Red Hot Passion
06 August 2005

i have been recuperating from the whole week today, aka hibernating in my room, and i've never felt better! but i do feel like a total pig though. hahah. you get some, you lose some.

so, last night went to dbs arts centre to catch "macbeth" by young co with the mother. was supposed to be some quality mother-daughter time, but well, things just have to get fucked up at the end of the day. =x ergh.

met maria with fiona, beatrice, miss williams and some others. was pretty good. although i did nod off when it got a tad too comfy. we definitely got great seats, the circle seats, so yeah, thanks mr sng! :)) and damn, shd have brought sth to keep me warm, was freezing my butt off, before i eventually became accustomed to the temp. (what can i say, i'm adaptable! =p)

there were lots of students and young people which did make mother feel out of place. that is till michelle and mother showed up and took the two seats beside us. hahah. so we cabbed there and cabbed back home. we were supposed to eat dinner out but i guess we were both pretty beat.

oh, and there was this guy that looked like _______. ok, ppl, i'm sick of using _____ to replace name, so can you pls think of a nice and relevant nick for ______. lol. so anws, there was this guy who was sitting at the single seats at the top also, and he really looked like ______!! omg. made my heart skip a beat in anticipation, only to recall _____ saying.... me and maria were like "is that ______?!?!" excitedly. was obviously disappointed. :(


anyways, enough abt macbeth. now abt "be yourself day". as any tom, dick and harry would infer, we're supposed to dress as ourselves. but of course, cedar just has to contradict that. the theme was '85-'95. and boy did 3c rock the show!! :)))

we further broke down that generalised theme to celebrities of that time and cedarians of yesteryears.

we had gwen, liane, sheena, jazzy and novabelle dressed as spice girls. of cos this reminded me of how back in p2, we had the spice girls gang, complete with their cousins, etc, like victoria's sister, etc.. i was scary spice, for obvious reasons. lol.. good times!

anyway, clara and ying wai as "the better half of the bangles" as quoted from clara. renny, arini and cynnthia as charlie's angels, with beatrice as charlie who sportingly "performed" with a box on him. xp

me, naz and dirah as "madonna and the backup dancers", dirah as madonna. also had lily, lilin and fairuz as old cedarians who wore their skirts high and proud and shirts all the way in with overly long ties. hahah. tt was a laugh. oh, and we have janine as the now cedarian with her short skirt, big shirt, etc..

everyone tried to dress their part as best as they could. after digging the store, managed to find this whole bag of unused pantyhose. brought 4, so me, naz, dirah and clara wore them with our skirts. and i managed to find this ugly pair of platforms, which i'm embarrassed to say was my hari raya shoes for p5. hey! i was 11 then okay. clara and ying wai made their own t shirts, which surprisingly looks store bought.

so there were half-finger gloves, thick head bands, stockings under skirts, platforms, retro earrings, sequins, beads, bright sweaters, hair tied up high. slanted to one side, etc..

our class looked so darn funky with circles and OVALS of red, black and white stuck up on walls, ceilings and even fans, not forgetting our class clock too!! plus the LCDs and our lovely "artefacts" corner with all things which brings back memories of the good times of '85-'95 with short write ups on them. it looked really fab, i think we'd have no problem opening up a museum! :)

so after school, all of us stayed back for the judging of classrooms by ms ng and there were even newpaper's photographer.

we did mini performances for each "group". clara gave ms ng a tour around the class. then we did the macarena as a class and swayed along to "i'll never break your heart". apparently, the choice of song was a rather poor one as very few ppl know the verses! but we did make up for that as we sang the chorus loudly. lol.

throughout the whole performance, the photographer was snapping away, trigger-happily. shit. let's just all hope and pray that the picture of us singing with our mouths wide open wouldnt be featured in the ariticle, if we'll be featured at all in the first place.

oh yes, after the photographer and ms ng left our class, the reporter came in! when most of us were changing out of our costumes and into our sch u!! omg. so embarrassing! lol. clara and diana entertained her so yeah.

so overall had a great day. that is till abt 11.45 where mother had to screw it all up for me. ergh. so i ALMOST had a whole day of pure bliss. the way life's meant to be lived. what a waste. you know, sth's really wrong with my mum and i. things will nvr be the same again. cos i have a really short fuse when it comes to her. it's like i snap for no fucking reason, just that i didnt like the accusations sprouting from her mouth.


anyways, so now, i'm in a jumble of spice girls, the king of pop and dear shakespeare. so, i shall sing along to "spice up you life" and then bop my head to "billie jean", then read twelfth night!!

colours of the world!!
every boy every girl!
people of the world!

slam it to the left,
if you're having a good time
shake it to the right,
if you know that you feel fine
chicas to the front!
hah hah go round

slam it to the left,
if you're having a good time
shake it to the right,
if you know that you feel fine
chicas to the front!
hah hah


la la la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la

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