Red Hot Passion
24 August 2005

today was pretty alright on the whole i guess. after sch had cc selection. it was interesting.

OH and mr sng!! I WANT MY UNSEEN PAPER BACK!! other classes got it back alr okay! he better give us back on fri. he better.

i'm really bored. i hate it when ppl declare that. but well. *shrugs*

oh yes. i know. since i didnt catch the national day rally speech, shall go read up on it now. come on say it! i'm good... :D

bah. it was darn long. so many segments etc. but it was enlightening all the same.

anyway, yes. i'm sorry najib! didnt know it would affect you! really. no more secrets k? promise. i swear on my darling kieffy!!

oh yes. i cant believe i've not mentioned kieffy. and even if i do, it's extremely rare, yeah? well kieffy's my cat! :D

she's been my confidante since i was 8. cool? I KNOW.

anyway, i know you're probably thinking what a weird name! well, you see, i was at the pet shop at erm. serangoon there? and i was saying aloud to my dad. and well the rest of the world since i used to LOVE to talk loudly. (maybe i still do? heh.)

ANYWAY, here's how the convo went.

cute me: papa! i'll name her ki ffy!
papa: hmm. nice. why ki ffy? K-I-F-F-Y right?
cute me: NO lah pa! it's k-i-E-f-f-y!!
papa: hmm..
cute me: bcos right pa. KI stands for kitten and FFY stands for fluffy!
papa: then where did the 'E' come from?
cute me: bcos pa, if dont have 'E' dont look nice. CANNOT.

i cant believe i still rmb all that. well, i was just overjoyed to finally have a cat or rather kitten of my own. and well, it was a pretty historic moment for me ?

see, i've loved cats ever since i was really really young. so whenever i saw a stray, i'd run to it, pat it, stroke it and basically play with it without any regard that it could have bitten me or i dont know. maybe it's DIRTY?! lol

so yes. my mum got so sick of that she decided that she and my dad will get me a cat of my own for my eighth.

OH. and you know what? i still rmb how much everything cost that day at the pet shop. since that was the first time we actually had a proper pet. as in fish all not counted cos they dont really need TLC.

so, my dad was pretty kiasu lah. bought EVERYTHING a cat would ever need. the food, the kitty litter, the litter sand, the food bowl, the collar, the play pen, the pyramid thingy with a ball hanging frm it, etc. it all amounted to FIVE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FOUR FRIGGIN BUCKS. )inclusive of cat.)

and no. dont ask how i cant still rmb that figure thought it's close to SEVEN years ago. whoa.

i love my cat lah. hehe. speaking, i mean typing of the devil. she just jumped up on my lap. hard to type. brb.


okay! BACK! okay, kieffy aside!

hmm. you know how sick and tired you are of everything sometimes? well, i think for some people, it happens at higher frequency? like more often and much more affecting than others? well, i think sometimes right, they tend to be blinded by all the simple joys in life. such as appreciating friends and the good times spent with them.

pls try to think of those who'll be affected with whatever you're doing. you may be thinking you're only harming yourself. but dont you ever consider the pain and worry you cause others?

no, i'm not saying that it's your fault others worry. that's just cos they care. but pls do think of the consequences alright? you may not realise it, but there are many out there who really do care for you.

why dont you try to live life a little and appreciate small meaningful gestures? it may shine some light. pls dont hurt yourself anymore. see the brighter side of things ok. there will ALWAYS be a brighter side to everything. you just gotta search it high and low. you'll find it. that i'm sure. :)

okay. that's all. goodnight fellas. and you ladies as well.

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