Red Hot Passion
05 September 2005

had abt 7 hrs of science today. SEVEN. yeah you read it right. you know what's most surprising? i dont find them one bit troublesome or pissifying, feeling as though i need to rush out asap. interesting yeah? and it's like longer than sch hours.

woke up late. was rushing like shit at first. but then i realised that even if i rushed, there'd still be the morning jam. so yes. i took my time. =D had TWO cups of coffee before strolling out the door. cos my dad was late too and my mum was fasting. and she hates to waste food and stuff. so huda + 2 cups of coffee = super high and lame version of huda

anyways, upon reaching sch, had to search HIGH and LOW for 3c! (literally) met nicholyn who was also searching the whole sch for dearest 3c. FINALLY spotted them at the first level. thank god i was sharp! =p

we were abt 40 mins late? whoops. but i cant say it wasnt expected. five minutes later, gwen walked in! hahaha. you think that's late? naz and dirah only walked in at tenfuckingthirty! (hey, read back the last word. HAHAH. 10 and 30 having sex?! EWW.) chem was supposed to start at 8.30 btw. YES. TWO hours late. sheesh. haha. oh and their reason was cos they thought it starts at 10.30.

sat beside nicholyn and she was so damn nice. explained all the confusing shit to me. numerous times, shall i add, cos chem's still pretty foreign to me.

had break soon after. breakfast. no actually, brunch. ms begam called macdonalds! but we had to pay of course. fairuz "sponsered" her 100 bucks first. (wah lau! itchin' the richin'!) then went to help bring the stuff frm the office to the canteen. the office STANK of macs breakfast man! but i like the smell. although i know some who detest it.

anyways, 12.30 soon came and chem's over! physics next! had abt an hour break in btw. naz and dirah didnt order anything frm macs earlier cos they came late. so they were hungry! headed to where else but pp macs?


macs twice in a day YET AGAIN! fuckfucktriplefuck.

but it was pretty fun! cos well, we were snapping away with naz' cam? dunno lah. i used to hate it when ppl take pics in fastfood restaurants. but well. now that i've converted to being pro-cam-whore-everywhere, i decided they're pretty alright now. heh. a hypocrite, that i am. sometimes anyway.

then had physics at com lab 3. oh and dont you agree that ronnie goh looks cute in jeans and tshirt? like bring out his droopy cheeks even more! HAHA! (god. i sure hope no tchers read my blog.) speaking of him, dont you think his dog looks like him too?! like REALLY ALIKE okay! so cute!

after that, headed home. after being all lame and being so fucking trigger happy that is! took pics EVERYWHERE lah. now i cower in shame. haha. but it was fun. =D pictures are much fun! it's a great toy i suppose. apart frm the com, and hp. damn. are we machine dependent or what.

stayed up pretty late last night. and good for me, ch5 was playing F.R.I.E.N.D.S re-runs! i think it was one of the earlier seasons, by looking at their fashion sense and jennifer aniston's pretty hair. (shit her. she has perfect hair ALL the time!) anyway, was so happy. =D rachel is so adorable. i love the whole cast man. oh ya. since my birthday's next month right, i wouldnt mind receiving the entire season of F.R.I.E.N.D.S vcd!! hehe.. like 50 of you can go chip in 2.50 or sth.

but i want other stuff to! accessories, accessories, accessories! and compilations of love songs! and and and.. well i can go on forever if i dont stop now. sigh. demanding me. :)

been reading "petals of the wind" the sequel to "flowers in the attic". it's abt sick, complicated relationships and accounts that's so twisted, it freaks you out. however i think virginia andrews (author) managed to make these "wrongs" right. how, i dont know. but you gotta admit that's one cool feat, yes?

in a REALLY small snail shell, it's abt these 4 kids who get locked up in the attic cos the mum's a greedy bitch, cowardly i might add. (first bk) and the second book's abt how the protagonist, cathy, wants to get revenge on her mum and how the others who survived the ordeal continue with their lives.

they're clara's (3c) books. i mean come on. it's not really that surprising right? hehe. and these books have been passed ard the class ever since word got ard that the book's abt incest, which most of us found incredibly sick, it's intriguing.

shit. that sentence is TOO long! lol.

okay folks. goodnight and sweet dreams!

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