Red Hot Passion
18 August 2005

today only reached home at nine thirty!!!!!! oh god.

in the morning, found comfort in the national anthem again. =x i know. i'm weird right. well, it was so touching and well, it struck a chord in most of us i suppose. hence, triggering the floodgates to open. *sigh* definitely memorable. this week has been full of intense emotions of super high and freakily low.

but we'll pull through it all. :)

anyway, today mr goh didnt come. :( but our class had a harmonizing session!! was so fun man! at first it was just a small grp with mainly novabelle on the vocals and beatrice on the guitar. but somehow, the whole class ended up joining in. at least who were in class then.

we sang such sad sappy songs! the kind that can really kill a romantic person. sang "love me", "if we hold on together" (omg! last yr POP!! *sigh*) and "paint my love" to cite a few.

then THK walked in on us singing the last chorus of "love, me" for the second time. hmm. the session was put to an end so abruptly! how sad.

the rest of the day was basically the norms. although i kindda like amaths nowadays. if you were to tell me that i'd actually say that a few months back, i'd have laughed myself to death. *rolls eyes* what a horrid time. learning amaths frm a tcher as such! =x

after school had the continuation of the dunn and dunn workshop. the guy's actually very nice and interesting. so smart and wise! he was so funny! taught us how to defend ourselves when we're attacked by creeps. it was pretty entertaining actually.

although the stats he provided us are seriously mind boggling. *shakes head to "shake, shake it off"*

during the break, me and rachel went inside 2/o classroom!! our old class! damn do we miss it! :( they have a class pet hamster!!!!! so cute!! oh. and they are using our last yr's whiteboard ledge (or is it latch?) mini brush! hahah..

when the brilliant tricia and szeling only came in during the break time. but in the end, we didnt go back after the break! went to see ma'am instead.

and i'll only have this emoticon to express how WE felt! ^.^ hahah. that's a FIRST in my blog so yes. it's special. :))

anyway, after that, me, gerri and tricia walked to potong pasir and took the NEL to sengkang. then tricia went home, while me and gerri went to compasspoint to eat our dinner first before looking ard for *shh*...

it was hilarious! getting so hyped up for no reason! gosh. how weird! and we were feeling so freaking inspired just now! hahahah.. still do actually.

then we went to the bus int and yep. went home! mum nagged a bit here and there. *sigh* the usual yeah? so okay then. goodnight!

ps: every day, one girl is raped here in singapore. every five minutes, a girl is raped in america.

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