Red Hot Passion
21 September 2005

hey again. i decided to be more cheerful. like what mother says, smile more! :D no, not in denial, as a matter of fact the exact opposite! like what morrie says (Tuesdays with Morrie, fab book), you let the emotion in, let it fill your whole being, then you detach yourself from it.

By throwing yourself into these emotions, by allowing yourself to dive in, all the way, over your head even, you experience them fully and completely... And only then can you say, "All right. I have experienced that emotion. I recognize that emotion. Now I need to detach from that emotion for a moment."

so yes. a lighter topic.

hair products. (no, this is not the cue for you guys to laugh hysterically.)

i tried to be funny last week when i ran out of shampoo and conditioner. i bought those cheapo kind. you know, trying not to conform and all. oh god. what an experience. a horrible one.

bleargh. it was a rude wake when i realised that my hair's texture's rougher within the NEXT HOUR when it's not wet anymore! (not that it was even smooth in the first place. curly=frizz, little or not, but it was at least soft and nice to touch. i hope. =x) and the conditioner? shit lousy.

i feel like googling the brand down, then pixelate the brand or something. cos really. it was freaky. but i'm not gonna be so mean lah. i'm nice, remember? (:

those who have fine, silky, smooth hair by nature, you basically have a wide range of shampoos to choose from. but for those, whose hair's like mine, hmm. let's just say it's a different story entirely yeah?

i here, love to experiment with lots of toiletries. i change shower creams alternate with various bar soaps (which arent too bad btw), shampoos, conditioners, facial wash, toothpaste and toothbrushes. so yes, i'm rather experienced in knowing what's good and what's not. but then again, there's always the fact that everyone's unique (bah. the ultimate paradox man), hence the body type's different, hair's different, etc.

for ME, the best shampoo-conditioner combi is by far Loreal Elseve anti-dandruff shampoo plus Herbal Essence conditioner (you can keep switching the "flavours" of the conditioner cos they all basically smell and the results are the same but the rocking most shiok is the Rose one! doesnt hurt cos it smells sexy too!)

a rocking combination. does wonders for texture and staying anti-dandruff.

i've yet to try out many other brands, but well, these are my current fav. oh yes, one toiletry i NEVER change is my deodarant. i swear by Lady Speed Stick.

cos it's so effective! it really does keep you fresh the whole day. inclusive of days with jogging, pe, parades. IT WORKS. (free advertisement. will i get freebies if they come across my blog? *hopeful but deluded*)

speaking of advertisements, there's been much talk about commercialisation/how the world progressed thus far, whatever that comes close and how they manipulate the world, especially us youngsters.

like for English, we've done too many comprehensions on that plus we even took a "closer" look at it and discussed about it i class. (the newsweek article)

this reminded me of the recent summary we did. the first sentence made me feel so freaking small and pathetic cos i realised i didnt comprehend it.

Communism is the doctrine of the conditions of the liberation of the proleteriat.

like whoa lah. but upon reading the entire article, it gets easier cos they explained the entire thing. yadayadayada.


anyway, just now my mum called me to watch this show on suria. it was abt blogs and stuff. how come there wasnt such a hoo ha back when it first exsited in 1998? (yes, i was eight, but still. i wonder if the americans made such a big deal out of it, like what we're doing right now.) WE here includes lots of people.

okay. nvm. i think i shall stop my mad mutterings. and HEY. DO SIGN MY GUESTBOOK so i wont appear too pathetic okay? come on! you guys have high EQ right? able to empathise with me, yes???


love ya! ciao babes! :D

ps: i do realise that this entry has lots of out of place stuff. like jumping of topic A to a sudden T or sth. shit, i'm starting again. okay BYE.

pps: i think rocking's my new fav word. back to maths. *SIGH

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