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24 July 2005

random post

i. am. bored.

so i've been doing absolutely random things since abt... 8? such as walking ard the hse searching high and low for the MIA kieffy, my lovely *pauses to count*, 7 yr old persian beauty. *mimicks the typical american bimbo* I HEART MY CAT!!!! no, dont bother asking what that expression was for. which goes to show how bored i am.

also, i realise my house has NO FOOD. was hunting for sth decent i'd be able to consume for breakfast just now. we really need to go grocery shopping man. (notes to self: remind mama to go shop and save!) so then i bathed and when i came out, a certain "boom-bang-boom!" caught my ear. and there my bratty brother was. at the com playing some crapshit boring game.

holy crap. it's 8.30 in the freakin morning for god's sake. jeez. and with the amt of noise he's making, the whole peaceful neighbourhood would come banging down our door in no time.

me: *stare at brat with the "wth do you think you're doing" look*
brat: what?! *acts innocently*
me: hakiem, it's 8.30 in the morning...
brat: so?
me: you'll wake mama and papa up
brat: nvm la! it's morning already what.. see? *gestures to the window* the sun!
me: get off the computer.
brat: no! for what?!
*suddenly had a brilliant idea*
enter brat's room, and takes his mp3. dangles it in front of his face.
brat: okay okay! but you can always use the com anytime you want!
me: i'm the BIG sister. the older one. go away. shoo.
brat: you're so unfair! i'm going to tell mama!
me: tell la. like i care.

he is soo irritating nowadays. like exceeding the usual irritating-ness.

so, i have no idea why i woke up so friggin early today. considering it's a sunday and all. and i am proud to announce that i've been such a GOOD girl lately. :D the last time i went out was last week for the baybeats thing, and the outing before that was the straits times anniversary thing. the one at botanical gardens. went there with clara. reminds me of how i'd go town almost everyday after sch PLUS weekends last yr. and now i wonder why i am so fucking sick and tired of town already. lol.

like i said before, i was, still am btw, super bored. so i decided to actually make my bed and neaten up my messy table. which would of cos return to its previous state in no time. and then i noticed my neglected dressing table in its's seriously horrible condition. so i neatened that up as well. and i discovered that i have yet to use abt a quarter of my accessories. HOHO. didnt realise i had that many stuff my mum always claim i do. hey, i am only a girl after all you know. you cant imagine how hard it is to refrain yourself from buying something oh-so-pretty. which reminds me, i bought this super funkeh light pink/hot pink/black chunky necklace. got it at citylink last week for 8 bucks. the day of the baybeats thing. wonder when's the next time i'll be going out. i am soooooooo gooooood... :D

so, you shd think that my mum would stop it already abt me going out too often. but noooooo. she continues as though her life depends on it. jeez. *shakes head* ok, i know i sound like any other angsty teenager. but i refuse to conform. no, no, no. i'm no conformist. owells. maybe i am..? just a tinyweeny bit. nth more.

and that is one of the main reasons why i refuse to have a friendster account. it's like everyone i know has an account. and more often than not, they use it as a personal ad. which puts me off. so i shant get one. at least till i'm EIGHTEEN and oh-so-HONEST. ;D

i think it's gonna rain. east pple, shout for joy!! yay. i love the rain. it has this calming effect on me. and usually, when it rains, my mind either goes haywire, frm thinking too much, cos the atmosphere is just so damn peaceful. or it'll be the complete opposite where it'll just be at complete ease cos i wont think at all. just soaking the stress/problem-free atmosphere. and i can tell you, such atmospheres dont come by all that often.

aw man. "i'll make love to you" by boyz II men is playing on my playlist now.. *sigh* what a freakingly sweet song. whenever love songs play, i'll suddenly wonder abt the day i'll meet the one. yeah ok, so i am only 14going15. but STILL. what's so wrong abt pondering?

oh, and due to boredom, i went bloghopping. and ohmyfuck did it get frustrating. to all those whose english is horrible, (sry, just trying to be frank) please! i'm beggin you pleeeeeassssseeee restrain yourself from having a blog. and save us all the misery. and i'm not talking abt using singlish, i'm talking really bad english. was on the verge of a seriously major headache, so i decided to blog instead.

oh yes! heard some to-die-for goss last night. and what do i have to say abt it? enough already lar people! grow up! be more mature! oh and you shd realise by now that _______ has been the main problem all along. no one else, but her. her manipulative and scheming ways. OPEN YOUR EYES before pointing fingers ard. she makes up stories, she twists the truth, she blabs ard. whatmore evidence do you need?! and i believe the victim all along is the one you ppl (ok, self included), claim as the "bad guy". not that i'm taking any sides. (or maybe i am?), but think abt it from an outsider's view. yes, she's not exaclty an angel either. but yeah. dont be so narrowed in judgement.

anyways, recently, i've been having crazy cravings for putu piring, donuts and my white chocolate latte!!!!! wow. reminds me. when was the last time i had one frm coffee bean?! i think my time of the month is coming. ohman. this is just great.

my mum and dad's gone grocery shopping!! across the street!! haha.. i live right opp tamp mart. so lucky me. =) okay then, till the next entry! ciao!

10:47 AM


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