Red Hot Passion
25 August 2005

i really have no idea what i'm gonna blog about. okay. shall just go with the flow. yes.

this morn's assembly was interesting. i suddenly realise that ms leong's actually pretty wise? and ohidontknow. well, at least she spoke great sense today.

a lot of us can relate to that i suppose. (read: npcc) she was talking about change and all? how we get to decide whether we want to be left behind or move forward like what everyone else is doing.

she said lots of stuff that i guess we need to catch a hold of. before we realise it too late?

all she said suddenly made me rmb everything. like you know the kind of memory that flashes like a kaleidoscope? all at once? yeah. that kind.

oh god. i suddenly remembered that i actually have a lot of things to do tonight. CRAP. nah. tt's okay. one thing at a time. yes. no need to panic.


AMATHS TEST TMR! omf. panicpanicpanic. (and what did i say abt not panicking?)

just now, my bro had a sudden craving for burger king. no. dont ask. SO. being the great big sis i am, i brought him to tamp mall there for erm. a REALLY early dinner? abt 5+?

see. this is exactly how i while my time away. doing redundant things as such. hrmph.

i feel exposed suddenly. no clue why. the sudden pressure to do well? in all aspects of my life? i DONT KNOW.

eeks. i hate insecurities. and the whole load of emo baggage crap that comes along with it. such a pest. as irritating as the 10% service charge restaurants INSIST we have to pay on top of the 5% gst! like it's not our fault they need to hire waitresses right? (okay huda. you're sidetracking.)

anyway, just now, i was talking to clara (lock) abt being an eng tcher. or a lit tcher. easy money yes? as in, no need to study so freaking hard. plus it seems quite cool to have the class' attention all to yourself right? AND you can still lead a pretty alright life.


no thrill? no adrenaline pumping? no feeling so powerful just cos you argued your way in? no feeling like you just saved someone's life, literally. no feeling so damn good cos you love what you're doing?

being a tcher's SO not as cool as being a lawyer. BUT. at the rate i'm going?

i can only dream.

so dream i shall.


suddenly i wanna go back to pri sch days! so carefree! gosh. miss feeling that free and unattached. which reminds me! next week! going back to O.E! yay. fun fun. will meet up with the 6 ju peeps again. hopefully ms tong will treat us to pizza again! :D

(okay woman. AMATHS TMR. get off the damn com!)

shall go obey the inner one. ciao babes!

i'm loving it. i'm loving it all. :D

7:20 PM

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