Red Hot Passion
19 July 2005

Watch it when you have fun

okay. yet another sch day has passed. i think it's freaky how much sch takes out of you. i mean, i reached home today abt 8 and was so freaking exhausted. kept nodding off in the bus. till i hit my head to the window ok. god. the sound was so loud ppl turned to stare at me. embarrassing.

anyways, so sch was pretty alright i guess. it was *shivers* cold today. borrowed yuwen's jacket. it was nice to cozy up to the jacket in class. felt co comfortable. the day seemed to pass quickly. which is great of cos. naz and dirah fasted today. and *drum roll* j was kindda mad at them for not telling her that they were fasting. oh wells. it's fake mad la.haha.. ;)

so e sch had to vote for 05-06 head prefect today during recess. voted for the best speaker and the most articulate of the four. no pts for those who guessed it right. too obvious for words. really think she'd represent cedar well. really well.

had dunn&dunn after sch. it's this workshop to define exactly what environment you are best suited to study in. like warm/cold, night/morn, as a grp/alone. tt kinda thing. it was an eye opener. apparently, i'm a "global thinker". go figure. hah. but it's interesting tho. had 6 parts to the survey. too bad couldnt bring home our results today.

so then had parade. actually, e rest had parade. me, fing, ying zhu and lee only came in time for MOI. oh god. MOI. it was pretty nervewrecking. had to rush to the toilet to pee. along with fing and su. hahahahahaha.. omg... speaking of that.

okay, you see there were some crater ma'ams in the toilet. then apparently, there was this packet of tissues on the sink. there was no tissue left on the roll thingy, so su and fing used that tissue. it was only later that we found out what led that particular packet of tissue to be abandoned.

you see, before hand, ma'am yiting was um. doing her business. then ma'am jy threw that packet of tissue into the stall. she missed and it went into the bowl. yepp. it was that same packet of tissue. haha. found out abt it later during debrief when ma'am shirlyn told us abt it. delphinus cldnt stop laughing!! everyone was giggling non stop. bu the wrose was sophia. sth's wrong with that girl today. sheesh. she was outta control!! laughing like mad. she totally caught the laughing bug.

so yepp. back to MOI. i realise that i always have this sudden surge of nerves before sth like 2nd class or sth. i'll just freak out. take yest for example. my heart was pumping like mad when hilda came out to command. cos i'm after her. it totally happened again. thank god there was that 5 mins for us to think of what we were going to say to the sqd. without that, i'd just stammer and be totally speechless. i need to continue exploring ways to calm my ever-so-jumpy nerves. freak it. so even with those 5 mins, i still couldnt chill myself. i was talking like en effing bullet trainnn!! oh my goodness. what the hell's wrong with me. it's just giving out instructions for god's sake! *shakes head*

got it over and done with. but um. had a bad start.picked the paper out of the plastic cup. the words on the paper made my mind go blank. "port arms". i was thinking wth is that. asked sir. and it turned out to be rusuk. strange how we dont know all those kindda terms. like "ground arms" and stuffs. i think i did pretty alright. except for the speaking too quickly part. you know. i do wonder why i get this sudden panick attacks. lack of slp? too short an attention span? (altho i dont get the link) i mean, i've tried the classics. deep breaths. check. count till 5. check. upped it to 10. check. even 20. check. running thru of the whole sequence of everything. check. or maybe it's cos of my performances in classrm related stuff. aka as studies. maybe it's cos of that that i lack faith in myself? becos of it, it has been practically drilled in my mind that "i cant do it". whatever it is, it's gotta seriously's affecting lots of other aspects in my life.

this leads to a resolution then. i shall do all schwork given by the tchers. dont think it's possible. but somehow seeing it word for word, it suddenly seems much more do-able. i mean, as compared to just thinking abt it in my mind. right?? right.

oh yeah. forgot to mention that i went to the baybeats thing last sat. apparently, mariam was ther too!! the exact same stage too! the world's too small. but big enough for me to miss her! x) so then met with jj, naz and some others at suntec first.

heard the sales at our stall was pretty bad. oh wells. the publicity did suck after all. hands up those who knew about the blue sky carnival at suntec convention hall 404 held last weekend? my point exactly. so supported our sch and bought two pairs of dangly wooden earrings. they're pretty cool actuall. have not seen anything like it. so yep. cikgu nurhani rocks! she was the "cashier". one pair is selling for 2 bucks, she gave me 2 for $2.50! *HUGE grin*

abt baybeats. met irah and murny there. murny didnt like it or sth. so she went home. irah then joined us. the performances were not bad actually. esp the thai grp. ohmygod. i forgot to mention abt the people there. there were so many poseurs! i'm damn serious! it's like you know. eww. hahahah. i dont get why ppl have to display their concept or wtvr be it ska and whathaveyous i mean, come on! those strange outfits you pull on for the sake of music? nah uh. so fake. these ppl just love to AA (attract attention). cant stand it.why not just appreciate the music? whatever man. had to really will myself to block out images of those freakos. although it was pretty tough. considering the fact that we were surrounded by people of such nature.

anyways, was at the stage further up the..urm..bay i suppose. when the thai band/cameramen came out on stage, there was a sudden uproar as people started the handsign parade. it was alright at first. but the poseurs there (abt 80%) kindda overdid it....? so anyways, we had a pretty gd spot in the center front. at the first (i emphasize, first) beat, the freakos ard us started moshing. or more like mashing. how sucky. cos we were right in the middle of it all.
central mash.
it was a total shock to me. cos i thot such things only happen to those well known bands like red hot chilli peppers or sth. hey! even the sum 41 concert '03 wasnt like that. why? (gonna get kinda judgemental and bitchy here. but really. you should have witnessed the whole thing) so why is it again that bands like sum 41's crowd dont crap like that? cos those freakos dont have the bucks to go to such stuff!!!!!!! HAH! *satisfied smirk*

pretty evil. but i really have sth against ppl who fake it.darling, read the blog add..

ohmyfreakingoodness. i totally cant stand those people. it's like as if they've got "hey! wassup?! we're the fakers of all fakes! and i think that's cool!! yo man!" tatooed to their body. along with "fake" stamped across their foreheads. seriously man. and the mashing was super bad. i myself am so shocked that no one was trampled on. me, j and irah were like trying hard no to let go of each other. in the end, some of us managed to come out of it alive. and naz was missing a SHOE!!!! and not surprisingly, those freaks find it FUNNN!! so darn amusing.

think abt it. it's the perfect opportunity for some guy to touch some girl all over the place and get away with "oh i'm sry! the guy was pushing me!" which may be true, but considering the increasing rate of pervs these days, you'll nvr know. take last yr's s'pore idol finals for instance. me and irah went to the red carpet thing. we made friends with these two girls. and at the pt where dan ong came out to announce that there werent any tix left for us, the whole crowd started pushing towards the doors. farah, one of the girls, was wearing a miniskirt. after the violent pushing stopped, she started freaking out and tearing. turned out that this bastard of a mid-40s man was using his fist to push/rub against farahs ass/tt area vigorously. ya, it was wrong on farah's part to wear a short skirt to these kinda events. but still.

in the end, these two guys who overheard us offered to help find that creep. searched the area for that sick OLD man. spotted him. confronted him. obviously he denied. and tt was tt. we dont have substantial eveidence to proof it was him and stuff. so the matter had to be dropped. sadly.=(

so my pt is!! why risk yourself to such situations when you can prevent it altogether? my mum would say "then dont go to such places then!". i say would you like to stay at home and hibernate then?! have fun but you gotta take care of yourself yeah? jeez. some pple are just to dense to comprehend such simple logic.

yuppsyupps. so guess that's abt it.. i do realise it is STILL a bit too looooonnnngggg once again. well, i just have a lotta say then! x) so yupps. here's to me keeping to my resolution! cheers! =)

10:42 PM


Blogger M* said...

gosh, you finally got internet again! and yet another blog.

the 'tearing-up-the-letter' thing was so damn CLASSIC, lah.

miss you much. lunch with najib and mud soon yah.

6:05 PM  

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