Red Hot Passion
12 October 2005

I amaze myself sometimes, how long I can spend sitting in front of the computer doing completely random and useless stuff. But you know what. It's the best way I know to while my time away, now that I don't have anything to do. I sort of miss the rush hour of the exam period. The rush kept my blood pumping man! It grew to such lengths that I actually enjoy the pressure and stress!

Nuts I know, but well, people do have their own special quirks. Oh and I've decided to write properly from now on. As in using caps after a sentence and capsing all the "I"s. This would be pretty trying seeing how it's..... different to actually tap on the shift key apart from when you're trying to emphasize a word, or when you're pissed or high or just feeling so weird and... well weird. Oh yes. Bigger=Better?


Sometimes I wonder (yeah yeah. it's another ponder-rant entry of mine) what it's like to be a guy. Xiaxue's entry got me thinking. I mean, I wouldn't have to be caught up in whatever drama-of-the-moment and dealing with bitchy episodes, mood swings, The Period Effect (TPE. my term. shoo!), and whathaveyous.

It'd be quite cool. I mean all you do is just talk about sex and games and weird computer shit and whatever little lame, immature guys of all ages talk about. Plus, they don't seem to have a care in the world. They arent as vain as us. Right? Somehow I find that statement a lie. Whoops. Are they vainer? o.O

Being a guy would mean you'd do without the worry of what to wear when you're going out. Probably just throw on a week-old pair of shabby Levis you've been wearing since you bought them and some smelly tshirt which has definitely seen better days. Then you'll spray some cologne... No, scratch that. You'll spray SHITLOADS of cologne in a weak attempt to hide the fact that you're wearing stinky clothes.

I mean, being a guy cant be as tough as being a girl right? Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm just assuming too much and looking at things in a very warped view. I don't know.


Today started out with my waking up at 8! I cant seem to break the habit I suppose. Just gimme some time. You'll see the vast leap of improvement in no time! (:

The day didnt seem to pass at all! Jeez. When you need like 48hours to be crammed in ONE day, you get 12hours. When you need time to zoom by cos you just don't have anything to do, it bloody STROLLS by. I was getting frustrated.

EEEGH. Frankie J's version of More Than Words. YUCK! I hate it. I used to think it was alright. Now I don't. SPOILT IT LAH DAMMIT. Extreme's version, the original, is so much better!

Anyway, Fatmah sms-ed me sometime around 1? We ended up going to East Coast to blade! WAH! Good session man! It was fun. The fresh air did wonders. The water looked very serene with the tides' soothing rhythm. (when you overlook the pollution) The fact that it's the fasting month and that it's a weekday was fantabulous!

There weren't many people around. OH! And I'm proud to announce that I did not fall AT ALL! Woohoo! Joyohjoy.

Both of us cant fast so it was alright. Went back home around 7+. A day well spent.


Oh yes. A question. When did you know about periods? No, not SEX but PERIODS. Definitely not when you were NINE right? Kids these days. *shakes head*

Completely out of the blue, my brother asked me whether it hurts when I bleed down there.

Like wow.

11:41 PM

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