Red Hot Passion
20 August 2005

today was crater's POP.

met geraldine and siewhwee at pp macs first. then went to the market to buy some gross stuff. FISH and EGGS. did we even use them in the end?

then cabbed to sch. lazy to walk lah. and anyway, we were running pretty late.

games first. three words. CHAOTIC but sucessful. :)

tricia and i were under the first station. the obstacle course thingy. (till now, i cant seem to rmb the NAME of this game!).

it was fun! ma'am kamaliah and ma'am winnie stayed there for a while. and ma'am kamaliah was seriously confusing a lot of them! HAHAH.

there was even this one time where she actually managed to lead one of them OUT THE DOOR!! omf. that was seriously darn hilarious! and they were SCREAMING like there's no tomorrow! i'm amazed my eardrums didnt pop after it all.

then the squads had interaction time with their respective ncos. i think we had too little time? anyway, halfway thru, me, rachel and clara rushed down to the canteen to prepare the tables for refreshments.

we had POP rehearsal. it was pretty tense? most of us were anxious and irritable. (self included =x) but it all went rather smoothly in the end.

then rachel bersurai-ed everyone. and crater ma'ams started crying! it was such sad sight. but rather touching, y'know?

it was refreshments next.

FINALLY the food was good this time around!

anyway, the crater ma'ams were all tearing in the canteen. breaks my heart just looking at them. it's like you can see all the thousand and one emotions they're feeling. it's all written in their eyes.

we brought all our gifts to the buzz at canteen stage there. our timing sucked. sorry!! but in the end, we gave out the gifts and we roamed around. sort of lost? to me at least.

aries was really crying. it's really obvious how much they dont want crater to pass out.

anyway, eventually our squad came to sit where our presents were. we just SAT there staring. some sqdmates commented on __________. hmm. gotta agree with a lot said.

so sometime during the refreshments time, me and geraldine gave ma'am jy her gift. :)

way way wayyyyyyyyy before hand, we were like "eh, must tell her 'ma'am can you open it now cos we want to see your reaction!' " but you know. heard of NATO? lol.

anyway, when ma'am shirlyn and ma'am liwen left the canteen, me and tricia raced to them. wanted to give ma'am shirlyn her gift.

but well, some of the sec 2s rushed to her too. so, we kindda backed out. cos she was their nco after all.

wow. paste tense already.

so yeah. then our 3 lovely ncos talked to us. one look at them and i started to tear a little. stupid rachel! she mentioned it and the more i couldnt stop! *smacks rachel's head* me, tricia and szeling sat at the third rank together. now aries' ncos...

and then when ma'am jieying came, her impact was like whoa! more sqdmates started to tear.

there was this point in time when our ncos started to cry. of course that was accompanied by more tears from us. those who held back their tears, well, their floodgates pretty much splashed open.

y'know when delphinus cried with our ncos just now, the air was so sweet and sad at the same time. bittersweet.

it was the kind of perfect silence. all of us somewhat found solace by the sobbing and sniffling. the understanding was there. everything was understood both ways. it was simply wonderful.

then it was "gift part 1". they gave us this trousers kind of keychain. handmade. you know the kind that you have to bake to harden? cos well, "delphinus is a pair of trousers" and now, we're donning on a brand new pair. and we'll stand tall and proud, do what we gotta do and not let crater down.

the ma'ams told us a lot of meaningful things. was greatly touched. wise words. encouraging words.

then sir tan just had to barge in to inform us that "[we] really have to leave now" cos it's already two. and all the tchers have already left. so unless we're gone can he go home.

hmm. super anti climax can? argh. contain your feelings huda!

oh and there was someone from np who was being supported by ma'am winnie and ma'am kamaliah. we think it's silin? her condition seemed to be pretty bad. omg! hope she's alright..

anyway, the other crater ma'ams were there at the second level empty corridor also. ma'am shirlyn presented us this black notebk. for us to reminisce and reflect away on paper as a squad.

then we were shooed out. so, delphinus MOVED our location to the foyer! HAHA. so basically, we were still in school, "waiting for our parents to fetch us". when in actual fact, we're just hanging ard waiting for sqdmates or sth. ;)

oh yes! then me and tricia were searching for ma'am shirlyn, cos well, we've still yet to give her our gift. we even searched the toilet. cos maybe she was changing?

so finally, me and tricia ran across the courtyard to the canteen. and yes! she was there! so yep. cornered her at the rubbish bin area?? and yes. presented her our token of appreciation for everything. :)

and her first reaction? she glanced at the paperbag and went "did you guys spend a lot on this?"

of course we HAD to say "err. no ma'am" asap. but truth be told... you go figure k? obvious lah.

exchanged a few words while i was silently praying, hurry hurry hurry. dont wanna piss the cis off. HURRY! but yes, what she said was meaningful.

then RUN RUN RUN back across the courtyard to the FOYER! (safe hiding place. sort of.)

waited for szeling. and FINALLY she came. most of us had to bring back food cos there was TOO MUCH food man. SO MUCH! *shakes head*

then sl was like "eh, how? you give ma'am shirlyn her gift already?" to us. when we said yes she started to panic. why? cos she still hasnt given ma'am joleyn her gift. and she obviously cant go back to the empty corridor cos cis would definitely scream. so... dhilshad was conveniently THERE. (ncc and guides had their farwell thingys today as well.)

we made her go ask ma'am joleyn to see szeling! HAHAH.

she, as in ma'am joleyn, ran here? or something like that. lol. and then, being the lovely sqdmates we are, we embarrassed szeling! HAHA. they took pics. and the picture turned out REALLY NICE you know! both of them look so cute! with szeling looking away. SHY lah.

after all that, me, xw, tricia and szeling went to serangoon macs. talked quite a lot. esp in the bus. hmm.

then went home. and i didnt know i was THAT tired. cos i was just lying down on my bro's bed cos i was feeling lonely and i hate it. see, i was feeling sad and scared about everything and i'd just burst if i'm alone for any longer.

so yeah. i bugged him, put my head on the pillow.

and BAM! i'm gone. cant believe i actually slept for like 2hrs plus??

so yes, that shall be all for now. goodnight.

a tribute to delphinus' ncos '04-'05

for all those times you stood by us
for all the truth that you made us see
for all the joy you brought to our lives..
for all the love we found in you..
we'll be forever thankful..
you're the ones who helped us up..
you're the one who saw us through,
throught it all..
you were our strength when we were weak..
you saw the best there was in us..
you gave us faith cos you believe..
you gave us wings and made us fly
we lost our faith, you gave it back to us
you said no star was out of reach..
you stood by us and we stood tall
you were always there for us..
the light in the dark...

you've been our inspiration..

you've made an impact on us. you'll remain etched in our hearts forever. and for that, you'll be dearly missed.

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