Red Hot Passion
03 September 2005

THIRD post in a day. wow. shows how bored i am yes. well, anyway, manhunt suddenly came into my mind. pretty random, i agree. btw, i think jon and kevin are SUPER hot. just thinking abt them makes my heart flutter - just abt the same reaction of any normal hormonal female i suppose!

so, since jon has had enough plubicity already, i shall go feast on kevin! i mean, well... you know. feast MY EYES on these pics. the pics are so hot, i'm surprised smoke isnt escaping from my lips, nose, ears and ass. god forbid a vart escaped!! HAHA. impossible, but who cares. i'm in a very random anyhow mood.





(suspense. i love suspense, dont you? :D)

when i typed in kevin under "images" in google, a few damn fugly creatures appeared. well, cos i kindda forgot how to spell his surname. found out it was p-e-a-k-e. oh and can i say that i'm SO disappointed by all the search engines. the results they produced? POOP. i mean POOR. ah. either way, still works. yahoo, altavista, google, askjeeves!!

so, let's do some social studies practice! all in the name of revising for the EYEs! compare and contrast! let the revision commence!

Image hosted by
hehehe. *giggly fit* no lah. this is not the revision! just an extra pic to drool over. :D

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Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by


Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

hehehe. okay i know it's kindda mean. but what exactly are the chances of them coming across my blog? yes. precisely. and shut up abt my moral ethics, etcetcetc. you strange few trying to guiltify me wont work! anyway, for those normal hormonal females out there, enjoy! there's more! :DD

Image hosted by

ooooh.. so damn sexy. check out those intense eyes!!

Image hosted by

he looks just like any other hot hunk here with the sameold sameold boyish charm. but STILL.

Image hosted by

i saved the best for the last! this last pic is my fav! god, he's hot! ;)

okay, hot stuff aside. (though it's really tough cos i cant resist scrolling up!) ANYWAY, after searching all the pics, i went bloghopping. mainly visiting the recommended blogs by various reliable sources. came across this blog when i visited kennysia's blog. here's an excerpt.

All you guys only like girls who will sit there and smile sweetly at you and nod their head when you give them your half arsed explanation on the state of the world today and wont know any better to contradict you even when you're pulling the facts out of your ass. She must be completely ignorant concerning everything and only give boh liao comments like, "YES ARR?? WAH..HONEY YOU'RE SO SMART!!" And then your balls will swell with pride coz you're so fucking smart compared to a chick with an IQ lower than a dead rotting brinjal.

All you guys have the secret fantasy of undressing a virgin with pale, fair skin and deflowering her as she gives in willingly to you and only to you. She must blush and be a bit shy as you try to remove her brassiere. And you must have to coax her a bit. And she will open her big long lashed eyes and look insecurely at you as she parts her legs to reveal the glory within. And then she has to bleed all over your dick as you fuck her. And then your balls will swell with pride coz you're so fucking great to get this innocent girl to submit to you.

All you guys want your girlfriend to look so sweet so your mother will think, "Wah such a decent girl." Even better if she always shuts up. Then your mother will think. "Wah, good potential daughter in law. She will listen to my orders and wont take my baby boy away from me." Of course if she is damn blur, and quiet and innocent and sweet then that also gives you the opportunity to go and fuck around when you feel like it and she'll still be at home waiting for you with your hot dinner and your baby boy. And then your balls will swell with pride coz you can do what you like and there's always gona be that sweet, stupid girl to take your shit.

Either you people need to get higher self esteem so you dont need to get a chick dumber than you just to make yourself feel better. Or I need to have half my brain removed so I'm acceptable to the male species. That and I need to have my voicebox removed (not my tongue coz then cannot suck his dick properly) , need to rebond my hair, buy a shitload of skin whitening lotion, dye my hair pitch black, start to have an affinity for Giordano and Padini clothing, start to like pastel colours, and throw away my purple vibrator.

Whateverla. I hope you guys get your dick stuck in the DVD player when you try and put in your favourite barely legal porn.

i'm sitting on the fence. cos i KNOW there are guys who simply LOVE having a spunky and gung-ho girl. on the other hand, i cant deny that they are definitely guys who take the easy way out. the bastards who are chickens and has a personality comparable to a dead rat.

so how? what do you think?

ps: i know i sound quite like a ditzy gushy bim... but well. they are like, SO, totally hot! ;)

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