Red Hot Passion
23 July 2005

yesterday's parade

took delphinus yesterday. yes, my own squad.

had emaths remedial at first tho. it went quite well actually. we were doing on variation. "wth is that?!" i exclaimed to naz. apparently, i didnt attend the lecture bcos of.. what, i cant rmb. plus the day the last lecture was held, i didnt come to sch. think it was the time when i had a freakinglyshitbad case of diarrhoea. (pun intended) you know, stuff exited both ways. eeww. haha.. so then mrs choo (i still kinda call her ms choy) was so sweet man. i told her my tale and she offered to teach me there and then. so yeah.. she's nice. no matter what huiyun says!! =P

so back to yest's parade. the second one for the week. (last fri had o level listening compre) joined in only during the start of campcraft. hmm. that. (no comments) was pretty pissed abt it initially.

next was MOI for some,while those who took it alr did drills. i felt pretty awkward at first. cos it's my OWN squad and stuff. but i guess it was alright after some time. i think the 3 of us, being siew hwee, dina and me, looked uneasy and unsure. owells... it was a good hands on regardless of it all.

later part was.... impactful? delphinus had changing parade. and we're sec threes already. cos we, okay they, exceeded the counts. so they had to change back to FULL U!! it was pretty painful, actually to see them struggle like that while you're there telling them that they can do it or in other words, not experiencing the same thing they were. felt like i wasnt part of the squad anymore....? i dunno..

so then those who had the meet-the-parents session had to leave at 5.30. while the rest, me, rach, tricia and fiona, were debriefed.

the other 2 somewhat disappeared. the guides were cheerleading at the patch of grass beside the first level empty corridor. (describing the location's pretty wordy eh?) so me and tricia watched them for a while. they're routine's niceeeee... gwen was shakin' it mann.. woohoo! it's a nice blend of sexy/bitchy/hiphop-ish. but they shldnt pair the white skirt with hse tee.. the whiteandwhite combo not really nice lar.

then we went to the canteen to get some drinks. we sat and chatted while waiting for sophia and xiuqi. then crater came to the canteen as well. mjy started playing the piano in the canteen, that has plenty a keys gone bad alr btw. wow. she played so damn beatifully man. takes your breath away. according to tricia, it's some jay chou song. when played on the piano it's nice anyway. so then tricia whipped out her phone to record it. novabelle approached us and was like "put it away larhhhh". the noble prefect thing to do. lol.

nature called. went to the toilet. tricia re-played the recording. was quite soft. and our covo's recorded too!! haha. but the sound of the piano's very disitinct. so it was hear-able.

then we walked back to the empty corridor. sat on the bench which was at an odd position. it was pushed right up front facing the courtyard. we were practically kissing the bushes!! continued waiting for the two to be done debriefing sirius and be debriefed. ended up having a pretty intense gossip session.. myohmy. must repent! lol.. then i said "ok, enough! we're mean! no more gossiping!!" then tricia was like "hiyoh hudaaa... you say that all the time. but in the end also stil continue".. hahah.

so finally they were done. went home with sophia. and guess who we bumped into at the bus stop. no other then MLK!!! ohmyfreak. we decided we were pretty thirsty after all so we walked to the coffeeshop and then walked further up to the next bus stop.

in the bus, once again, was nodding off like crap. i realise i've been sleeping really late these days. it's like i'll be in bed, my eyes begging to snap shut. but my mind's just whirling ard. thinking and thinking. and thinking. maybe i think too much. starting to feel like krishna frm the english teacher. haha..

okay then. till the next entry..

ohyesss! forgot to mention that 3 of our sqdmates uniform's confiscated. hmm. altho clara left it there with her bag. was told by szeling sth that's pretty pissing man. i mean hello? how abt trying to OPEN YOUR EYES? irritating. they so suck. argh.

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