Red Hot Passion
15 August 2005

hello to all my loyal readers! (if any, that is)

today was pretty much like a rollercoaster ride....

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with an extremely boring start. and only the scream-worthy parts toward the end.

very much like what we did for lit today? ;D plotting of emotions...

anyway, today had abt three free periods! wow. so relaxing.. i like..

mr goh missed his first period with us today. :(

then mrs loy didnt come!! *all jump for joy!* and mrs serene ng didnt really came in for eng?

so yes. today was pleasant in terms of school hours.

so, it was during ss/geog lesson and dirah, naz and i were just talking. and we somehow ended up talking about cedarians in general and how other people frm other schs/public look at us.

and we concluded that most of the cedarians we know of are extremely materialistic, somewhat shallow, rather snobbish and erm. quite arrogant? (selves included) =x

as in generally. of course there definitely are god-sent cedarians.

and then, we came to talk/reflect about ourselves (not in a "it's-all-abt-me-the-world-revolves-ard-me kindda way). annnndddd...

it finally dawned upon us that we're actually rather ugly people inside. :(


but you know what, at least we realised it right? and well, hopefully do something to better ourselves? hope so.

for starters, i know i'm overbearing and high-strung at times. (yes lock, diana, yinwai, liane you can stop smirking now). and i tend to have a lot of "kristy/christy/christie/kristie" moments. *sigh*

and yes, i do tend to get a tad too superficial/critical/materialistic and well i think i hurt a lot of people with my words? so now, i shall try to spot myself when in these moments/thoughts for a start. and.. yeah. "process my thoughts" before they spill out of my mouth, with no way of taking them back.

anyway, jogging today was funny. our whole class jogged in our sch u cos well, we were supposed to have extra amaths lesson with mr suresh. of course we happily thought we cld miss jogging. hmm. apparently not.

you see, fairplay as well as the importance of "lowering the percentage of overweight people" in our school comes way before understanding amaths.


so after sch had emaths common test! and you know what? you know what? you know what? *gleeful*

i finally saw that single white lining of hope in that ever-dark gloomy sky! finally there's a possibility that i may pass this test!! and finally i'm rejoicing after a maths test! omg!! the last time i felt this hopeful/elated after a maths test was like what? eons ago!! yay.

not hoping for nothing more of a pass though. baby steps, alright?

i like THK!! he's nice to our class okay. i shall pay more attention during his lessons fron now on. (oh. who am i kidding!! me, jazzy and clara will probably end up yakking away!)

after that, went to artroom to bother clara and tricia! whoa. their paintings are NICE!! :)

then we had a delphinus discussion.

it opened my eyes wide man. finally saw the whole, big picture. and yeah. i felt pretty dumb for not coming up to that conclusion on my own. am i that dense?!

guilt guilt guilt everywhere!! oh my. hope this will be the last time, yeah sqdmates? be positive. learn our mistakes. and yes, remember WorldWideWeb!!!

anybody happen to know what "http" stands for? is it "HelpToTellPeopleoftheworld" by any chance? lol.

so yes. we shall really give it our best this time!! yes! we will!! :))

and yup, that shall be all for tonight! america's next top model baybeh!! woohoo!! ;D

ps: if only we arent all that superficial/pretencious and big time gossipmongers. i think that would be really nice. but we shall try to step away from all that a step at a time okay? *huggs you all*

pps: there's always that small hope of a star and there's always a rainbow after the storm!! :)

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