Red Hot Passion
06 September 2005

time passed pretty quickly today.

i woke up early! continued reading "petals on the wind". then got ready to leave for school for a much dreaded amaths lesson. 2 hours straight mind you. apparently, i cant say i feel the same for today's lesson as i did of ytd's SEVEN hours of science.

after that, me and naz headed for town to...................... EAT LUNCH! haha. we felt like eating something nice to treat ourselves. for what, there really isnt a solid answer to that. lol. besides, both of us live damn far from each other, hence central makes sense doesnt it. anyway, i SWEAR there was breeks at wisma! whatever the case, it wasnt there today! *gasps* so went to taka, read the directory and found one there! haha. yeah man. if we didnt, i'd be so crushed cos i was looking forward to it!

took the escalator up and we caught a glimpse of regina who was going down. amazingly, through that small view scope, she managed to see us too.

went up and ordered seafood marina which was soooo good while naz ordered baked rice, which was good too. i love clams. they have this certain taste to it that just screams exquisite and different, it leaves you wanting more. then we had BROWNIES WITH ICECREAM and CHEESECAKE.

you tell me how now. *deep, long sigh*

ANYWAY, we did have a great time sinning. (YES. i CREATED that word.) i think we enjoyed it too much. cos it sure was full of sex-making sounds. (ooh. OOH! mmmm... AHHHH!) haha. shit. i said that cos of natasha lah. her display pic is of some couple on the verge of a VERY passionate kiss. so sexy. in her words, "FUCKING ORGASMIC RIGHT?". haha.

we were in a super trigger happy mood today. =D

so yes. walked ard taka/wisma. went to zara which has some nice new vintage tshirts! but since i already spent too much on LUNCH. shall leave it at that. damn lah. i dont think i can make it with monthly allowance! but it's okay. i will LEARN to manage my money. yes.

passed by GUESS one of their ads was rather gross. one of the model's boobs was really spilling out. see? but she's still hot. (i'm straight.)

and for one of the models, it was even drooping cos she wasnt even wearing a top. but wth. they're still gorgeous. applies to the male models too. =D

sigh. some ppl get all the beauty enough to share with a million ppl who lackthereof.

oh yeah. me and naz were like in the "i hate my nose" etc mood. haha. i think every girls do have their SUPER insecure days right. if they dont then they're either fucking confident or just plain abnormal.

oh yes. you know what. i HATE the forever 21 salesgirls! i think they just changed or mayeb it was just this shift. whatever it was, they were so darn rude okay! wtf. it's like you're browsing the bags there and this damn MINAH wearing a 19.90 mng (?! i thought you work at FOREVER21?) tshirt which has definitely seen better days, glaring at me. as though i was abt to steal it. HELLO. how the hell do you STEAL a BAG with the damn price tab thingy which is only removed at the counter?!

even if i looked like some pro thief (which is no compliment, btw), i'd have had enough experience to know not to steal something that's attached with that tab thing right. jeez.

so yes. had a great lunch today. goodnight!

ps: will update with pics tmr. hopefully.

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