Red Hot Passion
11 August 2005

hey there. hmm. so while i'm here at my lovely, cozy home, 3c's still stuck in sch! muahahaha.. the continuation for the dunn&dunn workshop. oh, which cost us SEVENTY FIVE FRIGGIN BUCKS btw. i'm going the next tue/thurs!! HAH.

today was an ordinary day. bio paper after sch was so crap. we almost didnt have to take the test today! but well. fat hope.

anyway, if i dont fail, i swear i'll stop complaining abt my boob size. really. i'm so damn serious. so yes. it's really fated that i'll fail. :(

just like how it was fated that the 6 ju reunion turned out to be a success!! :)) with the exception of some dearly missed ppl whose absence was felt! (fatmah! shez! najib! kenghoe! and then some others!)

ok, i just got back frm watson (toiletry shopping) and there was this watson hand moisturiser cream. i tried it. and i hate it. it smells gd. but the kindda smell that reeks "cheap freak". as in lousy cheap. and it's uncomfortable typing! ugh.

ANYWAY. yesterday started off with aniszah calling me up when i was still asleep. jeez.

so she came over first. crapped for a while. then set off to meet mariam at bedok int. then the 3 of us went to eat at ljs first. it was fun. catching up with old friends after so long. :))

we then proceeded to take 608 to east coast! yay! continued chatting and snapped shots in the bus too!

oh. and yes. you see, i ran out of my trusty deodarant, (hence the necessary shopping today) so i was just using the spray one. i brought a can. (is it so wrong to feel insecure?)

sooo.. i was feeling just that teeny weeny bit insecure in the bus and well, the bus was almost empty! so i sprayed. and mariam here, thought it was funny and asked me to pose while spraying! ohdeargod.

but being, the sporting girl tha i am, i relented.

when we arrived, we went in search of mud and the guys at macs. we feared the turn up would be pretty sucky (like how our other failed reunions ended up). i just saw keith's head floating across the macs window sign thingy.

BUT. when we went up to them, practically ALL the guys were there lah! so pro! clara (LOH) is such a great organizer! and yes, i do realise i know a lot of claras. hahah.

wow. the turn out was darn fantabulous i tell you! was so happy. couldnt stop grinning. so the whole troop of us, went to the bowling alley to meet clara, ai lin and *drum roll pls* CARMEN CHAN!

so we met up with the lovely ladies. but carmen chan was nowhere to be found!! apparently, samrina stole her away! (oh, and in case you were wondering why we call her carmen chan, it's cause our class had two carmens. so yeah. the surname got glued stuck.)

oh! and carmen chan's accent is pretty thick!

for a while, we just stood. okay fine. the guys EXCEPT joshua stood. they were gentlemanly *cough cough* enough to let us have the seats. so we just sat/stood there staring at clara and ai lin waiting for them to complete their last three frames.

it was kindda boring at first, i suppose. but it was also cos the bowling alley is not exactly a great place to start catching up! cos then you'd have to yell to be heard unless the person you're talking to is like, right beside you or something.

so it was only after we got out of the bowling alley did it feel much better. but the guys were erm.. shy?? hahah. how funny. cos they were only talking among themselves.

while the guys plus mariam went to rent bikes, the remaining girls, set at the pit area and started chatting. (and yes, like what clara(lock) said, "basically when girls sit and chat, they're gossiping") so that's exactly what we did. hahah..

then the rest came. and the boys (plus mar) came back. oh, joanne came with her dear shermon or however you spell it. hiyoh. *shakes head*

darius was supposed to come. but he backed out in the end? we tried to trick him into coming in a cab asap. (which we'll pay for, then later made alvan promise to pay for it) but well, all our efforts were in vain!

so the boys played soccer, while us girls, tried to start the fire.

hmm. what a classic barbecue nightmare. starting the fire was so shit man.

oh! and you know the charcoals are so freaking cute! they're called.. *pauses to think* birquettes!! um. not too sure abt the spelling part.

joshua was so freaking amused by it! hahah. not that the rest of us wasnt lah.

so yes, we had a lot of trouble lighting the fire. and i got my shirt dirty!! shdnt have worn white!

anyway, joanne has evolved into a bimbo! omg. she kept whining "but i wanna tannnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!" and even brought tanning oil! o.O hahah.. a smart bimbo though. trip science at AHS!! not bad eh for a bimbo? =p

and stupid mar, diane and jo kept on bullying me! darn it. i mean hello! i was feeling happy and all, so i kept on missing out on words of phrases. like "it takes two hands to clap" and i'd say "it takes two to clap" altho inside my head i was thinking the right one! REALLY!

idiots, i swear.

but i still love you guys!

anyway, after many attempts by like, almost all of us, we saw fire! woohoo! hahah. everyone was so damn relieved.

while bbq-ing, we also exchanged jokes with each other. racist/sick/lame/funny jokes. that was great man. highly entertaining and a great ice breaker! cos by then, the guys are much less terse. sry! i meant tense. =p so they warmed up already i guess.

i really didnt know nicholas was so funny! i mean.. anyway, did you know that vs guys are so lame and free they make up lame jokes??

but some of them are really good. oh and nicholas thought he saw his "hot chem teacher" with some guy there. aww. poor thing. lol.

anyhoo, there was too much food!! oh my! we had so much left overs. but there were seriously good food. we had sting ray! tofu for the vegetarians! chicken wings! fishballs! hotdogs! shrimp, i think! satay! fried rice! and plenty more lah.

just too bad we make rather horrid bbq-ers!! sad sad. we actually undercooked a lot of stuff! omg.

and there diane was going "eh, cool! tmr i'll have diarrhoea! you think can go home bcos of that?"
oh and this miss-smarty-pants-now-in-vj, actually broke one of the portable chair legs!! okay, it's um, this super cool foldable table and bench. i cant really describe it. so forget it.

now i shall comment on the them! HAH. my own personal space for a not-so-full-on bitch session!

joshua: still has the pimples!!! oh and how's _____?! the pretty mixed babe? hahah.. ;D (i'm mean rmb?)
alvan: beng! oh my god. you 100% beng, i dont like!!
chester: WAH! somebody has muscles! how damn unbelievable! ( we were like poking it to check if it's for real.. lol)
diane: cheeks still as red as ever! lost weight, yea? *jealous*
samrina: hmm.. same laughter still!! and is it just me, or are your curls more defined now?? :) oh and starbucks boo!! Coffee bean yeah!! ^5!
clara: still as i-cant-be-bothered as ever. but smiling more!! yay!
joanne: seriously, girl. did you attend some bimbo crash course?? hahah.. oh you pretty boy hogger!! ;D
mariam: still the same ol' bitch. what a cow. :P
carmen: AHH! you're carmen "chenn" now huh? and it's "like" yeah..

i think i have some more to say. but i cant seem to rmb them! oh dear god. my memory's so damn poor now and i'm only FIFTEEN. okay fine. 14 PLUS.

hmm. anyway, basically, yesterday was really really great and i'd never ever trade it for a day of "bio study time". never. and yes, i am fully aware that my priorities are rather screwed. hahah.

oh and speaking of joshua's pimples, i really think my pimple is having a growth spurt. it's GROWING like no shit!!! ahhhhh!!! omf. this cannot happen! *faints*

i know that sounds bimbotic. but blame joanne loh wenqi!!! i'm telling you, she is one influential girl. diane started screaming/shrieking like a fucking bimbo within an hour of catching up with miss-i'm-a-smart-bimbo-now!!


i know. freaky, yeah? hahah..

ok, so it was all very cool. oh and did you know that somewhere in the middle of the bbq, we decided that it really wasnt worth it to slave about, trying to keep the fire "alive"?

so, you know what we did?!

we burnt paper plates to create a big enough fire to barbecue our food!!

yes yes, i know. we're the ultimate bums. hahah. fun okay! the fire grew humongous! and we caught a lot of people's attention!! like those from other pits and stuff. haha. AA only!

the roasted marshmallows were yums! altho there were a number of black ones!

and lame-asses mud and keith were totally playing with fire! as in burning, plates, cups, forks DRIED COCONUT LEAVES and what not. hilarious man.

(i think i have lots more to say. but typically, my mind suddenly blanked out. shall randomly talk abt yesterday tmr or sth okay?)

overall it was definitely a great day. and you know what, i think from now on, i shall only inform you readers before hand when my entry's short. cos it seems to me, that all my entries are super duper damn long. so yepp.

oh, and we took tons of pics!!!! courtesy of marr and mudd. (hahah. the two kembangan Ms!) shall post it as soon as i get it from them! mariam's apparently doing some "important thing" that itsnt worth my bugging her to quickly upload it.


so anway, i really officially hate mr chan. or is it choo?? omg. i cant seem to rmb!! it's choo right? no. it's chan. just confirmed it with diana, when i tyko-ed (how do you spell that?) with "chan" when chatting with her just now.

chan sucks. i'm so serious.

he held our class back, in the middle of jogging at the tennis courts there. we all know he's expecting one of us to cry for him.

but oh shit no. we're never gonna give him that satisfaction. sucker shit. i bet his dick is so damn small it's as puny as my little finger. and it's a sure-fire thing to assume that he has yet to be unvirginised by a fugly ho. HAH!

ANYWAY i'm currently conferencing with jib and mud now. :DD

i just realised that this is the longest time i've ever taken to blog! omf! like a few thousand hours!! lots of distractions. what to do? i'm wanted everywhere!! haha. okay, that was so ego of me. =x

oh yes, read xiaxue's blog just now. and there's this particular">fucking funny entry!"

(lock taught me how to do the cool link thing, but i forgot. yes. i know. i'm a com dummy.)
anyway, enjoy! and nighty nights!

ps: i fucking hate internal squad conflicts.
pps: i love you guys for being there for me. everything's greatly appreciated. glad i could count on you guys! :))

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