Red Hot Passion
27 September 2005

drama drama drama... what more can i say?

well, plenty actually.

i would like to seriously see her suffer before my very eyes. i know revenge is bad blahblahblah. but y'know what? right now, i dont give a damn. i'd love to be the one with the upper hand for once. i'd like to see her beg and plead for my mercy. and of cos, being me, i'd be more than happy to watch her at it as long as possible. i'd enjoy every moment of it.

for me, for you, for all of us. *for that extra pinch of drama!

malicious, and dont i know it. (: but come on now. give me a break please.

one word. pathetic.

i'm not the first. hell no man. guess i'm just so unlucky then. must be the cluttered study table. bad feng shui. and my windchime, hanging on my room window, broke ytd! so that was a sign. =/

of cos she didnt return it to me. whoever who asked whether i got it back is just too ..... (i dont even have the word for it.) i mean hello? it's her. *rolls eyes* whatever.

it was my mum. NOT MY BF you assuming.. assuming.. assuming WOMAN! (cant be too explicit here). anyway, ms nair called my mum. haha. came back to a very intersting sight i thought i'd nvr see. MY MUM PLEADING WITH ME!! (well sort of lah)

*enters the door*
mother: omg huda!! i'm so sorry lah girl. i didnt know your shool wasnt over yet! *rushes to me*
me: *oblivious to the fact that ms nair called* wah ma! you psychic is it?!?!!
mother: no. *rolls eyes* (my mum actually ROLLED her eyes. at ME.) your disipline mistress called.
me: oh. *trying to appear cool, calm and collected and not the even disturbed abt it*
mother: so what happened?
me: *blabbers story on and on and on (vulgarities included)*
mother: oh. how come you didnt off your phone? (see? she's trying to turn the tables here!)
me: how come you called when i've not even finished school?
mother: tsk. what kind of daughter do i have? *looks up. (questioning the big guy upstairs i suppose)
me: a perfect one who doesnt blame you at all MOTHER. (emphasize on the last word. for effect purpose? haha)
mother: hrmph. *goes back to the kitchen to continue cooking or sth but i thought i saw her smile. (:

HAHA. it felt good for a while. my case is "special". my mum doesnt have to go down to claim back my phone. (theft no? taking it w/o my permission. in a really twisted way lah. BUT STILL.) some papers have to be signed and whatever.

goodness. uncalled for man. even my mum said it was made into such a big hoo ha. *rolls eyes*

anyway, today was pretty dry i suppose. went into panic mode somewhere in between school hours. realised how much i'm left to study. can die, i swear!

went to read that person's blog. she will NEVER beat clara! yes! go lock! HAHA. supportive me. (:

okay. that's all. i really have to break this habit of my blogging each day. but i cant. it's pretty addictive. to me anyway. ciao babes!

omg. tomorrow's malay paper! shitshitshit.

[edit] edited out some stuff. cos i realise i was being a little tactless and well, it's risky? considering abt the 5 JC students that got suspended for whatever they wrote abt their tcher and VP (mb's blog). no no. i'm not gonna be that careless. read his latest entry. the comments are so true man.

it's true you know. if we cant blog about what we feel and all, then what IS the point of a blog? they talk about freedon of speech.. oh WAIT. WHAT FREEDOM? we cant talk about tchers, schools, obvuously not about politics. we'd probably be singing "Jailhouse Rock" inside, well, the jail. (underage tho. but nvm, that's the idea.)

i mean we are so restricted as a student/singaporean. it's quite sad really. cos we arent "allowed" to do what one in another country would deem simply as freedom of speech. i mean, i doubt there's a singapore version of Bush blog? (if there is then that person is just plain nuts!)

okay.more abt this whole saga in another post.

oh yes. check out my "links" page. decided to just add the links there. and do without that entire "great links" page. cya ard. [10.22pm]

ps: demi moore and ashton kutcher tied the knot! like whoa! on sat night.

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