Red Hot Passion
20 July 2005

the "love song" face

sch was at it's exreme [[slack]] today. knew i should have skipped! darn! see, that's exactly what happens when you dont follow your oh-so-trusty gut feeling. so anyways, i slept only at abt 1+ yest. so, as predicted, i was so friggin sleepy today! slept on the bus throughout the whole journey to sch. (took the early bus! yay!) then during morn assembly at the classrm block, fell asleep at several intervals. man, that woman can so nag. oh the reflections today were def diff. the choir ppl sang "come what may" frm moulin rouge!! so coincidental man. cos joshua sng was talking abt moulin rouge the other time during lit. and delphinus went thru a phase of singing tt song over and over again recently! haha..

listening to "missing you" my bsb. man, i loooovvvvvveeee tt song. it's so sweet and simple and the melody is so addicitve. think it's the millionth time i'm listening to it today!! x) okay, so some of you may claim that the backstreet boys are kindda passe. but you know what. i dont care!!! *skips joyfully ard* ladidada!!!

as you can see, i'm in a pretty gd mood i suppose. no idea why tho!hmm.

so, as mentioned above, today was extremely slack. had lit (12th night), then mt. recess, eng (serene didnt come, so mr ronnie goh *hypes up* came in for physics!!! yayness. i love physics! bio and chem are so NOT my cup of tea. but phy is! that reminds me. we've got a phy test tmr. studied halfway alr. taking a break now. jazzy and sheena came in 15mins late for phy!! cos they assumed it was free period i guess. so then, ying wai took her seat, which is in between me and clara. she's [yingwai] plain crappy! so huda+clara+yingwai equates to a fun session of bitching! hah. no worries. it wasnt that intense lar. typical 3c stuff. *grinns so overall, phy was great! =)

CE is such a wasted period. they shd replace it with "sleeping/resting" instead. you know, for us cedarians to recuperate and a reward for getting halfway thru the week! *sigh i really think cedar can be a bit too much at times. the stress level can be felt in the air during exam periods, i tell ya! in fact i'm not surprised if the presence of aunty stressy (ok.gotta admit. tt's kinda lame. lol.) cld be felt frm kilometers away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so. basically, we just did a review of last wk's STD talk. just to emphasize the msg that premarital sex is a no-no. but you know what. i still dont see the pt of having CE lessons to discuss abt how we feel abt thisandthat, that thisandthat is wrong, we shd thisandthat. i mean, we're 15 right. we know the basic stuff. and it's kindda up to us alr right to decide what we believe in. yes, i agree, we shd always have a check on our morals/values. but it's kindda ptless to try and "psycho" us now. but it's for the advantage of those who're still really naive i guess. *shrugs

"who needs the world" by nick carter's playing now on my playlist!! omf. this song is SO sweet. tt reminds me. dirah, naz and i were talking abt what type of songs we look like. ok. like example, you have a "pop" face. that kindda things.turns out, they say i have a "love song" face! perhaps it's true then. self confessed hopeless romantic at your service. <3>

kindda like that.


shit. lost my train of thoughts!! crappy fuck!

ohwells. some other time then. abt whatever it was i wanted to say. hrmph. it frustrates me like no other when things like this happen.

Who Needs the World
Yeah oh
I stare at your face
Into your eyes
Outside theres so much passing us by
All of the sounds
All of the sights
Over the earth and under the sky
Too much cold and too much rain
Too much heartache to explain
Who needs the world when I got you
Switch off the sun the stars and the moon
I've all I need inside of this room
Who needs the world when I got you

I walk on the street
Talk in the dark
I see peoples dreams just falling apart
I open my arms
Tried to be true
Seems like my only truth is you
Am I wrong
Or am I right
All I want is you tonight
Who needs the world when I got you
Switch off the sun the stars and the moon
I've all I need inside of this room
Who needs the world when I got you
Who needs the stars so bright
And the grass so green and the morning light
Who needs the wind to blow and the tide to rise
Who needs it... I dont know
I dont know
Who needs the world when I got you
Switch off the sun the stars and the moon
I've all I need inside of this room
Who needs the world when I got you
Who needs the world when I got you
Switch off the sun the stars and the moon
I've all I need inside of this room
Who needs the world when I got you
Who needs the world when I got you

11:55 AM


Anonymous sex =D said...

hahaha. make your blog more intersting la.hehe. yay bsb! =))

7:21 PM  
Blogger M* said...


8:34 PM  

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