Red Hot Passion
13 September 2005

rounded up the day with lots of lame jokes thrown in and lots of laughter. haha. i actually look forward to the next time we have to "work". DAN BROWN!! it'll work out to be so great. i cant wait! p&p oh-so-rocks. =D and hello! what did you do to my newsweek you stupid bananas and pajama?!?!? you 3/4 of p&p ah. *shakes head* scribble scribble!

today was great cos they were no maths lessons AT ALL and there was only bio, which i'm really starting to find a liking for.

actually, there were plenty of minor factors here and there that contributed to making it a SUPERB day. i dont know. i just feel real happy today. haha. let's hope it'll last for as long as possible so there wont be any repeat telecasts of ytd ok?

oh yes. i read the newsweek article abt the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. and i didnt realise the situation was that bad. ohmygosh. poor victims. stupid SLOW reaction frm ____. <-- i cant mention it in case i get sued or something. it's a rather touchy subject apparently. but i think you should know who i'm referring to right? an excerpt frm the article itself would make things clearer. What went wrong? Just about everything.

Planners spend more time preparing for exotic (but less predictable) biochem or dirty-bomb attacks, which are more likely to get funding from Congress or the administration. (Though given the events after Katrina, one has to wonder about the nation's readiness to respond to such terrorist strikes.)

i mean really. why such a slow and pathetic response? that ticks me off the most. yes, some survived, but hello? if you cant get there in time, then they what's the point in the first place cos they may just die because of YOUR lack of organization. jeez. *shakes head

oh and did you know that this 19 yr old girl gave birth to her child at the rescue centre?! her family delivered the baby. and there were two raped cases. plus ppl were stealing stuff frm the local wal-mart, even the cops were involved in the looting! and you know the toilets got choked up? the sewage was bad. black market was at a high. there was shortage of water. there was even a blackout at the rescue centre!!

the "rescue" was erm. well, not too good? (to put it nicely)

oh and yes. this may give an idea as to why the reaction was slow and somewhat not done wholeheartedly, so to speak. (New Orleans; the south has a sordid history when it comes to poor blacks and hurricanes.)

The president was to blame; no the looters. No, the bureaucrats. No, the local politicians. It was FEMA's fault- unless it was the Department of Homeland Security's. Or the Pentagon's. Certainly the government failed, for all the world to see, raw racial divisions.

that pretty sums up how i feel. BUT I DIDNT SAY ANYTHING. i quoted. i've had enough naggings from my parents and cikgu abt the carelessness of bloggers. read the berita harian during malay period. there was this article regarding how these two guys are charged for what they wrote in their blogs. racist comments. one looks arrogant and the other looks like a typical beng commiting a stupid mistake.

so yes. precautions, i have taken. so i should be safe right? anyway, here's an idea of how bad it was.

sad huh? the pic on the bottom right is the new orleans convention centre where the survivors wait for aid and rescue. let's hope they get the help and attention they need asap. OH and did you know that georger clooney and steven spielberg donated millions?! like whoa.

okay guys, see you next time. peace. world peace, okay everyone? :)

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