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13 October 2005

Dreams. What do they mean? (Damn, this feels like the intro of an English essay.) Thanks to the fucked up dream I had, I went on to Google up dreams and the meaning behind it.

According to this source, dreaming is the cause of ruminating! Shit. So this just further proves that I think too much for my own good! They mentioned something about how depressed people usually dream more cos they ruminate more. But I'm not depressed okay!

Another source claims that there are many types of dreams and you know what? The astrologer is one I frequent quite often! If you don't by now know that I have a thing for astrology...

Here's how dreams occur according to this site :-

The brain pieces together images and stories (AKA dreams) from random electrical pulses it receives from the brain stem. These pulses are sent out every hour and a half or so, while you are sleeping. They are 100 percent random, which means they come in no set order. Your forebrain (the front part of your brain) tries to make sense of the signals, like you would try to make sense of an abstract painting. The way your brain interprets these signals determines what you dream about.

This may be a little wordy. But well, I think it makes sense.

Anyway, have you ever dreamt of something so weird and out of place? Like totally strange with weird characters that get you pondering what the hell it's supposed to signify, thinking about it so much it just about occupies your mind the whole day? I'm sure it has happened to everyone at least once right.

Well, last night I had one of those. Whoops. Make that this morning. I only flopped on my bed at 4am. I don't quite know why. Like I said, I marvel at the things I do online sometimes.

Back to the dream. It was the Olevel last paper, which turns out to be Literature. For some whacked reason, the rule was to NOT wear your school uniform when sitting for the paper. (Lit just rocks too much lah!) Blur Naz and I actually forgot about that and came to school in our uniform. The teachers went ballistic and ordered us to go to the Prefects' Room for a change of clothes. (The day that happens, I'd be scoring A1s for both Maths!)

After a million years, we finally chose what we wanted to wear and proceeded on to the D&T block toilet to change. Naz got stuck cos her top had lots of laces and strings, some kind of corset top or something and I was bleeding everywhere! Like bleeding bleeding. Not period bleeding. At the slightest scratch or bump or graze and I would start bleeding like crap. I guess fibrinogen was absent in my plasma, hence blood cannot clot, and so I continue to bleed. (Bio's buried deep withing me! Haha.)

So then we lost track of time! It was already 8.20 when the paper starts at 8! Somehow, the teachers weren't looking for us. Goes to show how insignificant we are huh. So then we decided oh what the hell. It's just one paper after all. We decided to skip the paper and head on to town! Reason? So we could save ourselves the embarrassment of walking in late for a paper and so we could get away with new clothes! (It sounds really bimbotic and all but hey, it is just a dream after all.)

Okay, so then we met Shez and the school gate. For some reason, she decided to skip the paper too. (Oh how lightly we took the paper huh.) All of a sudden, she rushed back to the hall cos she changed her mind the very last minute.

That's when Naz and I panicked. It suddenly dawned upon us that it was the OLEVELS!! Duh! I asked whether we should rush back to the hall. Naz didnt want to cos she was afraid of the things Mrs Loy would do to her which includes pouring tar on her hair late at night! (How Flowers In The Attic got involved, I have no idea.)

So fine! I rushed back to the hall myself. Met Mrs Lim on the way, the Geog teacher who gave us last minute hints at the courtyard right before the Geog paper? I was trembling when I told her of my sad tale. She put her arms around me and said it was alright , that I'll still be able to take the paper and she'd handle it. She was so damn nice I started hugging her.

Then, when we opened the hall door, I came face to face with Mr Tay! He gave me this black face and before I even said anything, he said "No. I'm sorry. You can't take the paper. You're too late. Get out of my face." in this cold tone. I was so bloody scared.


Fairuz came to my rescue! She stood up from where she was doing the paper and started yelling at Mr Tay! She vented and vented and screamed and screamed. I swear it was so unexpected! She was like a freaking volcano erupting!

When she was finally done, she just sat cooly and went on to do her paper! Everyone was staring at her in complete shock. Silence and more silence. And then suddenly Ms Begam applauded! And everyone followed suit.

Fairuz then gave this "Aiyah-I'm-shy-lah-don't-do-this-to-me-but-I'll-take-it-anyway" smirk. Typical.

And then somehow I managed to sit for the paper beside Lock who lent me a pen cos I forgot to bring in my pencil case. -.-"

Okay, so after the paper. I was walking out of school to head home when I met Wrath who was eagerly waiting for me. Naz started screaming at my face about what a lousy and horrible friend I make for backing out at the last minute, how I didn't keep my word and what not.

She screamed and I screamed back. She yelled and I yelled back. She went nuts and I shrieked in frustration. She was so pissed smoke was coming out of her ears! No kidding!

So then she was about to punch me to get me to stfu. Right before her fist smashed my nose, I woke up shaking and sweating at about 12.45pm. Realising it was only a dream, I started laughing myself silly about the whole thing.

What a dream huh. Weird characters and an even weirder plot. Wonder what it means. But anyway, you gotta admit that my imagination is so rocking hot right? I know. (:

Speaking of dreams, I dream practically every night. Is that normal? Oh god. What if it's not? Shit. I'm an alien stuck on Earth. Somebody save me! (the Smallville song you dufus.)

Okay then. Goodnight ladies. I mean ciao babes! (For a moment, I forgot about my signature sign off which explains the previous few entries.)

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