Red Hot Passion
11 October 2005

while many are fasting out there, i'm leaning back on my lovely black office chair? (whatever it's called), snacking on Famous Amos cookies. VALID REASON OKAY.

omg. i have no idea what's up with me telling the world that i'm having my period. SHIT. i just did it again. okay. i think it's the excitement that i'm really back for good now!! OHMYGOD. the freaking exams are so OVER! the relief is undeniably great. WOOfreakingHOO!! yeah man. (okay. i think that's enough crap talk. hardly the comeback entry i initially had in mind.)

okay. the normal me back. the past week has been a completely CRAZY one. it was pure manic. pandemonium even? (:

a follow up of trackbacks!

last last fri:

aniszah came over. slept over again. she studied while i accompanied her by lying down on the sofa and falling asleep almost immediately. she studied till like midnight? brilliant me here, woke up ard two. realised i was alone in the hall! being the chicken that i am, i rushed to my room in tip toes. (dont ask me why. i think it's cos i think the silence is too... sacred? HAHA)

last last sat:

woke up at abt 8, 9-ish? mugged. no lifers us, mugged the day away. great way to spend a lovely sat i tell ya. then came dinner. and then fatmah called. so me and niz lugged to east coast starbucks (i know i know. coffee bean all the way. but. well. due to the circumstances? lame attempt to save my skin, but nvm). met mariam there. then we stayed till abt midnight? then cabbed back home.

last last sun:

abt noon, sent niz to the 27 bus stop, opp tamp lib. then i went to the lib to try out a different environment. oh screw that. the kids running about DID NO HELP. BUT. they're really just kids. so yeah. tolerate it, i did.

last mon:

erm. didint go to school? to study with fatmah at simei starbucks. (i KNOW. shut up alr lah. fickle me at work...?) stayed till... i cant rmb what time. was good. eye candy helped. (;

and then the following days are a complete BLUR to me. what i know is that i went to study at the simei starbucks for a couple of days. and there was once, me and fatmah were SO BROKE. SO. confidently thinking we had enough money if we combined, headed to the counter and ordered a slice of oreo cheesecake.


we were short of 50cents! wtf?! so, fatmah put on her charm and went "erm. excuse me. we're sort of short of 5o cents. a discount maybe?" in this totally sweet voice. WAH COW. worked like magic! can you imagine?! bargaining at starbucks?!

the following days were just pure insanity. i'd go home and sleep. then i'd wake up to either break fast/bathe/wtvr. then i'd go back to sleep by 8.30 LATEST. then i'd wake up ard 12+, 1, 2 to study till sahore (i dont know what's that in eng. it's just the time you wake up to eat a REAL meal to last you the whole day till sunset. there. the best translation, thus far). and then i'd bathe and go to school.

so basically, the past week has been all books and caffeine for me. lattes are SO good. especially when you're cozying up there on the sofa (okay fine. the cushy comfortable seats there) cross-legged sipping it bit by bit. i mean you know. of course omitting the fact that you are really FORCED to cram your brain. talk about beating the odds man.

personally? i've never worked so hard in my enitre life. I AM NOT KIDDING. but once again, we have to take into consideration that i did everything last minute. so yes. i didnt do anything else apart from cramming my brain you know. SO. super-immune-system me, fell ill last week. how nice. so it was a lot of sniffling, coughing for me in the hall. sorry you poor victims. i know i'd be darn irritated had it not been me but some other helpless soul who's ill cos she was just studying too hard! (:

went to the doctor last sat. i passed it to my bro! HAHA!

bloody hell. write until so long alr and i'm not even done!


today was the LAST PAPER! i here, typically took the weekened for granted since there's only two more papers left.

monday's amaths was a killer. but still, it was better than expected. the situation i had in mind was that i'd see the questions, then be too overwhelmed with fear of really being that stupid or something, and then i'd jam the whole paper through. pretty much like last year's maths paper. so thank god it didnt go that bad. i really just want to get a 45% so i wont have to take that dreaded diagnostic test.

today was lit part two. shakespeare's twelfth night. whoa. it was tedious (to some extent) but do-able (if even such a word exists). so yes. was exploding with joy when i made my way out of the hall. dont think i was the only one! (:

after that waited for J to complete her f&n paper. crapping about with these three idiots. busybodies, we were! then headed to town for nothing. i think it was just to soak up the place. for a moment, i thought it was my first time in town. a lot of things changed lah!

you know the escalator at wisma where you go down and then you'll see Forever21? well, today, we went down there and didnt see it! we were like so shocked man. hello? where the hell did it disappear?!?! BUT. realised that it still exists. just behind the board thingy. just the "high class" coffee shop that wasnt there anymore.

something so stupid happened today. and i witnessed it! HAHAHA. super funny. my sides really did hurt you know dirah. but i'm nice. so i wont say what you did! shit man. i'm stiffling my giggles! okay who cares. HAHAHAHAHA. that was really funny man.

oh my goodness. so long! nvm. have fun you guys! we have like what? FIVE DAYS OFF SCHOOL! woot! i CANNOT wait to go to geylang and feel the raye spirit! yeah man! the bazaar and the crazy crowd and the many raye clothes! and that choking, suffocating, polluted air. and the henna paintings! and the kuihs!! DENG DENG! omg. the crazy earrings' prices! oh hell. i feel nauseous just thinking about it!

i'm so gonna have full blast fun these coming days. be it chilling at home surfing the net or watching tv, WHATEVER. I DONT CARE. right now, studying's not in my vocab.

oh wait. studying? what's THAT?!? o.O *winks

[edit] NINE more days now!!

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