Red Hot Passion
04 September 2005

heyah! :))

guess what. i'm coughing like shit now. i really do not know how i got it, but i'm currently coughing out greenish-yellow phlegm. it's gross. but you know what. i kindda like the feeling of the yucky thing going up my throat. i know i know. but well, whatever.

last night went to eat dinner at bedok food centre. i dont know why they call i that since everyone i know just calls it 'bedok corner'. anyway, they renovated! omg. it looks like the east coast one now.

now, all the stalls are in this neat circle. and right in the centre of the "food centre" there's this open air area. which was really nice and windy. (yes, we sat there)

automatically, my dad went off to buy cheng teng. i dont remember a time where we went there and didnt buy chen teng. they've been there since 1939 you know!!! *gasps*

this time ard however, there wasnt a cheng teng stall in sight! my mum and i were like "you have to be kidding right!" cos, bedok corner without the cheng teng is just..... not bedok corner!

thank god for my sharp eyes cos i found the stall! i think my dad missed it cos it's sign has huge chinese characters and sort of assumed that it was some chinese stall selling dishes. not cheng teng.

as usual, the queue was fucking long. but fucking worth it! :D they're cheng teng rocks so unbelievably. i love the pessimon (is that how it's spelt?) and the sweet potato! sweet!

oh yes. since my bro's at some scouts camp, it was only the 3 of us. i dont mean to be mean, but it was nice! i felt like an only child last night! and i really cant recall the last time i felt that way. i mean, i can sure rmb times where i felt like i wasnt part of the fam, but not like an only child!

so since my bro wasnt ard, there were many a times where we talked abt ME. i know i sound like a freaking brat who just likes to AA. but well, it did feel nice. and i dont rmb me liking pessimons when i was young!

after our dinner, went back home. watched true files. omf. boy was i disgusted. and pissed off.

in a nutshell, it's abt this bitch of a mother who allowed her boyfriend to rape her nine yr old daughter over a period of six years. the regularity of it all was alarming. FIVE times a week.

there was even this once where this bastard who'll hopefully die in jail had sex with the girl, then called the mother in to have sex with her. forcing the daughter to watch them. then he continued to have sex with the girl yet again, and this time, the mother watched.

fucking sick right? i mean, the girl hasnt even reached puberty yet! nothing's developed yet, and he found that sexually arousing?! anyway, that's pretty hot now in the world of perverts right? child sex. doesnt it just SPELL sex appeal?

i attempted to watch "dude where's my car". but failed miserably. was to pooped i guess.

today was pleasantly slack. :)

no worries. i do intend to change all that later tonight. later. but for now, internet! joy! hah. that was pretty lame. anyway, for those who've read my ermm, profile (is it?) on blogger would realise that my blog's name is "taped live". oxymorons! hehe. i find them highly amusing.


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