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28 August 2005

mariam claims that i'm never on time. really meh? i mean yah. once in a while i may be a little late. but not always what. eeyer.

and aniszah here is being an idiot for not wanting to go town with me NOW. i need a new wallet dammit. and i dont think tamp mall or compasspt has anything nice. *sigh* difficult ppl. she's still contemplating....? =/

anyways, so far, this weekend has been great for me! x)

ytd, my fam and i went to ilhan's and sarah's first b'day party!!! *grinns* they are so freaking cute. oh. i cant believe i forgot to mention this. my mum babysits ilhan/han han everyday and on fri, sarah/lin lin comes too!

so yes, everyday after sch, if i come back before 7, i'll be greeted with cute smile-and-squint faces!! hehe..

so yep. headed for costa sands resort at east coast there.

oh. before that, dropped by tamp mall to get their presents! they both got a SUPER cute cap/hat and a cuddly soft toy each!

god. i LOVE soft toys. the soft soft/velvety, synthetic-but-doesnt-feel-like-synthetic kind of fur. not the stupid irritating and freakingly synthetic-feeling kind.

so yes. kakaks idayu and andriany definitely had their hands full! their my cousins, sisters who gave birth to their kids a day apart! cute right? but it's kak idayu's second kid and her sis' first.

had a great time. i tell you, hanging out with yer relatives can be a real laugh. esp when you have aunts who like to tekan each other like 24/7!!

was supposed to just drop by then leave by abt 8+. we ended up spending the night there! when we didnt even bring anything! sheesh. long story lah.

so yes. since none of my toiletries were with me, i didnt shower till i got home abt 2 hrs ago.


i mean it still beats how gross you feel when in camps. and hello! OAC, first day, 3c didnt get to bathe! even though we were under the merciless sun, scaring ourselves silly doing the high elements!

so dont you dare say that being dirty for 28hours is gross.

had a great time talking with my cousins. although they're now so OLD, married with kids, and unfortunately, have wrinkles which comes along in the package to motherhood. HAHA! kakak idayu will scream if she hears that!

also conversed with their other halves and it only got more intersting! hahah.. many topics were covered, though not thoroughly considering how girls love to just "skim" convo topics. us at least. oh yah. and they're not girls anymore! WOMANS! X) *insides

ilhan's so cute! he has such pitiful eyes you know. and linlin's so cheeky! hahah. cheeky monkey as what her mum calls her. see, she's cheeky and she's born in the year of the monkey!

anyways, cute one yr olds aside, I HATE COSTA SANDS RESORT.

firstly, it's packed to the brim on weekends, at least this weekend. in issac's words, "at least now we know where the other half of singapore goes to!"

second, like abt half of them are those poser-ish kindda late teens gang who get drunk till the wee hours for no goddamn reason. and getting high on BEER?! quite lame right. dare so much then you drink only 3% alcohol?!

thirdly, you have neighbours who act as thought their chalet is the next k-box, blasting their horrid voices for the whole world to hear.

fourthly, the air there is so bad, i think it could have been a bad as the recent KL haze! it either reeks of cheap beer, stupid ppl who dont know how to tie their trash bags (both the ppl and the trash reeks), a mini haze thanks to the countless bbq pits all saturated at one place, OR you get ALL THREE.

urgh. even my face auto-scrunches up in disgust with the mere thought of it. although now i wince picturing how gross i must have looked when i scrunched up my face.

BUT. the place there is relatively cheap, it's convenient cos it's like at east coast beach itself and the sunrises there are so beautiful.

ah. pretty pretty sun!

cant possibly get everything your way i suppose.

so this morning, after watching the sunrise, "debbie's facelift", "designer guys" and "the mountain", the brat and i went roller blading!

we actually wanted to go cycling at first. but er. cycling in heels or barefooted wasnt exactly appealing to me.

one would have thought that jeans and a tshirt would be comfortable enough to do anything. but hell is that plain untrue.

blading in jeans is no joke. and i felt incredibly stupid although the weather was pretty alright.

thank god there were other nutheads who bladed in jeans too! yay. misery loves company. :D

it was good. bladed for abt one and a half hrs. i think i should inculcate the habit of blading every weekend! it's a nice change of environment. (you just have to look past the waters though.) and it's peaceful enough to think to yourself and let your imaginations run free!! PLUS, it's healthy! AND you'll be a lot happier after a session of blading! endorphins... aha!


unfortunately, hakiem fell and hurt his left wrist pretty bad. when we got back, my dad examined it and claimed that it was just the impact which made it hurt like crap.

after checking out and all that, the 3 fams headed for razack's where abg razif reserved earlier on!! yum. their food is so good! the chicken dumplings and the wanton is so delicious! and yeah. it's this chinese muslim restaurant. the owners are hongkong muslims.

after lunch, went back home, took the long awaited long bath slacked a bit here and there and here i am! heh. i took so extremely long writing this post.

OH. and in the end? i'll just go buy my wallet tmr with stupid cow. since aniszah's mean and siti cant go bcos it's "last minute". pls lah. since when do we plan when we go out so before hand?! -.- excuses!

oh yes. read abt "richest girl in singapore". hmm. she's spoilt, obviously. but after reading her blog, she's quite okay lah apart frm being spoilt. and erm. she sort of flaunts her stuff? i dunno! trying hard to be objective here.

also read abt the constance chee trial thingy. apparently, that woman is rather sharp and her words pretty acid-ish. wait, i mean acidic! lol.

and ytd's new paper is so funny! flirt+boss+work=no promotion

okay then till next time, cya! :)))

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