Red Hot Passion
19 July 2005

Lucky number one!

wow. my third blog in 3 yrs. shall try to remain "faithful" to this one. let's hope so. okay. all of a sudden i find it pretty awkward pouring my thots to the computer and seeing it appear word for word on the screen. nah. it's just the first post thing i suppose. altho i dont have an answer as to why that's so (what 'first post thing??'). crap. i'm blabbering and i've not even completed the first para. great.

just read and re-read what i've written so far and came to the realisation that i sound pretty um. un-me. hmm.

anyways, guess what. i've got this sudden obsession to listen to all things britney. hah. her entire first 3 cds collection that is. hahah. strange me. but gotta admit that her songs find a way to get all glued in ya head (at least mine) after just one listen. interesting. very. and listening to all that britney made me reminisce about the great times at opera. (for the uninitiated, tt's opera estate pri sch. the greatest pri sch ever, without a doubt) and then i have the sudden yearning to be 10 to experience it all over again.

cos you see, the girls i grew up with (basically e jupiter gang), will be forever singing britney songs. whether it's in the bus to all those many places you visit when you're in pri sch. we'd sing westlife, bsb (who rock to the core!! diehard nick carter/bsb fan here!! *waves frantically), christina's "genie in a bottle" or wtvr, but we'd NEVER do without a britney. or recesses, even during MT period when cikgu mariam or was it cikgu jamaliah? (i'm so sorry cikgu. i love you but..yeah.."the truth of it all"..) was starting her darn boring lessons of writing qns on the blackboard, then, for us to copy onto our excercise bks.

another example... i remember racial harmony day. p2, i came all dressed up in my oh-so-pretty (or so i thot at the time) red, talk abt hott, kebaya. with DA TUDUNG, mummy's huge brooch included. on the wrong day. jeez. that was embarrassing. i dont recall crying tho. (strong me. (x ) but i do reacall calling my dad and pissing him off cos he had to come fetch me back home to change to my sch u. :x

then in p4, i remember playing the hmm. i have no idea what it's called. let's see. *pauses to think.. the mini crocodile thingy at the fitness centre. oh yes. now i remember!!! it was the 2 looooonnnngggg BENCHES!!! we (abt the whole of 4 Ju!!!) were playing on it crocodile style. (shant bother to elaborate for those who're alr lost). and i was wearing this cross cultural costume, chi/malay, and i almost fell over a couple of times cos there was no slit and it was extremely tough to switch bench to bench. but i refused to not play. hey! it was funn okay! i love those days man.

and how cld i ever forget the huda-dean-nicole saga. hah. that was memorable. long story short, i liked dean and stuff. but then nicole, whom at the time i'd have described her as a bitch, came into the picture. hence the famous triangle.

oh i was 11 at the time, btw. and she wrote me a letter. saying sry for i dunno.. was it "making dean like her, cos it's not her fault" or sth like that. i got possessed. i'm so freaking serious. cos i totally didnt expect what came next. neither would you. maybe it was the method of delivery that sparked it all. mazin, nic's sidekick or sth, ran up to me out of nowhere, then threw the piece of nicely folded paper at my feet. and then she stamped on it with her feet. no idea why. at first i thought it was some hate note or sth. so i started making blind assumptions within that span of 5 sec or so to open up the letter. so then...

the suspense kills huh. *grinns

so then i stormed up to nicole. crossing all the bags in my way, (it was at the hall, before assembly. i was with the jupiter girls, if i recall correctly). nicole was sitting on the stage with the neptune girls (i thot she was seriously acting big and completely bitchy). i tore up the letter into pieces and threw it at her face. and get this. i said "BITCH!". with all the p1s and 2s witnessing the whole episode. man, it' hilarious now that i think back. oh, and you know what. i didnt even finish reading the entire letter. ha.

why the uncalled for outburst, i hear you ask? well, for someone who um... matured early (if you get what i mean).. i take it as the funny thing called hormones going full blast or sth. plus, it was also the time where you sort of discovered vulgarities and tend to use it without even knowing it's true meaning. i mean, yeah i knew "bitch" was a female dog, but you know, i still didnt know the power of such words, the sort of true usage of it and stuff. if you dont get me, forget it.

so anyways, abt a couple of mths later, we became best friends. i cant remember how it all happened. so yupp. huda and nicole. i remember we'd go to tamp mall after sch, which wld be abt 7+ for no reason. hahah. our friendship was pretty great. then came along the start of secondary sch days, and we just drifted like *snaps fingers* that. but at least the memories remain...

then there was the whole almaas thing. but you know, let's save that for another entry for some other day alright.

oh yeah!! today during lit. it was supper cuckoo. clara was feeling strangely super turned on, so we started discussing the beloved topic of 3c. she took cynnthia's socks or sth and started acting it all out. i think you shd know what i'm talking abt. so since we were on that topic, we just decided to use that topic for the prose we were supposed to come up with. sex. what else. we're given "forceful" meaning the prose had to come up sounding forceful, of course. duh. so this was what we came up with. liane and i read it out to the class, amidst some stiffling of giggles begging to errupt.

pink: i read
blue: liane read
bold red:we both read

premarital sex. they both knew it was wrong. yet, they could feel each other's pent up lust as they stared longingly deep into each other's eyes. no, it's wrong! yes, it's right. no! it's not! yes! it's fine! it is WRONG!! of course it's wrong. how can society condone this behaviour? is everyone stupid? why's everyone playing with fire? oblivious to the risks that surrouds it all.

abortion. dont you know that you're killing a young innocent life, soul. a baby! what is the purpose of all this? to delve in a moment of folly smoked with lust. yet they dont seem to stop. or care. and the mindless killing continues...

not bad huh? x) so yupp. oh yeah. i think sng, i mean MR sng was staring at lock strangely while she was. um, acting out sick stuff with the use of the baby socks. hah. amusing.

ok. think this is a bit too long for a first post yeah? shall try not to blab too off course next time. cya.

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