Red Hot Passion
25 July 2006

I heart Life As You Know It

My computer's screwed. A classic. I was halfway typing an entry, and all of a sudden the entire window closed by itself! Argh. Huda. wont. curse.

Since I'm not gna waste MORE time, shall keep it short yet sweet. (Hah, Liane!) Yesterday studied at the new Starbucks outlet in town. The one jammed in between Paragon and Heeren. It's nice and cozy. The baristas were really friendly too, as usual. If only Singapore's service were generally like that. Now, wouldn't that be nice.

Got to know Arsyad/Arshad. He's a, um, Malaynese? (Sounds like mayanoise!)Yup. Haha. (Meeting new people is like this sudden addiction or something, LOL.)

Studied there. Mud and Jib happened to be at Peninsular, so they dropped by. You'll never get bored with those two idiots. And Najib, I think you lie lor. I don't think my punches were as painless/pathetic as you claimed it was!

Had dinner at Cine's LJ, then they accompanied me to get my dad's present. Today's he's 50th. So old! Haha. I hope he likes his brown Picard wallet! He better. I could've bought TWO pairs of pumps okay! ): But I love my dad, especially more so now, ever since that "sharing" moment. (: He's only 50 but he can pass for a 55 y'know.

Anws, today! Us Bio droppers were supposed to have a total of four free periods. (Malay: Naz&I were viewing pics on the com, with card reader brought, everything!) The Bio period was fruitless. (What's new, yo.)

Fairuz and I were plugging in to Diana's Nano and listening to Mellow, Emo songs. Haha. Sigh. You know, ever since Mud sent me that song by Death Cab for Cutie, I'd play it at least once when I'm online. The song is such a melt-you-quick.

It was scary cos there was this one time where Mrs Tan walked by! AHAHAHA. We had to calmly, yet swiftly put it away. Close call, there. Being really friendly and nice (and fake, lol) works wonders sometimes.

Had Chem after. The entire class was just so dead. It'd be hilarious if someone were to record 4c's mood then. Heh. Ms Begam definitely got the hint.

After school, went straight to Siglap's Starbucks to study. Close to two hours later, Mar and Najib came, us three left for next door, when we saw Mud approaching.

Gelare, it was. Tuesday, fellas! Woohoo. Hungry. Large waffles with one scoop of ice cream. God, it was good. All of it was. The talk, the food, the company. (Things change, shut up ah.)

It was Rahimah's later. Zai finally arrived after his mock paper, and we sat and mooched till abut 7.

Home. Life as you know it! Woot! I thought the scene, where Ben ran out to find Sue after "ditching" his teacher-gf, only to see her getting down and dirty with another guy, and like, managed to get some guy to hand over his corsage to give to her! (cos earlier on, he kinda forgot about the corssage.)? It was really sad. Poor Ben!

The snippet for next week's shows his gf teacher being rather desperate? Can't wait for next week's episode to air! Ohh. Dino so hawt.

K, bye. Loveyah.

(I know the title's ALMOST irrelevant, but ah. I like it. Bye.)

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