Red Hot Passion
31 July 2006

These two days

Hello. My moods have been really really muddled up these days! But presently, all's quite good. Me thinks.

Okay, so Saturday! It was a lovely day. (:

Met up with dearest Clara for lunch, after such a long list of absence! I missed ya a lot babe! If this keeps up, oh man. It'll suck even more when you leave for Australia! ): No no. There's still this thing called emails.

It just so happened her tution was at TM. After browsing around, decided to lunch at BaliThai. The food was superb. Green curry! (Which kinda reminded me the other time Tricia, you and me ate at ThaiExpress over a year ago!) It was nice catching up and all that. Even though we're still in the same school. It's like. Schedules clash and stuff. So I don't see her all that often. Which is a great pity!

So it was great seeing yah proper! (:

After that trained to CityHall to meet Mel! See, it was that morning itself, she phoned me, and proposed a study date.

We had some difficulty locating *the* spot to camp for the next few hours. Went from Esplanade to Marina Square. And you know what. We ended up settling for Macs. Haha. What a place to study, I know.

McCafe's not all that bad. (I recall myself scoffing at it, so maybe you scoffed too? Hah.) Had my first taste of it the other time at Parkway's outlet with Mud and Jib. Remember guys? My brother got that fucking huge cup of Hot Chocolate which was so nicely decorated with the chocolate syrup! Haha. The day you guys found out about... and Najib took it so terribly he had to go up and ask that stranger for one cos he was out?

There's this Taufik look alike that served me! He's cuter than Taufik though. Haha. Well anyway, after we were done with work, walked around, and oohh! Saw this lovely pair of maroonishblack rimmed glasses that were degreeless. And you know what. We both tried it and looked good may I add! Eh I wanna get it! Haha. It makes me look. I dont know. Quite like a librarian bitch, you know that kind? Haha.

Long story short, we walked about and camwhored.

Haha. There was this random old couple shooting us confused looks. As if going "Ah, so this is what the young ones do nowadays with a camera." We (or rather she) managed to snap a couple of really artistic shots.

We met a whole familiy of Stwipe Power! *insides. Even managed to snap a photo of them! So there we were, snapping random pics. When I thought I was hallucinating when I heard Jewel! My mind totally went frantic. "Oh my god. Mel, is that Standing Still?!" "Huh? *continues snapping photos"

So I went first to that area there. And witnessed this talented singer named Sophia/Sofia, local mind you and she was GREAT. She sang Jewel beautifully. (: It was really really nice. Watched her perform a couple more songs. And you know what. I love all the songs she sang. It's all of the Mellow-Jewel-Sarah sort. It was really beautiful. Amazing. *sigh. Everything was just wonderful. Only one more thing to make it complete.

I really enjoyed the performance. It was a real pity we didnt head over to Esplanade earlier.

On this note, I think Jann Arden and Sarah McLachlan make a really brilliant duo. WOW.

Headed home soon after. Not before snapping a couple more "classics" in the Mrt Station.

Today! Met Mel again at Tamp Central before heading off for tuition. She wanted to browse for jeans. Claiming that she doesnt own a single decent pair. She lies. Cos I've seen her in jeans! But she insists that she doesn't own a nice pair!

After scouting a while more, had lunch and went our separate ways. I went to tuiton, alone. You asshole Zai. Go M'sia, wth?! Lol.

Tuition was really productive, actually. Organic Chem, is no funny matter. ):

Okay, everyone. Go here, and sign up to be a Hello member. Why? Because I'm a member and it transfers photos so fucking fast, you won't believe it. Go sign up! So next time, when you send me pics, it'll take half as long. (:

It's 3.43 you guys. Haha. I amaze myself sometimes. Good morning!

1:51 AM


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