Red Hot Passion
04 July 2006

It's sort of like watching a perfect sunset with nobody special. There's still a great view you can appreciate.

Hey! So, ytd, was great fun with the girls! Will update abt that another time with pictures, okay? Cos I'm trying to make this quick, cos I'm only supposed to read up Twelfth Night related stuff. But noooo.. Instead, I find myself logging in to Blogger. Grr. I'm sucha looozerh. :/

I tried watching football on Friday night, if I'm not wrong, to see what the hype's about. After about 25 minutes, I couldn't take it! It's just a buncha guys going after a ball, getting all dramatic, faking fouls or whatever. I mean, it's like green ALL over! I know it's good for the eyes. So next time I feel like I'm gna lose my *pre boast alert* perfect 06/06p eyesight, I shall catch a match!

But I caught the highlights the next morning though. I was just there reading, and my dad happened to be watching it, and I was like oh wth. Let's give it another shot. HAHAHA. I thought it was pretty amusing the whole Rooney/Ronaldo thing. Okay, I, here, (note: it's just MY point of view, don't kill me. *looks at half of 4c), think that yeah, Cristiano was a bit neh. But you know what. He's so hot, he's forgiven! Haha. Aiyah, Rooney looked like such a sore sport, anw. From the same team some more. Sheesh. See. This is a perfect example that boys, can be just as bitchy.

And you know what. Football players are such drama kings. I swear, Beckham beat Victoria at that! I mean, all she did was cover her face, then god knows what. Acting like she actually cares. Lol.

I can't believe stupid classmates of mine, England supporters duh, drew on Cristiano's face! I mean. He's good eyecandy! You cannot do that! Now I can't look past Mr Suresh during Emaths to look at him. Sigh.

Mr Sng asked our class, during lit just now, who do we think is the hottest footballer. Who won? Kaka? Beckham? Hm. Okay, that reminds me of all the Lit stuff, due tmr! Ohmygosh. And I can't go to the Lit Symposium at SCGS this Sat! ): It didn't even cross my mind that it was POP that day. Too soon? Sigh. Gone are my eight bucks!

Been listening to lots of Mellow music. (Yes, capital 'M'.) It soothes the soul! I'm quite a fan of Sarah Mclachlan, now. She's awesome. Her songs are great, her lyrics, uber cool. I'll go dig around Cash Converters for her old CDs some day.

Her videos are amazing too. I love the way she gives it a real good artistic/abstract twist, matching the lyrics, as subtle as it may be, but still matching. If I were to turn lesbian, I swear, my other half better have songwriting skills like her. And sing like her. And have her "art" touch. But doesn't have to look like her. Ahh. Might as well be her. Lol.

But chances are like zilch. Both that I'll turn crooked and her being my other half even if I'm not straight. Ohwell.

Today. Parade. It was bittersweet. Hierarchy announced. I still can't believe it's gna be this Saturday. I have so much threatening to spillover. Held it in check. Good things come to those who wait. (: I shall keep that in mind, cos it certainly ties in with other things going on right now.

Enough mysteries, I know you hate it. Two words for ya then! Too bad! Haha. Sorry. I just felt like being an irritant. See yah (not too) soon, I hope!

Here's to Aries. (: It'll be fine. Trust me.

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