Red Hot Passion
16 July 2006

Funnest CIP Everr

Windows Live Messenger! I kinda like it. (: Purple's the default colour. Oh so pretty!

CIP today. Metta Welfare Association.

I'm so smart for making them (being Lilin, Huiyun, Janine and Fairuz cos Sheena pulled out last minute) come half an hour earlier. (So they almost nearly killed me for making them wake up earlier/ their father grumble for rushing him. Wth. Almost nearly!?) Just one of the other things I picked up in NP. LOL. (And if you're gna go "Ohmygosh Huda. You actually need to be taught such simple things!?" I'll kick you.)

Had breakfast at BK first. Janine and Fairuz came in grey skirt, hse tee and birkenstocks! After which, made our way to the "gathering place" only to be told that we've got to come back later cos they were short of tins and stuff.


To make it quick, basically, we were given 3 hours free. During which we basically just flitted from place to place. The Gelato shop, where the guy was cool enough to give us a kinda "tour" to see how ice cream's made, and all that. Those two.. *shakes head* Yaya only ah.

Also, to Coffee Bean where the five of us shared a bottle of Diet Snapple. (No, before today I never knew such a drink existed.) Dropped by Topshop where all of us, except Lilin, tried on clothes. I may just get that bustier. At least it's filled, yknow. LOL. I'll wear it with a jacket lah you.

We splitted up. Janine and Fairuz, the three of us. Huiyun and I got an Outfitter Girls tee each! Heh. So us 3 made our way to the City Hall area (bus-ed lah, you nuts!), where we walked to Plaza Sing and further up till Heeren!

Of course we made pit stops here and there. Like at FOS.

After a while, I think that'd be about 45 minutes to an hour later, Huiyun and I got tired. So we settled down at NYDC while Hardworking Lilin continued on! Manhatten Mocha, makes you sick of it after just a short while.

Realised something. Caucasions are not very generous people yknow. Well, at least those I asked! Do I look that not tourist-friendly! How saddening! ):

7-ed back to Bugis, returned the stuff, and went shopping. LOL. Browsed around cos Huiyun wanted to buy something. Ended up in Fox where she got a pair of cute black shorts, Lilin got flip flops and I got another top!

Yay. :D

Oh, I was spotted! But I did not spot! Hahah.

Rushed to Kem MRT to meet Zai and we ended up being about 15 minutes late for tuition. Whoops.

MOLEH MOLEH MOLEH MOLEH. Stupid Chemistry. It pisses me off so bad sometimes. I mean, I could do the questions just now, but it's like Chem. Just the subject.

Speaking of subjects, Sophia just broke to me the news! She's gna drop Lit. Omgomgomg. Slap her, she's French! (random) But really. *Slap* Your choice lah woman. Heh.

Not just you. Am tired too. Sigh.


Today, conversed about something personal with both my parents, including my Dad! (I know "parents" means both of them, it's just really surprising that MY dad's involved!) He was so cool about it. Brutally honest, and away with the beatings around the stupid bush! Suddenly, I feel a stronger bond with Dearest Pa. I cannot deny. I have way too cool parents. :D

"I need some distraction. Oh beautiful release."

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