Red Hot Passion
19 September 2005

ok ok siew hwee. so i took it frm someone. haha. but YOU pushed me! i took out the "get your own hugs" thingy. so now, you guys cant have it! HAHAHA. but i bet you can google it down. so it's basically pointless.

oh yes! have you watched britney's mega mix video? omgosh. it's so damn rocking! go watch it! she's a MOMMY!! hehe. cute. (random, but who cares.)

one of my recent pet peeves...

when people discuss abt religion so darn openly, scrutinize, criticise it and then when people who take offence thrash abt it in their own blog, rebutts in such an obnoxious way.

no, i'm not only talking abt my religion. any religion for that matter.

and no, that does not mean that i'm not open minded or that i cant take controversies or that i'm stuck in the stone age or what have yous.

it's just that i think people should be more considerate and at least take the very decency to try to be objective and not so obviously against it.

and another thing. blogwars. i cant stand it. it's all so.... passe? i mean hello, it's even a sign of cowardice. why let the world know that you're an anti-(insert religion here)? (and dont give me the crap abt maybe the other party is halfway ard the globe. cos there's still this great invention called the email.)

okay. i think that's enough venting for one post. hopefully i've not offended anyone in this entry (apart frm those i've aimed to) cos really, i didnt mean to. an apology in advance, yeah?

it's 12.27am. i dont feel like sleeping and neither do i feel like mugging. so what else is there to do apart frm going online? (actually there is. i could get started on that book i loaned from clara. (maybe i should start doing this linking thing.)


i've been a helpful little angel this past weekend. helping mother out in like every way possible. i deserve a trophy. someone gimme my deserving cert to while you're at it!

oh, and my mum says that i dont smile much. and when i dont smile, she says i look fierce and so extremely moody and unreasonable (how she came up with the latter, is beyond me. i bet it's a hint for me to change that abt me. hrmph. subtle but deadly huh? mother, you're real scheme-y sometimes.)

correct me if i'm wrong, but i think i smile often enough. dont i? *smiles widely in this totally ridiculous way*

gah. my mum and her weird out of place, out of nowhere and totally uncalled for comments.

this is just great. cos now i'm conscious when i'm not smiling, thinking should i smile more?

Start every day with a smile and get it over with. ~W.C. Fields
how so very untrue in my case then. *frowns*

whoops. i meant *smiles* damn, that just isnt right. (if i replace the *frowns* with a *smiles*)

ok. enough jibberings. ciao babes. (i think this will be my signature sign off.

smiley enough for ya? ((: oh and yes. you're not seeing things. it WAS taken in the shool toilet. x)

12:41 AM

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