Red Hot Passion
31 July 2005

well hello you!! :D

wanted to take a short nap ytd. so i was like "ma, wake me up abt 7.30." and tt 7.30 ended up being a 4.30 in the morn. HOHO. so i slept like almost 12 hrs?? nice..

so then i was wide awake and for some funny reason, i picked up the bio textbk and started reading/going thru the past 2 chapters we just did. cos i've not been paying attention at all. i was either sleeping, blanking out, talking or sth. basicaly doing everything else but pay attention. whoops. but she's just so BORING!!

so then i laid on my bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking. abt a million and one things. it's so darn peaceful. so pleasant. so i just though and thought and thought till i finally drifted off to la-la land yet again.

i was dreaming abt sth so sweet and lovely, it was pure bliss.

see, i was abt 17/18? and my best friend, her name's sara. so it was me, sara, her bro and her neighbour, one gang. we did everything together. then suddenly, me and the neighbour, unknowingly fell in love with each other. then yeah.. it's pretty predictable and all.. but so sweet all the same.. *sigh

okay. i know i know. mushy talk is so passe. but you know what. i dont care! :D oh yes. faizah is re-doing my blog now!!! yay.. go faizah go!! come on girl!! you can do it!!! *jumps cheerleader style* hahahah

ok. so just now, my mum suddenly wanted to sun the carpet. after god knows how long. sheesh. so then when we dragged the carpet out, we saw these funny eeeky looking thingys under the carpet!!!! eww man. *my hair rising as we speak/as i type*

so then it turns out tt those creep crawlies are actually feeding on the carpet!! my mum went ballistic! her precious 400bucks gone to trash. oh my god. those things are freakily gross. it's like hairy and puny, similar looking to bed bugs. ugh. it disgusted me, but intrigued me all the same. so there i was, my hair rising like crap, getting upclose and personal with the bug. AND THEN. the thing HAD to fly up to my face!!! yuck yuck yuck!!! screw it man. and while my bro was poking at it, it didnt fly up to him or wtvr!! unfairness!

you shld see the state of the carpet man. those bugs had a good time feeding on it. big appetite those grossifying insects! see, this is what you get for buying non-synthetic carpets. supposedly, pricier cos it's "original" but still. destroyable/ruinable/not-tt-long-lasting after-all.

ok. i have to go to my aunts hse for tuition later! initially, it was supposed to be some 24 yr old bloke who's supposed to come to my hse. but then, on perfect cue, my aunt called in to ask whether i'd like my cousin to tutor me. since he'd be able to teach me anything and everything, my mum took him up instead. so now, I have to that bit of travelling. troublesome. but it'd be fun i supose. i'll get to see salwa every week!! she's my cousin, same age. man, the last time i saw her was like last yr or sth?? so yeah, gotta go get ready now.

well, tt's it then. till the next entry ya. :)))

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