Red Hot Passion
23 July 2005

me and a gun

5am Friday morning
Thursday night
Far from sleep
I'm still up and driving
Can't go home obviously
So I'll just change direction
Cause they'll soon know where I live
And I wanna live
Got a full tank and some chips

It was me and a gun
And a man on my back
And I sang "holy holy" as he buttoned down his pants
You can laugh
It's kind of funny things you think at times like these
Like I haven't seen Barbados
So I must get out of this
Yes I wore a slinky red thing
Does that mean I should spread
For you, your friends your father, Mr. Ed

And I know what this means
Me and Jesus a few years back
Used to hang and he said
"It's your choice babe just remember
I don't think you'll be back in 3 days time
So you choose well"
Tell me what's right
Is it my right to be on my stomach of Fred's Seville

Me and a gun
and a man On my back
But I haven't seen Barbados
So I must get out of this

And do you know Carolina
Where the biscuits are soft and sweet
These things go through you head
When there's a man on your back
And you're pushed flat on your stomach
It's not a classic cadillac

Me and a gun
and a man On my back
But I haven't seen Barbados
So I must get out of this

suddenly remembered abt this song we did for lit unseen quite some time ago. just happened to cross my mind. it's by tori amos by the way, "me and a gun". it's sad yeah? can you imagine?! being roasted by someone you know?! my oh my. what a thing to experience. but, you know, at least she lives to tell the tale.. and you shd hear the song. the way she sang it, you could seriously feel her pain. ouch.
but actually, i think i'd rather die than to live after experiencing such a haunting thing that would leave a permanent scar. forever.... (a bit too melodramatic but. being's no joke, yeah. although i've never experienced it. not that i want to. =x

anyways, i'm awfully bored. where the hell is FAIZAH!? she's supposed to help me make my blog nicer. come on, look at the state of it! lol. i'm hopeless with this kinda stuff. =x

oh yeah! "bring it on" will be shown on ch 5 tonight! although i have the vcd (pirated tho! heh). it's one of my fave movies. remember it was released in 2000.

anyways, i think i shd really consider shortening my entries. i think i'm such a nag. a complete nag. lol. at least i admitted right..

okay then. i hope this will be the last entry for today! lol. oh! and my first post is baccccckkkkkkkk! yay. wth happened, i have no idea.

9:47 PM


Blogger M* said...

EH TELL ME LAHHHHH. i thought you loved me :(

i'll get it out of you somehow. with the help of my rightmen, mud and jib. HOHO.

i remember us forever chanting the cheers from Bring It On. good times. (:

11:19 PM  

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