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01 September 2005

very long post ahead. read if you bother. (i know you do!(:)

okay. teachers' day celebrations in sch was great.

i prefer this kind of meaningful performances instead of just hilarious ones like last year. i think the teachers appreciate it more too yeah? oh and the miming thing was good!! ;) the ppt slides was so sad. jewel's "hands"!!! wow. it's been long since i heard that song.

the games part was boring. as in the playing of games with the teachers, not the one up in mph. before that, me naz and dirah were in class slacking away. well, before dhilshad shooed us out that is.

after we're dismissed, went to the empty corridor and aries gave us this HUGE box of cookies! nice. they were rather good actually. it was sweet, literally and figuratively. thanks yeah? :)

then cabbed to o.e with fatmah and shez. the first thing we did was head to the canteen to EAT! such pigs, blame shez. SHE wanted to eat first. and anyways, we were sort of waiting for more ppl to come cos frm what i cld see, we were the only 6 ju '02.

more came, including thomas! hahaha. our long lost classmate in p3! long story.

so then we headed to find ms tong! can you believe it? she actually remembers thomas!! she's amazing man. and she never forgot all our names!! even after all the many classes she's taught.

as usual, mdm norah was no where to be found! mygoodness. apparently, she went to the science centre or something like that.

but. you know what. we just sneaked into the HOD room and fussed ard in mdm norah's cubicle! hahaha.. unfortunately, we make horrible spies. cos the school caretaker caught us and shooed us out!

after all that, everyone went off to do whatever they went off to do. left, me, fatmah, shez, joshua and thomas. walked to fatmah's hse, watched "meet the fockers" which was hilarious.

BUT shez had to go off first cos she lost her wallet in o.e!! and her ic was in it! and after looking ard, still no wallet! called her uncle the policeman and he told her to report it asap.

so yes, after the movie, ended up going to siglap centre taking 42. hur. we dropped off at the wrong stop so we had to WALK quite a bit. well, we sorta forgot that 42 turns in at that street to kembangan!

had macs, and y'know, it seems that back home in the US, thomas empties his tray!! we were puzzled initially to see him do that. goes to show what great citizens we are. so in the end, we decided to change for the better and be good citizens! yep, we emptied our tray too! :D

okay, so then we didnt know where to go next since all of us didnt really want to go home. ended up walking to east coast! yes, we walked. it wasnt really that far actually.

we walked and walked and walked and talked and talked and talked.

it was really nice. cos the wind was great. and walking aimlessly is rather nice too. (ok. so it wasnt really aimlessly. but close.) i think it has something to do, with us not really having anything planned to do.

for example, when you DO go out with your friends right, you'd have planned what to do. like first, we watch movie, then we eat lunch, then we go shopping, etc... y'know?

but yesterday, we didnt really know what we were gonna do. so it was really relaxing to walk and talk and not know where we're going or what we're gonna do.

we played and went into the water but just got our legs wet. thomas was extremely disgusted with our dirty waters! he rated it 3 out of ten okay! so damn embarrassing.

but well his standards gotta be pretty high right. considering he lives in the lovely HAWAII!! how so unfair. actually, i suspect he's being nice cos i sort of expected a -3 maybe? hahaha..

so yes, we all played with the water except him that is. gotta make do with whatever we have right? haha. how totally in self-denial.

and stupid joshua freaked me out. he mentioned abt how there was this one time where he found slugs at the beach! but thank god that was changi. not east coast.

we also found this HUGE sandcastle!! it's really solid you know. it could take all our weight together!

took some pics, using josh's cam. before the batt ran out that is.

then we sat on this circle seats thingy. and continued talking. it's so interesting y'know, to hear how things are like in a different country. and well, basically how different things are.

so after that, we all felt like eating ice kachang! but er. unfortunately, we were right at the other end of the beach. so we just went to macs instead? hahaha. macs, twice in a day! *rolls eyes* that's just plain B-A-D.

had coke float! no, i dont wanna know how bad that is. shut up.

okay, then we headed for the bus stop to take to bedok int.

but, of course, we had to be distracted.... by a playground! hey, it was too tempting ok. marine parade has LOTS of playgrounds.

there was this "hamster wheel" thing, named by thomas. it was fun. too bad there werent any swings!! we love swings! right josh?

after we were satisfied, we walked to the bus stop. for real this time!

at bedok int, the guys and the girls split up. cos i left my stuff at fatmah's hse.

walked back to her hse. then feeling disgusted at how dirty i felt, i decided to bathe there. after that, slacked around in her room watching tv..

ahh... this is the life. enjoying simple pleasures and living each moment without worry. taking it all as it is. sigh. yesterday was indeed a great day. all four of us agreed.

however, i cant deny that living that way each day is not exactly practical. so that makes days like ytd even more meaningful? cos you'll cherish it since it's rare such days come by.

okay then. that's all. and here's wishing all teachers a HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY!!

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