Red Hot Passion
20 October 2005

So today's the big day! (:

I stayed up till 12 last night to wish myself a "Happy Birthday". Hahah.

Anyway, I think my 15th has been a pretty great one. Nothing big and fancy "with all that jazz", but it was nice and comfortable enough.

Thanks for all the well wishes! I think I got some pretty awesome presents this year. I don't know what I did to deserve all this. :D So yeah. I guess you guys deserve some recognition! Haha.

Clara (Lee) gave me the Be Delicious fragrance by DKNY. She's mad, she's psycho, she's crazy, she's NUTS. I was like in shock man. I mean, I don't think anybody would expect that right? She's trying to outdo the pair of earrings from TianPo I bought for her for her 15th. Sigh. Sorry girl, no such fancy schmancy gift for ya next year! I'm gonna be broke!

Naz and Dirah gave me this make up set that I myself was about to buy! Wow. Talk about coincidence. Very handy! Haha. They did this lame attempt and said that they bought me the BeeGees Greatest Hits or something like that. And I bought it. But seriously, I wouldnt mind! Silly gullible me.

Clara (Lock) and Yingwai gave me this funky chunky red bracelet along with this cretter (a weird thing that lies somewhere between a card and a letter). I think I'll buy a red baju raye so I'll get to wear the bracelet!

Huiyun and Lilin gave me this grapeseed shower gel from The Body Shop. It was intersting cos I doubt that many people get soap (no, not talking about soap sculpture or whatever) for their birthday!

Oh and thanks Mud for that SMS at 1+ (I bet you wanted to do that classic wish-at-12am but overslept!) And thanks Najib! I thought I saw your number as a "missed call" at abt 6+ this morning, but I found it weird so I take it as my eyes seeing things. Haha. Sorry! Anyway, thanks for that insult/compliment! :D

My brother gave me this $8.30 necklace (which really is a lot a lot a lot for him cos he's only NINE). It's slightly tarnished, but I'm touched. His own savings y'know! So sweet.

My parents gave me 200 bucks cos they didnt wanna get me something I wouldn't like. But it's okay. The extra cash is lovely! But I'm gonna spend it wisely okay! Really.

Oh! And a Kieffy! Thanks for waking me up by swishing your lovely fat fluffy tail at my face this morning, hence interrupting the blissful dream I was having! Heh. I take that as you wishing me a Happy Birthday? (: I LOVE YOU KIEFFY! (although she wont ever read this but nvm!)

So yep..


Oh yeah. And thanks to those who claim they've already bought me my gift just that they didin't bring it. Heh. Dont worry lah.

It wasn't such a big deal. We just had a mini family party at home. Had Swensons cake PLUS two tubs of Swensons ice cream! Sticky Chewy Chocolate is just pure heaven. Sigh. I think the Swensons ice cream cake has become some family tradition or something. We had it for my brother's 9th, my mum and dad's 49th and now my 15th! (: It's official now. It's our tradition! :D

So there we were feasting on the cake like famished vultures when suddenly there's a knock on our door. Guess who it was? My dear sister who went MIA for the past four months or so. I didn't quite know how to react. So I just put on a face and got to it already.

Sad to be hypocritical on your own birthday. But oh well. I did away with it soon after and that didnt end up too well. How nice.

She presented me with this fucking nice pair of Boho round toed shoes and a pair of prettyprettypretty dangly glam-ish earrings. Both in shades of goldish brownish.

A peace offering, I'll bet.

Can you imagine? God. *rolls eyes* She cant just go in and out of my life like that. It's just not right. I mean your absence for almost my entire lifetime till early this year, and then you go missing again for four months and then you suddenly came back cos "HEY! It's my sis' 15th!" !

It's not like I'm a freaking store you can open up and dump your crap every so often and then just leave it be to collect dust whenever you feel like it. I'm not a fucking dumpster for god's sake! Jeez! And then when you dump your shitty emo baggage crap on me for my "insight" as you say, and I simply say what I feel and so and so, you say I'm being cold and mean.

It's the truth.

I'm sorry to say this, but I think you can do better than that at 23!! It's like. ARGH. God. It's so frustrating sometimes! Okay. Whatever. MY birthday and I dont care if I'm being selfish but SCREW HER.

Too much drama.

The Karimy blood runs deep. (My paternal grandad) The temper, the impatience, that sprinkle of sarcastic hurtful remarks, the "lying look" as my mum says and the famous drama that just seems to follow us like a sick puppy. My mum says the Karimy genes are too strong. Oh well.

Anyway, enough for now yeah? I only have like what? 20 minutes more left of my birthday. Turing 15 is different. Like suddenly a whole shield is lifted and you see things differently.

Okay lah. I'm crapping. Ciao babes.

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