Red Hot Passion
16 October 2005

Eh. I feel so STUPID. All this while I thought Sidney Sheldon was a she. Didn't know she was actually a he, til I decided to actually read the book cover properly. God. *rolls eyes* How dumb can I get. (No, don't bother answering that.)


So there I was squeezing a generous amount of conditioner onto my palm dancing about and singing stupid mellow songs even though you can't exactly hop about to One Sweet Day in the toilet. And then I hear my phone ringing. To hell lah dammit I'm enjoying my bath and no one's gonna ruin it for me! AND THEN! My brilliant mum picks it up. So yes. I had to take that call. Turns out, it was Lock who was asking me to choose...

"Hello Gruda. How come your mother answer your call?! I called you Gruda then she said "Huh?!".... Eh, so red or purple?...."

My birthday present lah. *blushes* Hah. (:

So from that conversation, I've come to three conclusions.
1) It's sort of official (though I never consented) that my new nickname is Gruda. Hurh.
2) I have a new favourite colour. RED. So hot. But I'm still pretty much in love with PURPLE. Hey! Like Carrie! (:
3) I really don't mind people interrupting my baths to ask me what colour I'd prefer for my gift. :D

Another thing. I really need to get a new pair of upstairs-downstairs slippers!

See, I had to buy some stuff for my mum at the Chinese Guy Shop at the market. It was raining elephants. AND I VERY NEARLY SLIPPED, EITHER FACE DOWN OR BUTT FIRST, which in NO way is graceful. Which leads me to another thing, I hate it when people actually look graceful when they do stupid things. *makes a face* UNFAIR.

So yes. My stupid pink-grey Fila slippers have zero friction. Sigh. But I had it since OAC, so not bad lah. If any of you monkeys know of any good and nice slipper sale (I got the Fila pair at five freaking bucks! Oh enough please. No more compliments. *winks), better tell me cos when I DO find out whatever great slipper sale I missed that YOU knew off, I'm gonna skin you alive!

Oh yeah. About that Chinese Guy Shop at the market. They play my kinda songs man. I walked in to a Martina McBride just now. So nice! (: And the second time (cos my DEAR mother forgot me to ask me to buy something else!), it was Shania Twain! Sigh sigh sigh....

I've been zonking out these past few days. Was like a freaking zombie, not quite knowing whether it was 12PM or AM.

So then on Thursday, I didn't sleep at all. I seriously didn't know time passed that quickly! I mean, first I was at the ever-so-deadly computer, then I was just listening to nice sappy songs while looking at my wardrobe and deciding that I need new clothes, and then I was reading two books... And the next thing I knew, it was 5am already! So I sahore-d and then I had to prepare to go to school!

Marshalling was fun. Though there were some crazy, irritating, DUMB drivers, who think we're there only for show cos we don't really do anything, but stand there to look as though the school very pro, and can't even park properly leaving stupid gaps that's much too big yet too SMALL for a car to park in!

Please lah okay. Listen to us! God! It's like you're there shaking your hands and mouthing No no no!! Cannot park here!! and they nod their head, acting as though they understand when I bet they never took more then a half-a-second glance AND THEN continue to park THERE, risking knocking ME down.


Rather frustrating, I must say. But it was quite cool too. The walky-talky's fun. Though half the time you end up yelling "HELLO?! CAN YOU HEAR ME?!?! NO MORE CARS, SZELING!! NONE! ZERO OKAY! AT THE BACK FULL!".

Either that, or you're complaining about the face-off you just had with this parent cos she/he was complaining about how confusing the whole parking thing was or was basically, you know. About to knock me down or something... *shrugs*


So then on Saturday, did more catching up! Met Melissa at Tamp Mall around 9ish, only to end up in town walking around aimslessly, cos she REFUSES to watch scary or gory shows, which leaves very few choices! So we didnt watch any movie in the end. =(

Oh! And thanks Mud for being Movie guide on standby 24/7....? Haha. I was like calling him ever so often asking him to go check for me time slots. Walking to Cine and BACK to Lido isn't exactly very near.

In the end? We just had dinner at Cine's BK at about 10.30!! And continued walking around and talking. Took the last train to Bedok and cabbed to her place then to mine. Reached home around 12.30, 12.45.

She's still a nut. That'll never change. I was on a roll, rambling jibberings which I can bet on my butt, is why I dream wacko shite every single damn day. So yeah. Sorry Mel!

Apparently, her "purse" is an underwear which has "This underwear was bought for me by someone who loves me very much" or something along those lines printed on it. Cute.

What happened to The Mountain which shows every Sunday? I was waiting and waiting for it to appear! But no, it didn't. And I really do like watching those renovation make-over shows. Like Designer Guys and Debbie Travis' Facelift.

You know, Steven Sarbados is really charming and I have a really HUGE hunch that the other guys is gay. Which sort of confuses me sometimes, cos I'd see him flirt with the ladies.... Hmm.. A bi perhaps.

Which sort of brings me to another thing. I think I'm beginning to understand why guys find 2 hot girls making out, hot. I mean, it's just twice the heat right? Hot stuff. (I'M STRAIGHT)

But, I don't think I'll ever find two hot guys making out, hot. NEVER man. They look so good separately, but oh-so-darn-bad-I-gotta-shut-my-eyes horrible together. Yeah?

+ = EWW

But separately? Hubba hubba......

Ciao babes!

6:30 PM

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