Red Hot Passion
14 October 2005

I think there's something awfully wrong with me sometimes. It's like the PRIME of teenage years just struck me full blast this morning. I woke up and felt completely ugly and out of place. I couldn't even stand the sight of my reflection in the full length mirror, when I got up the right side of my bed.

I felt like breaking the damn mirror you know! Shit. This is so weird. I HATE INSECURITIES. They should just go fuck and fling themselves out the window the second them step in.

No such luck now.* pouts* I'm disgruntled.

Anyway, *big bright fake smile* a ligher topic, shall we?

Today met Su and Xiuqi in school to further plan things. It was fun. :D Xiaowei's overseas so not a complete dpt! But it's okay. I was late. Hmm. Not my fault okay. (:

It will be so damn fun. I cannot wait! Oh Hilda just called me to remind me about tmr. God. I completely forgot about it! So yes. Thanks Heewder! (:

Wow. I started writing this at 9.32 and now it's 10.55.

Was talking to my god sis on MSN. The one who's grandma took care of me when I was a wee little baby till I was what six? Catching up is great. I've always loved to "catch up" with those I've lost in touch with. It's like suddenly, it feels as though you guys were as tight knit as before when in fact it's been almost a YEAR since you last talked to them. Makes you feel all warm knowing that they've always been there this whole while. (:

A lot of sense knocked into me. A whole realisationg that it takes very little to steer you off course. How so very little, it's disturbing. Thanks for the view in a different light, sort of. I'm not gonna end up like that, I highly doubt so at least. Like I said, I'll try my very best.

In puzzles, but it's not for you to know anyhow! (:

Actually, I don't have anything "substantial" to update about. Like I said, it gets addcitive, and before long, it's a routine. I don't have any problems with that man. (:

Excuse my randomness alright. After all the new info I've been forced down my throat (more like brains, but nvm. It's a form of "expression" :D) by all the catching up and stuff. So sad. My Mak Nenek doesn't remember me anymore. ):

This is where I'm supposed start on the whole "how you only regret when you've lost it" speech. But to save you the misery, if like me, you feel so heartless sometimes you just wish people will get over the whole sappy shit, I won't do so. (:

Full of smileys so smile folks! (As mentioned, excuse the randomness.)

Ciao babes!

PS: I'm thinking of going for a crash course (AKA reading up on the net ) and then give it a shot at analyzing my dreams. Great idea, no? (:

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