Red Hot Passion
17 September 2005

here again. cos i'm waiting for 10.30 to come. so i can watch my show.

anyway, had spaghetti for dinner. my mum and i only. since my dad and hakiem went with abg razif and mirza to fetch kakak idayu who's back frm koh samui! (wait, is that even the right spelling?)

while eating, my mum suddenly said "dont you know how to eat your food properly!?".

i was wondering wth she was referring to. she was talking abt the chicken. cos i didnt eat the other part of the wing. the meatless part.

my mum is the sort of super clean eater. you know the kind that the plate is usually spotless with hardly any scraps. and then she starts talking abt how i dont know how to eat properly.

and i realise that there is some truth in that.

1) i dont know how to peel prawns with fork and spoon
2) my aunt was pushed to teaching me how to eat rice with my hand when i was 9!
3) i dont know how to eat crabs, not really
4) i only knew how to use forks and knives combi when i was 10
5) i'm horrible when eating pastries with fork and knife (eg the delifrance pastries)
6) i cant eat "clean" for nuts
7) i have trouble eating clams cos they like to stick to their damn shells!
8) i dont know how to twirl the spaghetti ard the fork
9) i cant use chopsticks properly, though i act as if i do
10) i'm a messy eater. i cant do without tissue.

isnt that just so irritating? sheesh.

oh SHIT. either my com's cuckoo, or the speakers are going nuts. i cant hear a thing. wtf's wrong now?!

anyway, ytd, me, clara and jazzy were talking abt who we forsee with what kind of life in 20 years time. thinking very far ahead huh. well, i asked ppl what they see me in 20 years. and i do NOT like the response! bleargh.

i only the fact that clara sees me driving a black car. not toyota jazzy!

a housewife? a prison warden?! i swear man. that just plain sucks.

we were also talking abt how freaky it would be when 20 years down the road, we read in the papers that a classmate of ours has just comitted suicide. how so damn freaky lah.

i know we dont really think abt it. buit can you imagine how everyone will be like 20 years from now? i mean, there'll be the sucessful ones, of course, then there'll be those who may be involved in crimes maybe? plus those who'll be famous! and those who'll have affairs (haha. dont ask why we mentioned that).

so much change! in 20 years time i'll be 35. what i wish to be then? happily married, with kids. good career. hopefully i've found a way to lead life the way it's supposed to. like not for money only, that kind of thing. i hope i'll be happy. i really do.

on a side note, keeping in touch with the celeb news,

1) paris hilton's hacker is jailed already.
2) britney gives birth to a baby boy!
3) jen aniston will most likely talk abt how jolie "snatched" pitt on oprah winfrey! omg!

here are some now and then pics of bsb! HUGE changes!

whee! omg! on a high now! NICK NICK NICK. BSB BSB BSB! woohoo!

loyalty never dies. the flame keeps burning on even after all these years. (:

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