Red Hot Passion
09 August 2005

firstly, how did they know?! i thought it wasnt formally announced yet? and fuck la. i hope they're not THAT disappointed tt it wasnt who they wanted. =x

anyways, went out with siti, j and her irritating "friend". jeez. so weird!

so met siti at kem first then we made our way to marina bay. cos we were supposed to go catch the marina bay celebrations. but somehow, something cocked up the whole plan. why ah j?

anway, inside the mrt right, there was this old couple who came in at aljunied, i think. so then the old guy, was like "excuse me, make way, thank you" to me in this really arrogant i'm-better-than-you tone. and of course i rewarded him with a FULL round of eye roll.

whats so hard abt trying to soften your tone so maybe, just MAYBE, the public would understand and be more willing to make way for you, for example. SHEESH.

then, the old guy was like "excuse me, can i have your seat? PLEASE. thank you very much" in that same i'm-more-superior-than-you tone.

man, i could have kicked him in the dick. hard. but of course, seeing him all old yet trying to act big, powerful and for some reason superior, made him appear pathetic. and i dont do pathetic people.

oh and did i mention that he even demanded for TWO seats. for his wife. yes, it's sweet, and yes old people deserve the seats more then young and very much capable people. but what's up with your tone dude?!

it was obvious the woman wasnt pleased with his tone, but just got up anyway.

apparently, this old man is really really frank. so he went all "i said thank you. xie xie ni." the woman didnt reply, just gave an irritated look.

then he went "do you speak english? i said THANK YOU. you know? xie xie ni." in this really sarcastic tone.

his wife was pissed so she was like nudging him and whispering to him that he was being really rude and insulting. this old fella is really stubborn and he was like "but i'm not insulting anybody! i just said thank you!" etc etc. god, he was really annoying the shit out of me.

so after he "settled" down, he looked me and siti up and down, cos we were standing right in front of him.then he whispered oh-so-LOUDLY "she's wearing a sash, yes? why do girls these days...".

he was commenting about MY DAMN SASH.

shit man, it doesnt even concern him! so you have lots to say abt it? well at least make it SOFT or when I'M GONE or something.

fuck i tell you. this guy hasnt an OUNCE of courtesy in him. frm what i can infer, you werent really brought up all that proper huh?

boo hoo. how sad.

so then for some warped reason, this guy brought back topic abt that woman not accepting his sincere thanks. and you know what. the woman was standing right there.

then this young girl spoke up.

old guy: but i said thank you!! i dont think she understands english. (to wifey)

girl: you know, maybe she REALLY doesnt understand english. MANY people dont know english, you know.

old guy: is that so? i see. how old are you?

girl: i'm SEVEN this year. and you know, actually there are really A LOT of people who cant speak english you know.

i'm telling you, i was really restraining myself frm running over to that kid and hugging her! MY HERO! now that's what i call spunky!

that guy was obviously pretty stunned to have a SEVEN YR OLD put him in his place! karma mister. karma.

and you shld have seen the way the girl spoke. it was clear she was irritated by that old man. and her tone! my! she's got balls man. i mean, if she were a guy.

so anyway, since we wont be going to marina bay, me and siti decided to just go esplanade cos we heard there's sth going on there. being the bums we are, we decided to eat at suntec to skip the travelling bit.

ate at suntec's bk. and it was so nice and peaceful! cos you see, ppl go to suntec to eat at some fancy-assed place. and not fast food. so all the fastfood restaurants are pretty empty and actually rather cozy!

after eating, j and her "friend" left. so me and siti walked to esplanade.

it was bangla mania!!

wtf they're doing at the esplanade, i have no friggin idea. but it wasnt pleasant i tell you. you have to pretend you didnt see them stare at you crudely and absolutely no-no eye contact. so you cant let your eyes wander ard. ugh.

i'm not trying to be mean, or anything. but ladies!! do you really like the way these ppl look at you?! now that's just plain rude.

it's like they've never seen the opposite sex before in their life. it's sad, really. but on the other hand, it's so freaking GROSS to us females. they give the "i wanna throw you on the bed and do it right now" look. it seriously grosses me out, like no other. eww.

seriously. i'd rather the crowds from hip hop fest and baybeats COMBINED. yeah, the banglas were that bad.

so ANYWAY we caught this band, "peepshow" at the ChillOut stage. and i think they're really good. so it's no surprise really that they're the winner of YouthAlive. the singer's voice is SO SEXY! ohmygodd. *fans herself* and the way the drummer plays! ohmygodd times two!! it's like hot enough to turn you on can!! *melts* xP

Image hosted by

peepshow dudes.

mr sexy voice! his name's zaki btw.

Image hosted by

this is their drummer. and he is good. very cool. oh and this guy's edmund.

so yeah. after they played the first round, we walked ard a bit. then at the other stage, there was gonna be choirs as well as this percussion thingy later on. so we decided to go to mrs fields before watching peepshow a second time.

mrs fields, had the 3 items for 6 bucks thing. double and triple fudge! omg. this is bad. like really bad. :(

but it was amazingly good at the same time! :)

so after that, when we went back to catch peepshow again, we realise it wasnt as bangla fever as before! *all jump for joy!*

but well, my wishes pretty much came true. freaks from all over started pouring in. but in the end, there was a good mix of normal and abnormal people. so yeah.

ohohoh!! i saw one of the macbeth witches there!! hahahah.. then i kept going on and on abt how we just saw the macbeth witch. hah. i was rathere insane to be hyped abt that. lol.

watched them play a second time. after them was this supposed "diva" according to the host. but she was just okay lah.

then after that was this dance grp! this is really very rare, but the guys in the grp dance better than the girls!! hahahah. their steps are really creative and stuff. enjoyed it much. although there is this girl that naturally cant dance well. if you get what i mean..

so anyways, the host mentioned that there will be this hip hop thing at 9. but you know what, we both decided to play angel and go home early.

OH and we'll be on our "get lost" trip this weekend!! yay!! so fun. that's it for now folks. DO TAG.

ps: i cant wait for tmr! 6 ju '02 reunion!! fun fun fun!! x)

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