Red Hot Passion
12 September 2005

i felt like lugging my bag straight home the minute i stepped into the school building. it just didnt feel right. not that it's supposed to anyway.

today was exhausting to a certain extent. mentally. although it felt quite good to be back? crap. i'm contradicting myself. the flip side of being a libran i suppose.

the people around me have come to the conclusion that i was being extra bitchy today. really? it's just your stupid face lah fairuz! :D

had lit today! though it was rather blah, literature is still literature. =D catcher in the rye! i think that book's good.

sorry for being extremely all over the place today. dont make rash assumptions. i'm referring to this entry.

a haunting conscience

damn do i hate studying simply cos you have no choice. that's not the right way to acquire knowledge right. but who cares here huh? you just mug your ass away, get a damn degree, a good job and that's it. you've accomplished a great life. *rolls eyes*

recently, i've been rather fascinated by my star sign. hehe. (BIG HINT YOU GUYS!) and i never realised that rachel (delph) and faizah are librans too! haha. a little late yeah? librans rock. we're the only inanimate sign out of the 12 signs. we're the ones who strike the perfect balance and as bimbo as it sounds, we want world peace. REALLY. (dont laugh.) and just to let you know, some adjectives to describe librans are romantic, diplomatic, judicial, peace loving, cultured, indecisive, fickle and apathetic. i could go on forever although i know it's already boring you.

oh and dont worry, i'll post a special entry abt librans come THE BIG DAY or maybe immediately when the month comes ard! =D i'm going too far on this whole libra thing. it's fascinating. really. how they're so freaking right abt so many things can be rather baffling.

oh yes. today had bio test. and i thought it was alright. and i think i may have just discovered what the hell is wrong with me. i am easily satisfied. in terms of school work. the aftermath of doing so badly for such a long time now? maybe.

after that, me j and siti had our first taste of fake ART. the school library is actually a pretty conducive place to study. IF ONLY JUNAIDAH MANAP WASNT ARD. (:

ok. i'm gonna go hit the sack now. then noctornal me will wake up in the wee hours to........... do maths. sigh. numbers leave me all the more confused.

the mandatory lifestyle of a student trying to cut her losses. =/

9:54 PM

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