oh-so-loave-ly.

she doesnt know the meaning of controversy.

i like. correction. i love. yay. her dumb-ness was proven yet again!! it's like she's the pioneer of this whole new range of asian bimbos. not blonde. but dyed brown. neat. so yeah..woohoo!!! clara, cheer at this k!! it's herrrrrrrrrrrr. lol. anyways, she was so friggin irritating today. like exceeding the usual irritating-ness, which was what me and lock concluded. ohmyshit. the redundant and totally uncalled for remarks, that hair-raising laughter!! cackle actually.. and all the sucking up!!! oh hell. was abt to scream at her face today. but. i know she's not worthy of my screams. esp during joshua sng's period! at least know your lit stuff well when sucking up to a lit tcher la. lousy. she makes a proposterous (lol) flirt.

okay then, enuff of the bitching. i have a ton of things to do!!! tt malay ppt, the eng ppt, amaths!! and the lit thingy!! it just had to be viola this week.. *sigh* till the next entry then.

ps: you. yeah YOU! (a classic) pls do tag my board and link me!!! thanks a gazil.

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