Red Hot Passion
29 August 2005

OKAY. lotsa stuff to blog abt today.

first thing's first. I HAVE TO SIGH SO LOUDLY at what i've come to know. *SIGHHH

okay, school.

today had strange climaxes and dips. got back ss paper and i was shit crushed. since i hate ppl who piss (more like cry) and moan and get all upset abt they're performance for a certain test, i tried my best to shut up and be discreet abt how crap i was feeling.

HA. to no avail. cos i accidentally thought aloud. aiya. stupid mistake. then jazzy patted my arm while clara (lock) made me this pretty rose out of blu tack. i HAVE to complain!


hur. so much for wanting to appear mysterious and alluring. sigh.

had lit after that. there was some mixed up as to which com lab we're supposed to go to.. in the end went to AS2 cos all the labs are occupied with ppl filling out surveys.

everyone was so at ease there man. lying on our stomach's with our legs up. hehe.. for once lah huh?

had an intersting convo with mr sng. and no! I DID NOT LOOK LIKE THAT OKAY YOU SILLY CLASSMATES PEERING ABT FOR NO DAMN REASON!!!!! @!*$ =p

apparently, many ppl were feeling snappish and cranky during that period. i'm no different. =/

anyway, the rest of school time was boring. had chem remedial after sch. *snore

SO. i was supposed to meet stupid cow at cine's cheers there at 4. bloody hell. that fucker stood me up!!


BUT. it turned up to be rather nice after all!! see, i kindda miss shopping in town alone. the last time was like what? mothers' day!! well you see, my stupid sis cancelled out on me super last minute cos she was too pooped after coming home abt 4+! stupid woman. see lah. then got hangover somemore!!


so yes. after waiting for a good half and hour for dearest cow, i decided to go without her. stupid cow. i swear she's gonna pay!!

walked to heeren there. no nice wallets!! how is that so? so went on to wisma. nay. headed on to the mng outlet behind shaw. hmm. wasnt sure whether that'll be my next love. so went on to pacific plaza. hmm. more choices!! made my mind whirl man.

scarily, i ALMOST splurged a gd 55 bucks on this roxy wallet. SHEESH. yes i know. pure insanity right! thank god for salesgirl no. 1 who whispered loudly to salesgirl no.2 "wah cow! 55 fucking dollars! for me right, any nice ten buck wallet will do."

unfortunately, i'm cant be as heck care as her. so yeah.

that comment snapped "me" back to me. and since i didnt want to walk anymore, had some serious choosing to do btw this black mng one or this other black voodoo one. ended up with the mng wallet!!

hehehe.. i LOVE. yes FINALLY. a new wallet!! :D

bah. i bet i looked like an idiot going in and out of mng in my sch uniform!

okay. so then headed for wisma again. and bought earrings frm forever 21!! nice nice nice!! and i want their gold bag!! it's so nice. will try to get it next week!!

MWAHAHAHAHA. will get monthly allowance starting frm sep! yay. cant wait!!

BUT. shall learn how to manage my money. yes. I WILL OKAY. i hope lah. =x

ok then. i think that's it. goodnight!

ps: did you know that 65 changed it's route! now it turns at the youth centre there! yay! so much more convenient man!

pps: oh yah! did you read abt that london law firm? where sex gets you to the top. apparently, this guy "alex gilmore", of cos not his real name, wrote this bk abt what that law firm practices.
which includes the men lawyers using their tongues to take out lemon slices frm new interns' cleavage. the writer dude used to work there. OMG. damn funny lah! BUT it definitley stained the profession. sad sad. so, the author's real name was revealed and all. hahaha. all for laughs! x)

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