Red Hot Passion
17 August 2005

i only came home at nine just now.

sch was super slack. every weds even week is 3c's slack day.

we had a fun morning assembly today! trust mrs wu to come up with something like that. shant bother to elaborate further.

first period had lit, twelfth night. felt bad. he was really trying to be as nice as he could. putting it that way and all. he could have been harsher cos well... we did try to take advatage of him and make the most of what we could. which is of course a valid attitude in the outside world. but it's school. so yeah. we shall all co operate yeah?

but of course we wont go to the extend to TRY to act all intellectual just to PLEASE him for god knows what reason. ;)

ANYWAY, 3c, 11 frm 3i and 3h went to SPH during TOP period. was rather intersting though most of it was in chinese (some cock up abt not knowing students of other races will be coming along). so if it got too boring, we just entertained ourselves by going thru each other's wallets! lol.

the tables of the MANY journalists was so cool! it really looks like what the movies show. all those cubicles and stuff. naz, dirah and i were like pointing out which journalists are messy and which are super organized it pained my eyes seeing things so proper.

OH! and we were like taking the mini snacks from the "pantry" corner in the editors' office! hahah. the guy offered what. so, we must be polite and accept the offer right? hahah. it was a funny sight seeing everyone scramble to grab something to munch on!

when we came back, i talked to gerri for quite a long time outside my class. had a nice conversation! very insightful and well, i guess now i understand things better and see things much clearer. what we talked about was definitely food for though for me.

then had amaths extra lesson after sch with 3h at the theatrette. i think it was quite useful cos it did clear some of my doubts. i repeat, some. and i like the environment!! quite. except for the sudden up in noise levels when we all got restless.

then when up to 3i with fiona to go do the stuff with the rest of delphinus.

quite a lot of stuff happened. good and bad i suppose. got to spend time with sqdmates but well, things arent exactly so smooth sailing of late. :(

one thing i've come to regret is not knowing the rest of my sqdmates better earlier. what a waste. but it's still not too late! cos we do have a year plus more! :))

wrote and wrote and wrote. felt (notforalltoknow) which is bascially what most of us feel anyway. realised things that i dont usually take notice of. and well, it speaks a lot by just knowing those things.


was so sad when my suggestions were REJECTED so BLUNTLY by xiaowei and tricia!!! :( but i rather them. so yes, didnt take it to heart and we all started to think and plan immediately! so efficient!

then me and hilda took a break and went to the canteen.

went back up again and then me and rachel set off to parkway parade! wow. it's bee so darn long since i last went there. did what we were supposed to do with many funny moments thrown in. then she cam along and i felt like the third wheel!!

oh no!!!

and it wasnt as pricey as i thought it was gonna be! the lady so nice lah okay! i like!!

after that, went bk to eat dinner. then went home. took so long to get all the things done! only left parkway at abt 8 plus mind you!

i was in the bus frm tamp int home when i looked upwards for no particular reason. and the moon just happened to be so pretty!! did you guys see?! it was so lovely man. simple joys in life, yes? :)

and since singapore here doesnt seem to have as many stars as i'd have liked, i shall just be contented with the pretty moon tonight!

at a closer look (as in staring at the moon for a longer time), i realise that it's not a full moon i initially thought it was! it was a gibus!! see! i remember what miss tong taught us! (my p3-p4 form tcher). my memory is amazing! *bah. kidding who again?*

anyway, that's all i have to say for now. goodnight ladies. (yes, referring to both sexes here.)

PS: faizah's CHIEF!! and do bear with my erm. faulty blog for the time being okay? thanks.

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