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21 July 2006

A jumble of sorts

Okay hi! Gna make this a very disorganized entry kay. Don't grumble if somehow, you get lost halfway. Cos really. There's too much to update and woo! Brain not catching up all that well y'all.

(I sound really high I know. Must be the 2 cups of coffee. OR IT COULD BE BECAUSE IT'S RACIAL HARMONY DAY TMR!)

We had some Oral course thing sometime this week. Where Mr Mentos and Mr Botak gave us this lecture/seminar/whatchamacallit. (hey, they call themselves that. The first's a snotty English guy and the second's an Australian. The Eng guy calls himself that, yah.)

I know. Please don't rub it in. Oral course. And I'm in it. Omf, I know okay. Burh. Coming from someone who has no difficulty talking/aceing past orals with flying colours, thankyou. (HAHAH. past orals.)

They were funny and entertaining enough. Although, yknow. It kinda doesnt quite relate to a majority of us. Since we do, most of the time, speak English and stuff. This course should be held in our mother tongues. (Until now, I spell tongue with Ms Tong's t-o-n-g and then a u-e. Random.)

Before the course at the AVT, the whole bunch of us (4c) headed to PP Macs. 4c rocks balls.

I think the past few weeks, we've been witnessing the progression of our teachers' state of mind. Mrs Foo, for instance.

4c: So Mrs Foo! What's your horoscope!
MF: It was my brithday on your eng mid yr paper
Jazzy: Taurus!
MF: Yes. Correct. BOO! *both hands doing the "call me" sign horizontal on her forehead*

And when she did her "BOO!" it was really really out of NOWHERE! Totalleh unexpected. The whole class got a shock. It was a good one. You could hear that brief pause of complete silence, when everyone was taking in what she just did. And then the whole class burst out laughing.

Speaking of Mrs Foo, like what LKC said, she's my new "god-mother". Hahah. I kinda wanted our form teacher. But that's okay.

Ytd! National Track&Field Meet! I didn't go last year. Since this would be our last year as a Cedarian, the first batch of tickets were given to the secfours first. The whole bunch of us (4C) headed over together. It was hilarious, our journey there. We took a bus ride that was a gazillion years long.

Got there, about half an hour late. The atmosphere, is nothing, I repeat, nothing, compared to the previous years at the Kallang Stadium. Hello. Choa Chu Kang's like, in the middle of nowhere. And it's not the full Cedarian population, so the *power* and *presence* wasn't felt. ):

I loved the sec two meet. Where it rained, and yet we stood out there constantly cheering the athletes on. We had lots of fun that year's meet.

The relays were really exciting to watch! Especially when there's some drama involved (guy2 unexpectedly catching up with guy1, etc). I swear, when it was Cedar's 4by4, it really felt like the longest 4 mins plus, ever. Everything started slowing down and your ears were suddenly blocked, you can't hear yourself shouting, you can't hear anything! Somewhere you can see a blur of blue jumping up and down in excitement, everyone's main focus was on the Cedarian running.

It was insane.

Oh yeah! Spotted Shengwei! He ran for VS. Not bad, not bad. And later, on the way out when I bumped into him, that fella claims to have not performed well. HOH WELL.

We got overall third, which was cool. Got what we wanted. So it was really cool. Today's morning assembly was rather emotional and touching for the trackers. I mean, Amelia and Jen almost broke down! I'll bet Mr Tay was damn touched. (Cannot believe she didn't comment on it. God.)

Today. School was normal. Fairuz was really strange today. She was so fuggin' outspoken (if that's even what you can call it. lol.) during SS! Weirdo. Oh! And I wasn't as lost as I usually am during Amaths so woohoo! for me there! :D Still doesn't change the way I feel about Relative Velocity though.

It's a Thursday. Which means it's an F day. Ugh. Gross. But we didnt have Jogging since Mr Suresh decided to take that period to do combined Emaths with 4H. Do you how much I dread Emaths? You can ask Sheena. Each Emaths lesson, without fail, I'd ask her how long more till the period's over. Must. break. bad. habit.. Love school!

This morning was strange too. I swear the clock read 6.25! And I was thinking. "Aw fuck. No.." Because the lastest 8 I can take is 6.25. And I've to walk out to the main road's bus stop which is about a 5 min walk. So that would mean that I'd have to take a cab (halfway or not) to not be late. And that is definitely not something I'd do.

But, it turns out! I boarded the 6.16 bus! Which was pretty cool. (:

Sometime this week also. I think it's a Monday. I woke up late. Being the stingy idiot that I am, I took 8, alighted at Bedok Reservoir, somewhere near Faizah's house, and took a cab there to school.

MOTHER COW. (Lock, your influence leh)

I had to fork out a total of 7.80!!!!!!!!! ):):):): I'm so sad. Bloody cab driver's a fucktard too! I remember clearly, I boarded the cab at 6.53! It's not even 7 yet! And how about I didn't even know about the $2 charge recently implemented!! ARGH.

I've no idea too, why I didn't make a big deal of it to the cabbie there and then. Probably because, I really was kinda late already.

Which reminds me. Monday. I was quite pleased about the Listening Compre O Level. First thing's first. I don't know why. But the past few days I've been a real "baby". In the pampered sense? Like I don't know. Ohshutup. Pms, not me.

Anyway, the minute the thing was over, tapped Naz' chair in front of me, compared answers and they're exactly alike! I kinda thought it was rather tough. Tricky. I only filled up 6 ovals the first time they read the stories! Hey. It was quite muffled okay!

AHAH. The end of the Listening Compre. There was the Madrasah people in our school too, in their home clothes. Nuzie, stupidly generously dared me to go up to them and get their entire set of answers.

Of course I did it lah. And so I earned myself 10bucks. :D

But I had to treat her at LJS (there happy?), and minus what I paid in the morn dadidada, I paid about 1 buck plus for the cab fare.

Okay, yah. Back to TODAY!!

(I told you it's gna be an extremely messy post, with no particular "flow".)

After school had Physics Prac Mock Paper. It was okay lah. Miss Tang was being really interactive and friendly! I recall her being very fierce and officer-ish back in sectwo. Oh and somebody was PMS-ing.

After Physics Prac, the class generally splitted up into two; Camp Little India and Camp Chinatown. The seven of us, Naz, Jazzy, Liane, Sheena, Gwen, Lilin and I were the members of Team Little India.

We walked out, me tossing Rach's huge fluffy lovable tomato up in the air, deciding our mode of transportation. To cab or not to cab?

There was one waiting for us patiently (or so it seemed). And out of the blue, this other cab turns in to our school lane there. Like what Lilin said, it's predestined we take a cab there. What are the odds, man!

Little India. It was really fun. Had a great time. We all felt like tourists really in India! Cos it was REALLY darn hot. And I don't know. Everything around us spoke of that place, so it really was exciting! Our own little road trip!

I thought it was real cute that there were so many girls in school uniform scattered around the area! All in their last minute search for a costume for tomorrow!

Mad our way to Hanifaa (where Mrs Chew told us she'll be at about 5 to buy herself a saree to wear with our class! I told you she's awesome).

Nazeehah had a humongous problem deciding which saree to get. The options were endless! It was like cloth left right up down! All of us were "helping" her get the saree. Which of course, equates to ultimate pandemonium. LOL.

She ended up getting this really pretty peach-y colour, with a black velvet inside thingy. That girl really went mad today buying the entire outfit, basically. PLUS accessories. LOL.

Scouted around for bangles! Oh. I got really pretty ones! We all did! Huiyun! I chose for you a really nice blue set okay! Quick bow down with gratitude!(:

We basically just got a lot of accessories! Sheena's hand sticker thing's gna be real pretty. And Gwen's earrings really do match the cloth perfectly! Liane's tatoo thingy's nice too!

We decided to get Jasmines for the class! (Hah. Susila.) And a lovely garland for Mrs Chew!

There was this particular lane we walked on. And myohmy, was it scary! It was really freaky. This old lady suddenly makes her way towards us and like took our hands and then slapped her cheek or something. Oh god. That place gives me the creeps. *shivers*

After walking around some more, we realised we were all starving. So us famished girls made our way to 7-11 and bought their on-the-go combo meals! Which were pretty good actually. Gwen, Shitna Sheena and I got the Chicken Cheese Sandwich (?) combo which was yums. Well, if you're that hungry, anything's tasty, yeah?

It was seriously on-the-go! We were walking with our stuff towards the MRT, eating. LOL.

We parted ways, and yes! Tomorrow's gna be a helluva fun day! Oh no! Our last RHD in Cedar. ): Man. Tons of pics, baybeh! :D Bhavani rocks for loaning me another one of her sarees again! And it's so prettaye too!

Singapore Idol! I can't believe Gayle's out! I was really expecting Jay. What happened to the IJTP support?! Sheesh. LOL. I mean, inspite of everything, she really did look very pitiful just now. It's like she had this "instinct" that she'll be out even before Gurmit announced.

HADY POWER ALL THE WAY! I like Jonathan Leong too tho! And EW. Paul. *disgusted*

Kay, I'm tired and this has been so fucking long. Sry if I bored you with such lengthy and pointless details. Heh.

So what's it now?

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