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09 August 2005

was just told some news. rather disturbing. i mean, this could change my whole life. and no, i'm really not exaggerating. but, i wont think abt it. it makes my head spin too much, too fast. think no shit, feel no shit.


so today started of with my waking up late. at 6.10!! omg. so i cabbed to sch. *sigh* this is bad. i've been cabbing to sch like four times in two weeks. forty bucks gone. forty!! eeeks. bad bad.

i ended up reaching sch at like what, 6.40? okay. you see, i take abt 1hr to get to sch by bus. but i take 15 mins when i drive (hah. i wish.) i mean cab.

diana had her big toe all bandaged up. immediately i was like, "fake one right!!". so that's what she did so wouldnt hafta wear sch shoes. -.- she even has her act prepared if mrs loy wants her to open the bandage and show the wound! screamings and tears included.

ALAMAK. *smacks head* this girl ah. tsk tsk tsk..

so it started to rain when the outdoor performance was abt to start!! oh my. so us (being the remaining few of 3c) decided to go down and walk ard. went down. ooh. what a bad idea. tchers everywhere. urgh. and it's not as though it's much more entertaining down there.

then, miraculously, the rain lightened up. and so the parade was ON! yeah! two words baby! np rocked! :))

but i think it's the worst celebration in cedar ever. not talking abt the parade/performances. i'm talking abt the atmosphere.

ah. yes. there sure wasnt the usual electricity in the air. somehow, we werent as hyped as the past years. boohoo! the singing of the national anthem lousy lah dey! embarrassing! *covers face*

but when we all moved to the hall, things got better. maybe it was cos i'm with my sqdmates? :) delphinus, you rock lah.

stood and cheered like mad whenever an np person won somthing. esp mjy. and since we were at the gallery, the sea of red and white would turn up and stare at us.

oh, what do we care?! hahah..

we sang everything enthusiastically! including the sch song! bet baboon was damn proud. though the real partay only began when the tchers/guests left the hall! when janica aka ex HPC announced "alright cedarians, the time you have all been waiting for!..."

then cedarians became possesed! XP

we started jumping up and down, screaming, cheering, etc. it really looked as though we were all drunked! frm the upper view at least! lol. but that is the true spirit of cedarians no? *beams


after that, clara and i made our way to the theaterette first to collect her stuff. then we made our way to our respective classes.

then when all's settled, with delphinus, crater ma'ams, sir and ma'am chew present, our hierarchy was announced.

pumppump..pumppump..pumppump.. went my heart (some dramatic effect la!)

omg. was so nervous! even more nervous regarding who i'll be working closely with.

after sir announced my name, my role...

i sighed with relieve. phew. *wipes sweat* was seriously abt to pee in my pants i tell you. okay, make that skirt.

at first, i was just ohkayyyyy.

but then, after summing up everything and analyizing everything in every way possible, i smiled. it wasnt that bad after all. i'm gonna work with tricia and szeling!! *jumps, skips, shrieks!* oh and and anddd suhaha, xiuqi and xiaowei!!

man, it could have been a far worse combination. so yes, i'm satisfied. not VERY satisfied. but satisfied enough. :)))

to those who arent: please please please give it a try. dont make blind assumptions abt things okay? give it all you've got, your best shot! then you'll see how smoothly things will flow. cos i know you delphinus. and you always work things out at the end of the day. dont give up too soon, yea? =))

so right now, we shall all accept it, smile and kick ass baby!! yeah!!


so after all that, me, tricia and clara went to town. was pretty frustrating finding a place to eat at plaza sing! cos everywhere was filled to the max and the queues arent what you'd call short. far from it!

before i say anything else, i have to say this. tricia! you rock! woohoo! ;DD

anyway, we had lotsa trouble finding a place to eat. it's very the irritating okay! pizza hut: FULL, pastamania: FULL, swensons: FULL. so blardy annoying.

in the end, we settled for thai express. yummy. food there was good. service: err no comment. anyway, me and tricia began discussing things abt ______ and stuff. was uber excited. and i bet clara was bored to death! sorry girl!

then we played arcade, tho i wanted to catch a movie! BUT. the queue at the ticket counter was never ending! plaza sing was maxed out like no other today!! freakily crowded. dunch like! :(

oh and i bought ichigos!! yum. love them! oh, and in case you dont know, (at which you deserve a tight smack!), ichigos are frozen straberries with vanilla fillings! *craves more*

then the three of us walked a bit, shopped a bit.. then we headed for heeren. and we walked there. so fun!

i think my now fav thing to do in town is to WALK frm plaza sing to far east! or further up! which is like, the thai embassy!! or no, hilton hotel! or the hard rock cafe! x) haha. wow. very far.

let's all try it in heels and see how many blisters we'd end up with! haha..

walking in town is damn fun! go try ppl! nothing venture, nothing gain! rmb that! ;D

then we entered this building whats-it-called? the one not far frm centrepoint? so anws, we wanted to go to funfit, cos tricia wanted to buy SBs. but the shop wasnt there anymore! wow. haha.

and since there was a mos burger there, we sat and ate more ichigos! x) there clara was taking candid shots! and we had this competition as to who can take the nicest shots of lamps! yes, lamps!! haha..

so we had lotsa fun. lots of laughter. so we shopped alittle bit here and there. had fun, definitely!

met a lot of cedarians and ex-cedarians. and we also met ma'am charmiane at annex! :)

oh yes, we knoe what to get for dhil's bday already! *shh...) at first, when we passed buttcheeks, tricia was like, "eh! let's get her a bikini!". lol. and no worries dhilshad, it's NOT a bikini. hahah.

oh i cant wait for end of term! me, tricia and szeling going out as _________ NCOs!! whee.. i'm so excited and i really dont know why! *puzzled*

i guess i'm just thankful, it's them. *huggles both of ya!*

okay, i think i shall stop now. here's some pics taken today. have fun kaypohs! XP

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
and tricia! (apparently, she doesnt like to take pics alone)

here are candid shots taken by lee!

Image hosted by

EWW. look at my eye bags!! yuck! it's times like this i wish i'm a panda.

Image hosted by
ichigo and i!

Image hosted by
more candid shots by clara!

Image hosted by
ahh! pimple attack! must be the cadbury! (i really dunch know why i'm publicising my flaws. but.. o well..)

Image hosted by
naz and i! why she look so chio?! *unfair*

Image hosted by
milo and i! no, dont ask. really.

Image hosted by
szeling (HighlyOrganizedAttitude) and xiuqi!

Image hosted by
L-R: szeling, sulaiha (HOPPing on!), clara

Image hosted by
bang bang! L-R: jolene, hilda, clara

hilda so attitude! erm actually, i had to crop out a finger. THE finger. lol. (HelpOrderLadylike manners!)

Image hosted by
shermaine and clara taking aim!

Image hosted by

L-R: sophia (cHOMP chomp!) , fiona and rachel! (HOT!)

Image hosted by
a blur of rifles!

Image hosted by
wow. looking smart during hormat!

Image hosted by
all the uniform grps at parade square!

Image hosted by
during kekanan lurus!

Image hosted by delphinus and crater ma'ams!

Image hosted by
looking smart! np just rocks la okay? oh and sry for troubling you to scroll here and there. if minimized, the pics will be damn blur!

and with that, here's bidding you fellow readers a very good night!! take care! :)

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