Red Hot Passion
30 July 2005

[warning: a suPeR long entry]

heyhey. didnt update ytd cos i was just too exhausted. so cedar celebrated rhd!! fun fun! woke up late so cabbed to sch. then bhavani was late so andrea helped me wear the sari instead.

it was pretty chaotic in the morn. everyone rushing up and down the corridor frm class to class, screaming/shrieking/screeching at the sight of (fillnamehere), ppl rushing to the toilets to *ahem* check themselves out, and plenty of "do-i-look-okay"s. and you can hear the click-clacks of the heels so prominently!! heels baby heels!! X) but it was pretty fun. definitely only a sight you'd catch in all all girls' sch. where vainpots rule. =p (hey! it rhymes!)

at the courtyard was interesting. seeing everyone (except a few) in different costumes. highly entertaining if you ask me. people-watching's great fun btw. so when asked to sit down, everyone was like "what? you gotta be kidding!". poor nazeehah! she was wearing this sexay black cheongsam and so she couldnt sit proper!!! i thought she looked like a mamasan when i first saw what she wore! :D (tt's a compliment, hun!)

lessons were pretty alright, i guess. my grp had to present our ppt on mega theme parks for geog, 2nd period. third period was lit! as what dhil wld say, yayness anus!! hahah..

mr sng wore this um.. black chinese top? or is it vietnamese? so me, jazzy and huiyun had to "teach" the class act 2 scene 4. oh. which i stayed up till 3 thurs night doing btw!! so harworking of me to slave the night away huh? i know. okay la. actually i sorta had all the time in the world to do it. it's just that my habit of procrastinating kicked in at an all-time high. so i only started on it proper at ard 12, 1+?

so yes. back to our lit ppt presentation. there was a lot of tech difficulties at first. considering the fact tt 3c is full of IT dummies and um. how unsucessful mr sng was attempting to get it to work, it took up quite a lot of time. jazzy, huiyun and i took advantage of the situation and insulted him a-plenty! hahah. and what's funnier is tt it was perfectly fine the period before! so in the end, mrs gay came in to help us. turns out we had to switch off the visualizer first. duh! -.- BUT our visualizer remote thingy was out of batt!! so had to borrow 3h's. what a hassle!

so, when all's fine, we carried on with the presentation. i'm actually quite happy at how it all turned out. considering all our effort!! :D

so then was recess. ate with clara (LEE), tricia and szeling. lee was wearing this indian costume which was in a pretty shade of mild green (she looked like a fairy/bride!!), tricia was wearing a punjabi and szeling was wearing a sari too!! which somehow always happens to expose her bra strap!! lol.

had community singing after tt. oh yeah. some of delphinus (four of us included), managed to take a pic with mjy at the courtyard before rushing to the hall. so up in the hall, the plan to sit together as a sqd failed! =( so those tt were there just joined 3m. and it was kinda crazy cos 3m did some funny dance moves which we just followed?? hahah..

assembly was crap! ahhh! the bore of it! whatever happened to the usual dances/skits?! this time, the sqd turn-out was not bad. so sophia, xiuqi, shermaine, szeling, tricia, clara, me + some others sat at the other side of the hall with all the sec 4s. cos the sec 3 side was pretty packed and there wasnt a big space for us. sat right in front of the tchers! which included mr sng. ha. he was right behind me! xD

tricia was attempting to take shots of her. i sat in between sophia and clara. sophia and i were like busy playing with her cam. she was showing me some pics she took of _____!! omg. hahah. so interesting and _______ looked pretty good even tho the snaps were horribly shaky/blur. okay fine!! i'm bias. xP we tried to take more photos of _____ but it'll be a bit too obvious. so yeah. our plan crashed and burned! boohoo! and anyways, was pretty glad we stopped mucking abt to stone instead. cos mdm faridah was like "(i forgot her name)!! stop talking right now!!" freakeh. cos she shouted out so suddenly.

so after sch, delphinus had a photo date with ma'am joycelyn at the 3s bench. what a photo taking session man! after taking sqd pics, took so many pics with so many people with many different cams cos it was many fun!! (ok. i know the latter's actually "much" but i wanted it to be a "many" sentence!!)

sadly, the show MUST go on, regardless of it being the celebration of rhd or not. so parade was still on. so tt was :(. but it turned out to be pretty :).

pt was ohmyfreakingshit tough. it was INSANE! it was CRAZY! which is the SAME MEANING! lol. but guranteed a fat-burn session. so tt thot made up for it. then next was drills for those involved in ndp. i wasnt, so was appointed by ma'am kailing to take sirius!! x) so, took them for drills, along with gerri and tian ruo. yay!! i've always wanted to take them. but nvr had the chance to. so yeah, i was happy.

it did get kinda frustrating. but yeah, i think their drills did improve. even tho it wasnt a big-jump improvement. and i realise tt what rachel said was true. they are like delphinus!! i look at sirius and it's like looking at us, back in sec 1.

fiona, xiuqi and i had to leave early for mtp session. my mum and brat came. so sat in the hall beside my mum while that woman droned on and on. it exhausted me man, just listening to her.

so after tt, had some refreshments with shez cos her dad rushed back to work alr. whoa huh. so yeah. dropped shez off at aljunied mrt. i was so freakin tired i slpet the whole journey home!! wanted to update last night, but was seriously too beat to bother. went online for a while to check who has alr uploaded their pics to send me!! oh yes. reminds me. go see clara's blog for some pics!! (points to the right) i linked her.

tt's abt it then. cya.

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