Red Hot Passion
26 July 2005

it rained cows and goats this morning. it was so darn nice. =) woke up at 6 today!! *smacks head* wasnt really my fault. the weather was hypnotising me.

so then i walked down the stairs only to clash with the st pats guy. ok, you see, i seem to be going to sch with the same grp of ppl everyday. and it's fun. there's tt st pats guy, 2 marists, 1 ij tp girl(i know i know. but she seems okay) and a few others. so we know each other but we dont know each other. and this morn, the bus stop where i take a bus out to the main rd was overcrowded. so i there i was, sheltered by my spare umbrella which is kindda spoilt (i left my working one in class) on the pavement in the middle of the downpour. heavy downpour. no doubt i looked dumb when i could have gotten good, proper shelter under the block. like what many others did.

so yes, the water splashing on my legs gave no mercy. but i loved it. so yeah, my shoes/socks were soaked to the max. but it was lovely. felt like walking under the rain. it was so friggin tempting. BUT. common sense stepped in. when was the last time i walked in the rain?! miss the feeling.

so anws, i only boarded the 6.30 bus!! was so shocked i didnt end up late. had to rushrushrush. was ALMOST late tho.

we had pe 3rd period. tt guy (is it mr chan or choo??) is really insecure. i pity him. i mean, does he have tt small a dick to be THAT insecure?? (know someone who according to that is very VERY confident then!!! _____ D IS HUGE!!) he kept on going on and on about how we're stepping on his head just cos janine and some others didnt have an mc and weren't taking pe. he also kept going on AND ON abt how we've not seen him scold yet.

"you girls ask 4h. i made one girl cry ok. and i'll make sure at least one of you cries if i really scold you. taking advantage of me right. i can be nice but i can also be very ________" (I forgot what's the word he used)

oh please. gimme a break.

after all the whatnots, we only had abt 10 mins left till recess? so we bladed for tt short period of time. makes me miss ice skating!! me and naz were talking abt it. so anws, i did this really stupid thing trying to blade like this hotshot pro with my hands behind my back. (cos lock and co were talking abt it or sth.) annnnnnd. it didnt turn out as great as i expected to be. )= embarrassed myself actually.. lol.. but blading's fun!! uber funn!! (:

recess, bought food and went up to class. renny mentioned she brought her digi cam. so i was suddenly inspired by our yellowyellowdirtyfellow pe tee. so the 3 of us, me, naz and dirah were posing under 2 green umbrellas. 3 bananas under the tree. i came up with it!! (ok, now it doesnt sound so cool anymore. lol)

so then had to go to the hall for community singing!! which was funner than yest!! sang where i belong. love tt song. reminds me of the o.e days, once again. (: clara was........insane?? and gwen became.........possesed?? hahah.. our class was pretty hyped up today. which was fun. X)

the rest of the day was alright. the day seemed to pass oh-so-slowly tho. =( AND dina's in the GOH contingent now!!!!!!!!! *wails* wasnt really bothered abt the fact tt i'm not in at first. but the more i think abt it, the more i yearn it! crap. GOH contingent ppl!! fisrt u!!!! but it's true, what dina said. abt who THK chose and all. basket.

ohyesyes. i slept frm 5.30 to 8 just now!!!!! am so darn happy. nth can boo me down. yay yay yay. i'm in a sickeningly gd mood now. okay then, c ya!!

ps: pls DO tag. :)

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