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30 September 2005

now, arent you little people proud of me? i didnt touch the com for like TWO days. (okay. so maybe i cheated a bit here and there but i didnt hang ard long enough to update!)

anyways, i am SERIOUSLY running out of time to study all that i have to. today stayed back with sheena, charmaine and lilin to study in the school library. it was supposed to be just me and sheena but since the two were there too, might as well just join in right?

it turned to be rather fruitful! (: happy happy happy. (: sheena, i know you wont be reading this, but you'll make one hell of a lousy exam paper setter! right lilin? :p

niz is over again. this time she's sleeping over! YAY. she's bathing right now. we're gonna mug away like nobody's freaking business! WOOHOO! GO US! (now, arent you proud of me for the SECOND time today? :D)


so fatmah's gonna help me tmr night! YAY. i think things are finally falling in place. (sort of anyway. like i said before, i'm easily satisfied.)

anyway, there's been much talk about the "tcher-student blog war", so to speak. me? i think it sorts of speaks for itself it's just that we dont take note of these little thingies that actually matter a lot.

like for example, it's only normal for people to want to know what others think of them without actually being so forward about it. so naturally, tchers, who've come to know that many of their students have blogs, would take the time and effort to actually google up their names to find out whether the students are bitching about them read up.

to know more about our lives, in a slightly different light, to snoop around and be busybodies, to dig dark skeletons we care to share with our peers only (in a sense, though it's actually the entire WORLD). or like, my mum said, they just want to know more about us so they can i dont know. can relate...? to us better?

and us being us, may be tactless and get carried away with whatever we're feeling at the moment (it's called out of control rage and being a typical teenager with that normal dosage of angst), and hence blog without even a hint of sensitivity. so yes. we may write too harshly and be totally ignorant of the tcher's feelings cos HEY! tchers dont read blogs what!! (oh how wrong can we get.)

but you see right, if the tchers do track down their students' blogs and read it regularly, and they happen to come across something brutally honest but painful, it's their own doing right? they did after all read up on their own accord, they werent forced to read.

i mean, there has to be a reason why the student mentioned blablahblah. though there's definitely some exceptions who really just trash out EVERYTHING they want. (honey, you're talking to the world in that page of yours. NOT YOUR DAMN DIARY COS IT'S NOT A DIARY DAMMIT!).

plus those who can get really mean and tactless (hmm. self included here. but that's besides the point.) as well as those who dont take any precautions at all when writing a post.

BUT. i also think that xiaxue's partially right. scan throught the comments too while you're at it. and i say scan cos at last count, it had "468 freaking comments!!" so you get an idea.

(talking about the JC students getting suspended for flaming their tchers) are they abusing their power? why cant they talk it out like what civilised people do? why the need to make such a big deal out of it? i mean. i dont know lah. THREE days of suspension leh!

it could be that the students went too far. cos they never really mentioned what exactly the students wrote. there definitely is a line we cant cross. but who sets it? the tchers? the principals? and just exactly how far is too far?

can we at least say what we feel but phrase it nicely? or we can only write rosy and peachy (albeit FAKE FAKE FAKE and LIES LIES LIES) stuff about tchers/principals? that would be pretty extreme, dont you think?

but it's quite sad. shows that singaporeans arent willing to be open minded or that we (students) are just insensitive spoilt brats (which i do care to protest to!). we cant do this, we cant do that. what's happening right now, may be deemed simply as freedom of speech by those of other countries. but it's true lah. we cant be too cruel.

it's a two way thing. but still. i find this rather disturbing, somehow.

the question is...

is it the abuse of power for personal reasons? (like cos they dont like that particular student)

so ladies. what do you think?

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